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August 21, 2017, 08:56:25 PM
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Author Topic: Iniquitous' Cravings *UPDATED*  (Read 5102 times)

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Iniquitous' Cravings *UPDATED*
« on: February 18, 2011, 10:15:41 PM »


                 Tatiana has never known a kingdom at peace. From her earliest memory there has been war.  She grew up under the
                 oppressive weight of a kingdom mourning itís fallen and the flash of anger at the news constantly coming from the war front.

                 There is talk of peace now.  Her father has passed away and her brother is determined to see the end of this war
                 one way or another.  His method of achieving this peace?  Marrying his youngest sister into the royal family of
                 their enemy.  Sure, it is a tactic straight out of the history books, but she is none too sure about it.  Especially when she
                 is pulled to the side and told that her main duty is to send them any and all information she can glean from her soon
                 to be husbandÖ and if she can succeed in removing the King from his throne, all the better.

                 What I am looking for:  A strong, capable male that may or may not be looking forward to a royal bride from the
               enemy of his country. 
               What To Expect: Bickering. Drama. A hot & cold relationship.

Macha was born under what most would call an unlucky star.  Her mother was a whore in one of the cheapest brothels in the capital. Her father? Who knew - her mother certainly didnít.  And if that start to life was not bad enough, her gender ensured that the brothel owner meant to lay claim to her as soon as she was old enough to be put to work on her back.

But Macha didnít believe in lucky stars, fate, or any other such nonsense.  She believed in making the things you wanted to happen, happen.   She was fourteen when she left her mother and the brothel behind, fleeing outside the capital walls just to have a chance at surviving.

Survive she did.  In fact, she thrived away from her mother and the brothel.  So much so that within five years she had the command of the rebel forces that fought to remove the 'royal family' from itís throne.  Under her command the forces became a force to be reckoned with - an ever expanding army to be feared.  What she never expected was to find the enemy among her own ranks.

What I am Looking For: Confident male use to being in charge and respected simply because of who he is.  Race choices preferred are human, fallen angel, demon, vampire.
What to Expect: Tension, drama, confrontation. Action and adventure.

                 Growing up, Oksana had what many would call a perfect childhood.  Her parents made sure that she never wanted for
               anything - and as the only child, she was spoiled by their attentions.  It was an idyllic life that was turned
               upside down one warm summer day when she was seventeen years old.  Her father, always so full of life and healthy,
               dropped dead in the middle of a meeting with his brother, the Czar.  Her mother, distraught with grief, refused to
               remain in their home, and instead packed her only child up and rushed back to the land of her birth.

                 England was nothing like Russia and Oksana found that she did not particularly like it nor her motherís family.
                 They were crammed into the home of her eldest brother, his family, her younger brother, and his family.  It was loud,
                 cramped, and unbearable.  And when her mother passed just a half a year after her father, Oksana found
                 herself completely alone in the world with greedy relatives trying to get their hands on everything left to her
                 by her parents.  No surprise then that she decided to take matters into her own hands when they began trying
                 to force her to marry her addle minded cousin in order to get their hands on her wealth.

                 What I am Looking For: A nobleman down on his luck and in dire need of money. A man that has ruined his own reputation with his sexual conquests.
                 What to Expect: A roller coaster ride!  Drama, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, passion, and danger.

Born the eldest daughter of a country vicker and a gentlewoman, Sybil has been raised understanding that her family is poor.  With nine children besides herself and her mother gone in childbed, Sybil knows that her chances of a good marriage are nonexistent.  No gentleman would want a wife that could not pay her dowry.  It was this lack of money that allowed Sybil to grow up in a less than strict household - her childhood spent being a tomboy instead of a prim and proper young lady.

What Sybil didnít know was that once her mother passed, her father reached out to a friend to secure a marriage for her that would see all of the children safe and secure.  The news that she is being bundled off to marry someone she has never seen - a great and rich Lord - turns her world upside down.

What I am Looking For:  A dashing, wealthy man older than Sybil who hadnít really planned on marrying but was forced into it by his own father for the sake of securing the family line.
What to Expect: Drama, Bickering. Adventure. Possible danger. Eventual love story.

     Growing up in a house with the only parent being her drunk mother, Alicia made her escape the day she graduated high
     school.  Her method of escaping?  She ran away with a guy who promised to take her away from her mother and
     the backwater town.  It didnít take long for Alicia to realize that she traded one hell for another.  The abuse started as
     soon within a month of her taking off with him.  To compound matters, Alicia found herself pregnant in quick order - a
     diagnosis that seemed to seal her fate with a man who treated her worse than her drunk of a mother had.

     But then she met Him when he sat in her section at the restaurant.  He was handsome, worldly, and attentive. 
     He made her laugh, made her feel special.  When he asked her if  she wanted to get out of the tiny town she
     had never left, she didnít hesitate to say yes despite knowing nothing about him.  Here was her ticket away from her
     abusive boyfriend, and if she lied and said the baby she was still newly pregnant with was his Ö who would know?

     This was Aliciaís third mistake.  The man she flees with is a wanted man in several countries.  To make matters
     worse, her lie about the baby being his will be discovered soon and she has more reason to fear him than she did
     her ex-boyfriend.  In a blind panic, she runs away yet again only to end up arrested for stealing food and diapers. 
     Her interrogator? Her former high school flame.

