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Started by Arkaniel, February 17, 2011, 02:11:51 PM

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Basically, what I am looking for is an action-packed story in a mature setting. One that can be based on something existing, but allows for the following plot elements: Action, fighting, adventure, inrtigue, secrets and a dash of romance. There will be room for sex, but besides some sexual innuendo and the characters being healthy people with their own appetites, it won't be the main focus. I want a strong story, and actual plot, not just a PWP sex story.

Settings I like:

   Ancient Rome (Legions, Gladiators or something similar to Prince of Persia in setup
   Dresden Files (OCs)
   Star Wars (I can play canon characters, but would love OCs)
   Superheroes (Personal favorites: Spiderman, Superman and Wolverine, though I have a couple of OCs around, too, up for grabs) 
   The Supernatural (Hunters, Werewolves, perhaps even Vampires, Demons, Fallen Angels...)
   Modern Day spy thriller or action
   Mature Harry Potter (OCs and Canon)
   Zelda (I play Link)

*In blue are cravings I want to sate absolutely.

I am looking for literate partners. Once a week quality posting is required. More is appreciated, but not necessary.


Ancient Rome has always interested me. Movies like Gladiator and the tv series Rome come to mind. I was playing out a time travel one where Im transported back to that time with someone, but he ended it. I could be transported back to that time by accident, or deliberately by people stealing the time displacement equipment, appearing in a gladiator stadium during a fight, or by a road where Im enslaved.

It depends on what sort of character you want to play I guess.


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I am always up for some Wolverine time!  I can offer up creative, AU versions of Callisto, Marrow and Stacy X for actiony goodness if that appeals to you. I could probably do Mystique as well.
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