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Author Topic: Ideas.... Looking for a male character!  (Read 1261 times)

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Ideas.... Looking for a male character!
« on: February 15, 2011, 11:34:15 am »
These are my ideas I really would like to find a partner for! I suggest looking at my O/O's.

Some quick things I like:
ROMANCE is key

taking time to tell the story is important

I love sex, and playing sex scenes, but it isn't the entire story.

Manipulative, domineering, will do anything to get what they want (but for the right reason, such as love) Men

I like partners that can develop surprises in the story line (Such as, I found the note you were hiding and that's how I
knew who you were and how to manipulate the situation to get you type thing (but is brought out later in the story))

OH, and I like when sometimes at the beginning they don't like each other, or one does something that makes the other temporarily dislike them. It can be fun.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Past RP (1800s):
*****You’re More Than  a Simple Temptation   As time  moved on, her family fell further and further out of the peerage, after a  series of unfortunate deaths, their family was brought back into their world of  high class peers. The family is constantly ostracized but it effects them none,  they stick together. But she longs for normalcy; her family is anything but  with the strange deaths, strange animals, and house fires that brought them to  stay at a hotel while their home was being rebuilt.    After two seasons, she thinks that a new chance of life is coming, and  that her perfect suitor will soon ask to court her. It was just a matter of  time, but when one of his love letters goes awry, it leads her to meet the  mysterious hotel owner who is intrigued by her personality as well as her  appearance. When he wants something, he’ll get it, he happened to be the one to  find her letter without her knowledge; will he use it to intervene on the  couple? Or will he try to be honorable in getting the thing he desires most?

****It’s Almost Over
    She was sold to slave auctioneers and taken to America to be sold as a white slave. She did not accept her new role well, often getting hit for arguing, or receiving punishment in other ways, she even tried to run away, she didn’t care that she didn’t know where she was, but as soon as she was caught, she was from then on kept in a locked cage.
   He was under pressure; he needed to be married before his father returned in a few short months. None of the society women around suited him or his tastes, the only option was to go to the slave yards and try to find someone suitable.
   Will this unexpected circumstance bring them closer together? Though forced to be married, will they fall in love?

****Seduction1880sShe is a writer, but this is during the age where women aren't supposed to talk about such things as sex and romance, letting people know such things. She is living alone in a home that she purchased, unmarried, and a virgin. A week before her 30th birthday she decides she no longer wants to be a virgin, she could deal with the rest but not remaining a virgin when her books often involved sexuality. She decides to go to a well-known and discreet brothel and have a man come to her home on the night of her 30th year. Sure, it wasn't romantic, but it would work.He is a well-known publisher, also known for his being unmarried, filthy rich, and basically a womanizer of the 1800s. Working on publishing a novel for the brothel owner, he reveals that he wants to meet this writer that he's heard about, she sends him on his way, stating she simply knew the woman, not that she had become a client.
There are so many things to do with this story... I would really love to try it out.
***By Way of the Sea
   Travelling to the United States was a treacherous one in this time period, it was slow, and took months depending on to and from you were going. A month long at least on the open seas, they were travelling to New Orleans from France to meet his family for the first time. They were married just before they’d departed for their trip.  Pirates ran the seas, and rarely got caught; they overtook ships, stole their goods, killed the men, and raped the women.
    Their ship was taken over by some of the most horrible pirates she’d heard about, seeing her dead husband floating in the empty sea, she went into instant shock. Knowing her fate, all she could do was plead, one pirate takes mercy on her, let alone recognizing his brother, he realizes soon after that they were married, though he hadn’t claimed his well-known family in years, he makes it his goal to help her and get her to her new family safely.
   They still have weeks until they would make it to New Orleans,  they spend time together, he finds her attractive and wants her, she finds him attractive, but doesn’t know who he is, and is still fighting to control her emotions over her deceased husband.
   Will they fall for each other? He will have to open up beyond what he had done in a long time; maybe this will be his first time opening up for a woman at all. What lies ahead for them?

***I Swore I’d Loathe You for Eternity
   Arranged marriages were often formed between families of lower gentry to upper society to help families have stronger ties to the world above, or for financial reason their daughters were sworn to other families. Here’s ideas based on the arranged marriages of son and daughters:
   A masquerade, a young man and woman meet up and fall for each other, knowing that they are sworn to other people.  Then they meet their betrothed, only to find that they’re sworn to each other, but can’t say anything to anyone, but secretly they’re happy at the turn of events.
   A couple of weeks before they’re supposed to marry, they just find out that they have been arranged to wed someone they’ve never met. They might have already fallen for someone else, or not, depending on what we decide, and at first things aren’t going well for the couple. They clash on all levels, and even after the wedding they are still angry with each other for their life’s events. But something happens, an illness, or something of the sort, and one takes care of the other, and they start to fall for each other.
   The same idea as above, but only they know about it for their lives and never meet or know what each other’s appearances are until their wedding ceremony.

