Sacred Ground Watered with the Tears of Blood (Seeking Male Character)

Started by Airindel, February 17, 2011, 02:40:49 PM

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Sacred Ground Watered with the Tears of Blood   
Inspired by Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I'd like to thank all those who expressed interest in this concept

Once he was a free man, a man of strength, a man of honour and of his word.
Once he was a prisoner of war and sold into slavery in the markets of Rome.
Once he joined the sacred brotherhood of the gladiators.
Once he reigned as a champion yet to be defeated.

He bought his freedom, and all that had been in his past was just that: a past.
Forward he moved to live in tranquility.
Fields of wheat, olive trees and goats...a farmer he became and was content.

It was a haven for Roman families of wealth and power. Vast villas dotted the city, and many splendors there were including that of the gladiatorial shows. However, the shadows were haunted with political maneuvering and deceit reigned.
Those whom Fortune once graced met ill fate.
The walls ran red, and the sands pooled in gore and blood at the ludus of Seneca Gaius Livianus. The slaves, the gladiators, the family, were slaughtered ... yet one remained alive, wounded yet not fatally.
She was the youngest daughter, a girl of seventeen years by the name Aurelia, and a beauty like no other.
In having no where to go, in knowing that her life was endangered, that she would be hunted, Aurelia sought out the one man who once offered her family, their ludus, fame and fortune through his blood and toil: the former gladiator.

I am looking for somebody to write the part of the former gladiator. Details of his life and the plot are negotiable.
Too, I'm not looking for expert accuracy in the Ancient Roman era, however, I think a basic knowledge of it is a necessity.
I do not expect the game to be fast paced since I cannot commit to multiple posts per day (my life, and sometimes my muse, doesn't permit it). I also believe that there will be gore, violence and non-consensual encounters. Also, I'm a detailed writer and I would appreciate the same in my partner.
I won't lie: I'll be particular on who I accept as a writing partner.
If interested, please PM me.
Many thanks.
Many thanks.
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