What I am Looking For:  A strong, dominant male that still carries a torch for her and finds himself needing to get her to trust him so he can make the arrest and close the case.
What to Expect: Plenty of plot twists!  A submissive female brainwashed by a criminal dominant.

Getting into the States was the first step in getting herself and her half sister away from her stepfather. That actually proved easier than she had thought it would be, but the matter of finding a way to support herself and her half sister was proving to be far harder than she had thought it would be and were it not for immigrants that were already settled and in places of their own, both she and Stasia would have been shipped back to Estonia.

With jobs that paid under the table few and far between, and a debt still owed to the Russian mafia that helped her get into the country, Sashenka turns to the only job that will pay her cash - prostitution.  Sure, it had a high chance of her getting arrested which
would see her and Stasia shipped back, but she had a plan that would see them out of New York City just as soon as enough money was saved.

What I am Looking For:  Dominant male - could be someone who finds out she is an illegal immigrant and sets out to blackmail her, 
could be a kind hearted man trying to help.
What to Expect: No sex between characters in the beginning.  Sexual tension. Possible danger. Eventual relationship.

                This is a contract between Glist Laboratories and ___________.  You, the signer, will be
                paid a sum of three million U.S. dollars for the capture and return of Glist Laboratories property that has went missing.  By
                signing this contract you are also agreeing to a nondisclosure agreement about this contract, any thing you may see within the
                laboratory, and your time with the property of Glist Laboratories. Failure to uphold your end of this contract will have Glist
                Laboratories seeking full penalty under the laws governing the country Glist Laboratories was founded in.

                Your job will be to hunt down, capture, and return the property known as 394D to Glist Laboratories as quickly as possible. 
                Property 394D is an eighteen year old female with long red hair, pale blue eyes.  Property 394D stands five feet one inches
                tall and weighs ninety-seven pounds.  Property 394D was last seen on the Laboratories land wearing black leggings under
                the standard hospital gown and a grey hoodie that was stolen from the employee locker room.  Property 394D is to be
                approached with caution and should be considered dangerous.

                           What I am Looking For:  A bounty hunter. If dominant he needs to be kind.  A male that
                           has a moral compass.
                           What to Expect:  394D is a genetic experiment that is illegal in every country.  She is a mutant with extensive abilities,
                           some of which are just manifesting themselves. There will be power struggles between the two. Danger. Tension. Adventure.

Etain has grown up in a land that is in constant battle against invaders from the south and the northeast.  Her people are trapped between two advancing armies - each one intent on laying claim to the land that her people call home.  Each intent on turning her and her people into slaves.

She has spent years training to be a Druid.  Years that have prepared her for the task of taking care of her people.  What it did not prepare her for is finding herself responsible for the life of the foreigner.  It has forced her into having to make a decision that will affect not only her, but those in her care.

What I am Looking For:  A leader among his men - either Saxon or Roman.  Someone who is not against the idea of utilizing every tool available to him - including the locals.
What to Expect:  Possible hilarity until a form of communication is established.  Action & adventure. Sexual tension and eventually a relationship.

                      Legend within the land of Nodeaca is that the truly ancient dragons use
                      to change their shape and mate with humans when they wanted to meddle within the lives of humans.  Of course, this is
                      only legend right?  Everyone knows that the only meddling dragons do in the lives of humans is when they appear in the
                      sky above and destroy entire villages for a meal Ö and even that does not happen very often these days. But the truth is - the
                      legends are correct.  Isabella is living proof of it.

                      Born to Eitay the Dreaded and a human prince, she was supposed to be the change that plummeted the world into darkness.
                      Fate likes to make a mess of the best laid plans though, and Isabella was born under the most unlucky of stars.  You see,
                      Isabella was born not only with an unfortunate birthmark that stained the skin across her eyes, she was also born with horns
                      that marked her as dragonkin and forced Eitay to abandon the plans to send her only hybrid child to her father. To
                      make matters worse, it did not take long for Eitay to realize that her child could not shift forms at all.  Isabella was
                      trapped in the fragile, and wholly hideous in her motherís opinion, human form - save for those horns.

                      It was not long past her seventeenth year that Eitay abandoned her half breed child in the swampy forests to
                      fend for herself.  Nor did it take Isabella long to realize that she could not venture into the villages.  So what
                      is a dragon half breed with no family suppose to do?  Why anything she wants!  At least until some of her antics
                      cause the villagers to petition for the King to send his knights out to kill the monster inhabiting the swamp and forests.

What I am Looking For:  A hero!  He can be a prince from a neighboring kingdom, a poor knight trying to make a name for himself, a peasant trying to earn the reward to better his life.
What to Expect: Arrogance! She IS half dragon after all. Possible hilarity. Drama. Eventual relationship that works in both of their favors!

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Re: Iniquitous' Cravings *UPDATED*
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2017, 10:41:55 PM »
Updated with taken stories removed and a new story idea added

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  • Come, come one, come all, You must be this tall to ride this ride | Diva of the Damned | Patron Saint of Blankies, Tea, & Biscuits
  • Dame
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  • Join Date: Feb 2011
  • Location: Somewhere between the lost and the fallen
  • Gender: Female
  • I'm the bad bitch; the bitch you'll never know
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Re: Iniquitous' Cravings *UPDATED*
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2017, 02:02:36 PM »
Updated to remove hold from one story