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Author Topic: Nereida's looking for 1x1- Fantasy, darker plots, fun!  (Read 636 times)

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Offline NereidaTopic starter

Nereida's looking for 1x1- Fantasy, darker plots, fun!
« on: February 16, 2011, 12:18:40 AM »
I'm not used to asking for 1x1  so please excuse me while I get the hang of this! :) I'll give a tiny bit of background because it helps give you some idea of what is driving the character, and what you might expect from them.  Art of all characters can be shown on request.

Plot 1 (Potentially dark Fantasy)
Background- A fae Countess grew up as the eldest daughter of her mother and father. Although it was a male dominated court, the 'good' Sun Court, her father, perhaps because he had no sons, taught her in secret everything that he himself knew, swordplay, riding, hunting, ect.  When all the adults of their court died, due to a curse by the 'evil' Moon Court, the children were left to fend for themselves. Filix was nine at the time. The traditions became almost like a religion to the new child King. When she was sixteen, soon after an engagement to one of the King's closest friends, her younger sister caught her with the sword and betrayed her. Filix was dewinged, tortured and exiled by the King himself...
Currently- She is abandoned in the wilderness, bleeding from great wounds on her back, dying and alone and without help or protection, and suddenly coming to terms with the fact that her 'good' Court harmed her.... that maybe there is no such thing as good and evil...
And it's as she's waiting to die, that he/they from rival Court itself come along and challenged everything she believed in, including the love for her own fiance...
Wanted: It could be anyone who finds her. ;)  And she's too weak to defend herself at the moment.  I was thinking it would be Moon Court that discovered her, perhaps, it would be interesting if it was a couple of men fae, maybe her fiance  who WAS working for the rival court and his contact, maybe just a single finder...  but I'm open for suggestions. If you're inspired then let me know! :)

Plot 2 - Dark Alternative/Fantasy
Set in a modern time, when creatures of magic existed side by side with modern science, Elle was born out of a lab, a rather strange and beautiful daughter of two female lovers. One mother was elf, the other was a darker mix of vampire and draconian.  Her darker mother was quick to bore of the domestic life and vanished, leaving Elle alone with her mother, and she was raised as if she had no vampire or draconian side to her. As she became a teenager, a darker side started to show itself, a side that Elle quickly suppressed and hid from everyone in the more gentle vegetarian Elven community, using science again to help repress and hide the desire for blood and flesh. She used magic to fill the gap that was gnawing away at her, becoming skilled in the art, but the 'darker' side kept gnawing away as it was suppressed more and more. Elle refused to date, refused to touch others, kept her friends at a distance, and when her first date went very wrong, she decided it was time to move away.
Currently: Elle has moved out of home as a seventeen year old, still fairly innocent and native, with a very badly suppressed darker side to her. She channels her fear of it into a kind of stubborn denial, hasn't explored her abilities as a 'vampire' or 'draconian' at all, and is a timebomb waiting... she feels it, deep down, and fears it, because she has started to wake up in the middle of 'sleep stalking'...
And then he shows up, in the middle of sleepstalking, forcing her to follow him...
Wanted: Well... clearly it could be a Draconian, a Vampire, whatever. :) Or a mix of both. This one could potentially get very dark... I hope it does! Maybe he/others?, were sent to deal with this ticking timebomb of a girl, and to make sure that she didn't cause her mother's coven a potentially very messy situation. But please... no sparkly Twilight vampires. Yes, vampires don't have to be evil, but that doesn't mean they sparkle!

I'lll update as I think of more... but these two were the ones I've been craving to RP for a very long time. :)

Offline Malgriff

Re: Nereida's looking for 1x1- Fantasy, darker plots, fun!
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 09:57:16 PM »
I like both of these and I just may have a character for the first one :3