Petgirls Wanted!!! (M seeking F)

Started by INDYpendent720, February 26, 2011, 02:14:04 AM

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I'm fairly new to the site so I thought this would be the easiest way to find some people with similar interests. Of all my kinky interests, petplay is the one I'm most passionate about. It's the area I have the most writing experience and something I'm looking to have more fun with. I guess I should clarify the type of petgirls I'm interested in. I'm a fan of more a comprehensive type of petplay. I like to force my partners to completely immerse themselves in the role of whatever animal they're supposed to be through light bondage, specialty gags, and forced costuming (with some strategic openings). Here are some illustrated examples of the costumes and gear I'm referring to (and inspiration for potential ideas). Artwork by Veterinarian:

Or on the more minimalist side:

Through the costumes, bondage, and gags, the petgirl would be unable to form human speech, walk on two feet, and remove the suit. I'm not big into pain and punishment unless it's absolutely necessary, so I like to restrict my pets' connection to humanity with the costumes and restraints. I also like to encourage proper pet behavior through positive reinforcement and rewards.

Now this doesn't mean we can't have fun. It would definitely be an owner-pet relationship "with benefits." But besides the added element of physical intimacy, the petgirl would be treated just like a normal animal. I've done some of the more typical animals including puppygirls (my favorite) and ponygirls, but I'm also looking to explore other species. I also don't mind occasionally playing a fellow human pet, stuck in my role with a female mate.

I'm up for either reluctant or willing partners. The common setting has been a private house/mansion, but other fun ones could involve a sort of human zoo, pet show, or farm. The farm idea has a lot of potential for multiple types of pets in one story and exotic species.

Anyways, if any of the above interested you at or you have an idea, feel free to message me or reply to the thread and we can brainstorm something. Most of these aren't hard rules, just preferences and I'm willing to hear any concepts. And if you like them, but can't find more, you can also ask for more links to Veterinarian's artwork. Thanks.


would be interested in chatting on your ideas idea, maybe a reluctant part,  Played a role once of a powerful lawyer foreclosing on a farm who was abducted by the farmer and turned into a “cow-girl” really enjoy that.