Remaking her contract (1-1)

Started by kylie, May 23, 2007, 03:12:32 AM

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Ideas for a (probably) 1 on 1... 

m/f or f/f, modeling or hostess, clothing (lingerie, swim, fetish, etc.), photos, deceit,
n/c, d/s, blackmail, exhibition

I play a young woman with limited sexual experience.  I'm thinking more the low-level office type, but might be persuaded otherwise.  Need one male or possibly female tormentor  She has some typical fantasies of being much more promiscuous, and possibly a couple more outlandish ones.  She ends up doing some boudoire or gravure modeling.  A few photos, easy money, a little fun she figures. 

She is charmed, cajoled, and pressured to go further and further.  She is led through outfits, poses, and lots of coaxing to present herself as gradually more and more risque.  She may eventually be drugged or even partly hypnotized, and slip into signing herself (or even moving to live) into a very exploitive business.  The trick is how far you can make it all seem just business, and how smoothly she is forced over the edge (head games in, but physical force is out at first).  Later, it may include a little s/m for discipline or further coercion, or more forced relationships or sharing of her newly trained assets with others (probably npcs, open to ideas).   

I'm looking for someone who will enjoy drawing this out, moving it from an easy gig she can laugh with, choosing increasingly sultry clothing and tasks for her, playing on the environment and eventually some audience (npcs, vague notion of watchers is good).  Later on, after she has already gone farther than she ever intended, it may be possible for him to force her submission out of fear that he will tarnish her reputation.

I like a couple paragraphs or so every couple days, and prefer to write in present tense where possible.

Please PM if interested, or post general questions here.

Am also thinking about another 1-1 outline, perhaps where I'd play a guy n/c feminized or bondage slave.  Still working on that...



do you mind a female playing the male role? if not, it sounds like something i'd be interested in!


I sure do not mind ;)  Let's PM over details if you like.