ideas needing a male partner

Started by Deli, February 15, 2011, 02:59:28 PM

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First thing is first I only play submission

   A girl about the age of 16 is a babysitter. A new young man with a baby boy moved in to a house that was on top of the hill. This house was a creepy old house. This man has a dark past. Nobody knows what happened to his wife only he knows the truth and the missing babysitters. He finds this young girl attractive and wants her to babysit for his baby boy.

   Athena always kept an eye on warriors. Being she is the goddess of wisdom she would help warriors defeat their enemy. Athena is one out of three goddess that is still a virgin. She had yet find someone she would want. Till she helps a warrior who is very manipulated and he thinks that she is following him because he was able to manipulate her. Athena knows better than let his mind games mess with her. She finds herself wanting to have him in bed.

Human and Slave
   This plot is to talk about. It can go from any thing really.

Father and daughter
   This one is a little more extreme. A wife and husband both owns a piercing parlor and a tattoo parlor. They had a child at a young age. What they didn’t know is that there shops will get big. So the wife is always traveling doing shows and talking about the piercings and tattoos. While the husband is taking care of his 17 year old daughter who has yet any piercings. Her first on is going to be a hard from for her father to do. While his wife is gone he had not had any pleasure nights and find his daughter someone who could relieve him.
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