****You Caught Me When I was falling
   In the 1800s, a woman came out to society when she was between the ages of 19-21, meaning, she was ready to be married off.  It was only socially acceptable to go through five seasons to search for a suitable husband, and to be properly courted then married. If you did not find your match in that time period, the woman would be come to be a spinster, she was unable to be married and would be a burden on her family.
   My character is in her last season, and has to find a husband, her family depends on it, since her father died, their finances have steadily declined, they had to sell anything and everything in order to survive in the only world they know how to live in, the lavish and rich society world. Finding a suitable husband is the only way to survive, but society men only see how to use women in this situation rather than help them.
   It was also frowned upon in society to be a working class person in their world, an entrepreneur. But he finds his knack for business and some of the ‘up to date’ society members, the ones who realized that change was coming to their world, have led him to be permitted into the gatherings, parties and soirees of the upper class.
   He finds her interesting, and manipulates the situation into his favor that she might accept his proposal, seeing as how she would never do it willingly, she knows she shouldn’t be choosy, but she is too proud to accept anything other than what she needed. Eventually does she give in to her needs of title and money or the feelings inside her heart, which would still help financially?

The Tudors: (yes from the bbc america channel series)
Historical stories are my all-time-favorite! The show is based on the times of King Henry VIII, which if anyone knows about him, they would know he was obsessed with power, money, having a male heir (due to his bad luck), and of course women. I don't have any particular ideas for this right now, but I could come up with something if someone is interested, or if you have ideas of your own, please bring them up! I'm sure we can collaborate.

Dr. Zhivago (its a movie based in the russian revolution)
I don't know much other than what was brought out in the movie... and actually, I don't remember the characters names other than the Doctors'. But I'd like to give it a try.
There is an older man, a rich and powerful man who seduces a young girl, 16, but a little after she comes to hate him. But the man will not be without her. Meanwhile the young doctor (around 23-25) keeps running into her, in the market, in the hospital after a series of unfortunate events. Of course its love at first sight but he is *either betrothed or already married*. The only way for her to escape the older man is to marry someone, her best friend who knows nothing about her being ruined but she doesn't love him, she is still tormented by the older male, and the thought of the young doctor. There are so many things to add to this, and if you're interested, many opportunities, I'm open for discussion :D

Present day RP ideas:

******A Mistake Turned Around
   She ran into him on accident, on several different occasions, learning little bits about him in each meeting. Finally they decide to go out, eventually dating for a solid amount of time, sex is a natural part of every relationship, including theirs. Breaking up is a natural part of life, college is difficult to maintain for the both of them were excelling towards bigger things, he was too busy as a med student, she had to concentrate on her business degree, all the fighting wasn’t helping. She needed more out of the relationship than just a physical one. Several months later, she’s at the hospital, where he’s interning, but she didn’t know that was where he was at, and she’s very pregnant. Does he take care of her? Or does he pretend like it isn’t his? She wasn’t planning on telling him, seeing as how they hadn’t seen each other in so long, how does she react to seeing him again?***Adulterated Loathing   She ran into him in the supply closet, fully catching the company ‘player’ in the act of sex. Ignoring him, she goes back to what she was doing, making him worry that she might say something, he’d tried to get with her awhile ago, she shot him down, she even went out of her way to ignore this man, seeing him as someone she wanted nothing to do with. Assuring him she won’t say anything, he feels accomplished and leaves her alone. She is somewhat uptight, not having dated anyone in a long time, and it was her birthday, so she went out with some friends.   Of course someone like him would be out, and they happen to meet at a club, she tries to avoid him, but seeing her relaxed makes him want her, and he vows to himself that he will have her, somehow he convinces her to let him buy her a drink.  Which leads into more drinks, and eventually they go back to her house.   I was thinking impregnation, does he surprise her by being responsible for his actions and staying around?
*****The Vampire and the Werewolf   To try and bring together the two species, one from each was nominated to marry the other, to show that they could work and live together, the only problem was the stipulation was not love, she had to wear the Vampire’s bite, leaving her tainted forever more. The marriage was a farce from the beginning, both sides, unknown to its opposite, was planning to loosen defenses and attack with the two.    But it was so strange how it happened, he was protective, and sweet, and mature, he wanted to honor his commitment somewhat, she on the other hand did not, she would fight to no end. She on the other hand was wild, outgoing, and they loved to get on each other’s nerves. She won’t allow his bite, even if it is for the good of both of them, as if it would work. But being locked up, and having many arguments, with another person, somehow brings them closer together.

And I'm also looking for a few new modern games... if you have an idea and think its up for my interests.... Toss me a PM
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Re: Ideas.... need male partner!
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2011, 09:11:48 pm »
Added quite a few stories... PM me if you're interested.

Offline SamanthaTopic starter

Re: Ideas.... Looking for a male character!
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2011, 09:20:40 pm »
Added Dr. Zhivago. As well as, I'd like some new games in the modern genre, even steampunk sounds interesting... also, something new.. maybe towards non-con, bondage, or even extreme... it won't work for my historical ones (my usual) so something, anything a bit new... let me know.