Some non/con ideas. Looking for a female.

Started by seeker619, February 20, 2011, 12:06:38 PM

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Vampire's bad luck

This first story has been in my head for a while.  Although it involves a vampire it will not include much of what a vampire story usually includes.  It is about a man who has a natural ability to sense out vampires.  Not only that but when the female vampire bites his neck it weakens the vampire and he in turn gets some of the power of the vampire.  The vampire is curious about what is happening and preys on him once again only getting weaker and transferring much of her power.  Eventually he falls for the vampire and she gets weaker but he nurses her back to health.  Will she join him as partners as he becomes endowed with the powers but not the needs of a vampire.   Or will he aid her in getting the victims she needs to stay alive?  Here is the beginning I wrote.

It was a warm summer evening and I couldn't sleep.  I was a chronic insomniac and one of the only cures I had for this was to take long walks.  Even if they were at 2 in the morning.  I lived in a long established community consisting of mostly large colonial style homes on tree lined streets.  There was a slight breeze tonight and the moon was full.  As the leaves danced on the trees with the typical rustling sound I got a creepy feeling.  It was probably just the shadows dancing on the street and the sound of the leaves but it was a feeling I couldn't shake.

Having grown up in this neighborhood I new most of my neighbors well.  Once that creepy feeling overwhelmed me I had to stop and look around.  Suddenly I heard a screen door bang shut and the most beautiful blond woman emerged.  She was walking with stealth all clad in a tight black jumpsuit which hugged her every curve.  It was old man Emory's house she emerged from and I couldn't imagine what a beautiful blond like her would be doing coming out of his house.  Especially at two in the morning.  It was only her blond hair reflecting the light of the moon that made her stand out.  If not for that I never would have noticed her.  Especially clad in that hip hugging black jumpsuit.  She was carrying a large bag over her shoulder and I hid behind one of the trees as I watched her walk down the road.

Suddenly images of blood and violence filled my head.  I could see her face as if she were standing right in front of me and she was sucking the life out of Mr. Emory.   She had the face of an Angel, but with retractable fangs.  She had the eyes of the bluest summer sky.  Then the image was gone.

I didn't know what I would do or even if I was losing my mind and hallucinating.  But I had to follow her, and so I did.  My head was now aching and that was a sure sign of a vampire but it was different, very different.  I had a wonderful tingling sensation that abated the pain of my headache.  This was very strange.  It had to be a vampire but I never got such a pleasurable sensation when one was near.  NEVER.  But I had to follow her by my senses.   Once a vampire was close enough to send me a migraine I knew it was in walking distance.  Had it been that blond?  If so why didn't I sense her sooner.  Now my head was exploding so I doubted it was her or else the headache would have come sooner.  Also if it was her why would she be running out the front door of all things? Not something vampires usually do.  But to follow all I had to do was smell the air which carried a scent I cannot describe because it is like no other scent I have ever encountered.  I also pay attention to my headache.  The worse it gets the closer I am.

Tonight was different however.  The scent was different for one.  Almost sweet, yet it was still tainted with something.  It didn't smell like a vampire but it didn't smell like anything else either.  Also as my headache got worse the tingling sensation became more pleasurable as I seemed to be getting closer.  I was walking down Annbury Street which lead to Main street so I figured whatever I was tracking would be found there.  I continued to walk and the sensations both good and bad increased.  So did the aroma which almost smelled like lilac, but a poisonous lilac.  This was no longer scary just very curious.  I've been tracking vampires long enough to know THAT this aroma is not given off.  I also know that my body does not lie and although I may have a migraine my body was feeling more pleasure than pain.  It was almost like I was aware of the migraine just wasn't bothered by it.  I was only using it as a tracking device along with this strange lilac smell.  It was all getting much stronger now. As I walked down Main street I became almost euphoric although I was still aware of the migraine.  Aware is all.  Not bothered by it a bit.  Just glad it was there as I could track by it.

Eventually I was drawn to the train depot.  All my senses said it was in there.  Whatever it was.  I walked in the depot and it was practically empty accept for the blond and the ticket salesmen.  Too weird.  I had no idea which one it was because I couldn't imagine a vampire or whatever it was taking a bag on a train.  Then again what would IT be doing selling tickets.  Unless there was something else here I didn't see.  But it didn't matter.  All my senses said IT was her whatever IT was.  I approached....

2 The lottery

This story will involve a woman who knows a man who has just won 10 million dollars and a woman who is out to get it.  She walks up to his house, what it to be his old house, and tells him about his winnings. (She works for the lottery commission.)  She seduces him and is successful at drugging him into doing whatever she wants.  However, eventually he figures out what is happening and switches the tables making his ultimate dream come true.  A beautiful slave who is his alone and 10 million dollars.

3-The post lady

This is a story about a woman who works for the post office and is out making her deliveries every day.  She does her job well and when there is a box or something she will knock  on the door and deliver it in person as to avoid having it stolen.  She catches the eye of a handsome young man in his mid twenties and he asks her on a date.  What he has planned for her we can discuss.  I am open to various ideas.

4- Newly discovered sister.

A man who was adopted goes searching for his lost sister as he was adopted at childbirth but only heard rumors he has a sister.  As it turns out he does have a sister and he watches her before approaching her.  Before he tells her who he is he decides to ask her out on a date.  They hit it off and he can't turn off either his lust or his feelings for her.  Does he tell her?

5-Almost drowned

This would involve a woman who ran from her abusive husband straight into a lake.  He has a phobia of water and she knows she is safe even in the shallow areas.  However she soon goes out too far and screams out for help as her husband left.  A man relaxing nearby rescues her but not after having to bring her unconscious body into his house.  Does she wake with amnesia?  Does he try to control her as she is so used to being controlled?  It is up for discussion

6-This involves an over the road trucker who helps a woman whose car is parked on the side of the road.  He cannot find the problem and decides he has found something better.  A beautiful woman to do with as he pleases.

I would also like to hear any ideas you may have.