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Author Topic: Some ideas of mine that are in need of females  (Read 839 times)

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Offline Jmorty33Topic starter

Some ideas of mine that are in need of females
« on: February 25, 2011, 05:58:57 PM »
Gonna try some modifications to a few ideas that I've tried to get off of the ground.

1. Green Lanterns and Star Sapphires. Two rival Corps in the universe, the Green Lanterns weilding the green light of will and keeping order throughout the universe. The Star Sapphires on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum weilding the violet light of love trying to engulf the universe in the violet light of love and control it. On more than one occasion these two have clashed, but only on one occasion have the two met on friendly terms. Those two became lovers, but when the Green Lantern perished in the line of duty the Star Sapphire driven mad by loss and the power the light had over her she engulfed his world in crystal so they could be together forever. After that the two Corps have been at each others throats.

For this I'm looking at a female to play a Star Sapphire of earth and I would play a Green Lantern of Earth. They would be rivals for control over Earth, the Star Sapphire would be looking to take over the world using the violet light of love, and the Green Lantern would always stop her. The main idea here would be that the two would meet while not super heroing and start to fall in love. The big question is, when they find out they're enemies would they continue and meet behind their Corps backs, or would they stop and continue to be enemies.

Offline Jmorty33Topic starter

Re: Some ideas of mine that are in need of females
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2011, 06:31:53 PM »
This next idea mine is totally non-canon, but it's something I've wanted to try.

Love Among the Stars
After a number of tries from Starfire to have a happy ending with Nightwing, all of them failing. She gives up and Nightwing goes back to dating Barbra Gordon a.k.a Oracle. So Star is a bit heart broken and is in shambles a bit, then Kyle Rayner comes to take up work with the Titans again. She and Kyle had gone on a few missions toghether and Kyle always had an infatuation with her, but could never really do anything about it since she and Nightwing were together. Now it was his chance to do something about it, and since they're both familiar with space they are paired together on many missions.

Looking for a female to play Starfire. This would start as a mere platonic relationship between them. Then after a few missions that Kyle helped Starfire out of a tough situations they begin to grow closer and closer. The intimacy growing. Another thing I should mention, the Starfire for this story is from the comics not the cartoon.

PM me if interested.
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Offline Jmorty33Topic starter

Re: Some ideas of mine that are in need of females
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2011, 07:29:46 PM »
Here's an Assassins Creed idea, it takes place in the Modern Era (1750 - 1914) Japan.

ok I think I got one, ok this would be set in the Modern Era of Japan, where Japan is slowly starting  starting to industrialize, but many places cling to the old ways, and with the growing acceptance of Christianity the Templars are able to move in and take control of most of the area. so this girls* village is one of those that have remained the way it has been for the past 400 years, holding on to the way of the samurai. She is the Femme Fatale of the village, all the men are after her heart. The Templars come in and demand control of the village, the leader refuses, they try to bargain, the leader refuses. So they leave warning that they had made a grave mistake. They did, the Templars come and annihilate the town, pillaging and destroying everything. That is until a band of assassins come and save the day, once the group finished off the Templars, the girl is all that's left. So the de-facto leader of the group decides to take her with them and train her in the way of the assassin, and they set off to rid Japan of the Templar threat.
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