More ideas from Seeker-seeking a sub female or a switch

Started by seeker619, February 20, 2011, 01:20:43 PM

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1-This idea is very simple.  A psychiatrist who offers therapy gets his beautiful patient hooked on medication.  In order to get more from him she will do anything.  Or will she try and black mail him?

2- A gymnast coach stays late while on of his team works on her routine.  She falls and injures herself badly. He does what he can for her and offers to drive her home.  She is 18 and living at home but she tells him her parents left for the weekend.  He decides to take her home to his house asking her if she would like him to take care of her over the weekend.  One of them has plans they are not talking about.

3- A man suddenly realizes he can see through clothing and read minds when he wants to.  This works miracles on his sex life.  How does he use this power and how do the woman react when they don't understand how he always knows what they are thinking or what they are wearing underneath their clothes.

Once again I would be interested to hear your ideas if these don't work for you.