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Author Topic: Let Us Get Creative! (All Genders Welcome)  (Read 530 times)

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Let Us Get Creative! (All Genders Welcome)
« on: February 13, 2011, 12:47:30 AM »
  One thing that I've been learning while posting on Elliquiy is simply that I constantly crave to do something different.  Now that I have sort of grown accustomed to how roleplaying within the forums and works and what sort of things I want out of roleplays, I believe now I am ready to let some more of my own ideas out there.

  And just as a general note, I don't discriminate when it comes to which gender I roleplay with.  Though there are some scenarios where I would prefer being with a character of the opposite sex, I have no issue with males playing females.  Though I'm new to 'same sex' roleplaying, there are a few scenarios where I wouldn't mind the story becoming something 'M/M or F/F'.  Again, feel free to message me with any ideas.

Fun and Kinky:  (Stories that will likely be less introspective and more just about pure fun.  These will likely have an ending and will wrap-up at some point.  Of course... that can always change if we end up loving the characters so much that we can't let them go.)

Stuck in an Elevator:
  I love this cliche!  It is just too much fun.  A guy and girl trapped in an elevator for a long period of time run head first into some really great sexual tension.  Kinky fun ensues, though what I would really love to see is some great character interaction here.  Coming up with a couple of really fun characters to put in those kind of circumstances will really make me grin.

A Roleplay about Roleplaying:
  A couple decides to try on different sorts of costumes in order to spice things up.  I just like the idea of roleplaying with someone about a couple that is roleplaying with each other.  What sorts of costumes and characters they will assume is completely open to discussion (though bunny girl and cat girl outfits drive me wild).

Stalker Girl:
  All throughout my youth I have had this great fantasy about a super sexy stalker girl.  Which sounds kind of weird, but there is just a little part of me that has always liked the idea of a girl getting super attached to a guy in an extremely unhealthy manner.  In this particular case, my character would be stalked by your character.  It wouldn't be cute stalking either.  She probably has entirely kinky interests in mind.  Whether she ends up seducing him or just ends up tieing him up to something is completely up to discussion.  Put on your best crazy psycho girl face!

A Comic or Fantasy Convention
  I've always liked the idea of two really geeky super attractive people meeting at a Con and then hitting it off really fast. Extra points if they're dressed in an outfit from a famous show or movie, giving it a layer of authenticity.
  Bunny suits, cat ears, skimpy sci-fi outfits, that could all fall into this one.

Bad Sex:
  I don't know why... but I want to RP about a couple that just can't seem to get anything right.  A sexual encounter where almost everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  And yet, there is a certain sweetness to it.  They try so hard for the sex to work, but it just won't.  Finally they work out some sort of compromise and finish their encounter, but it isn't the 'amazing orgasmic fantastical' experience that we all usually fantasize about.  It was just kind of 'meh', and perhaps even terrible at points.  But they love each other, so they pull through anyways. 

First Homosexual Experience:
  Lately I've been discovering a bit of a bisexual streak within myself.  I'm not quite sure how distinct it is, but I will confess that the idea of at least trying out a same sex roleplay sounds very interesting.  The character I will play will likely be someone who has just come across his own 'gay or bi' side, and finally decides to do something about it.  He is going to sleep with another man.  Sort of silly, sort of cliche, but... since I'm still new to even thinking about the potential of bisexuality, it seems oddly suiting.

SERIOUS AND INDEPTH (More about character and story than it is really about sex.  Not that sex doesn't play a part, but these are more scenarios that I would like to see 'nice long' posts to)

Newly Opened Relationship:
  After ten years of a fruitful and loving marriage, two lovers decide that it is time to take a risk and try seeing other people.  This will involve multiple characters and NPC's, but the main focus will be on this couple in their mid-thirties exploring outside of their usual comfort level.  Whether they enjoy their experiences or not is completely up to where we want to go with it.  However, I will say that I would like for things to be a bit more introspective.  Even though there will no doubt be sex (and potentially a lot of it), this is more about 'exploration' than it is kinkyness.  Kinky can be in there, but not overwhelmingly so.

Before Marriage:
  A young couple, just one month before their big day, begin to question whether they are really right for each other in the first place.  It would be fun to play around with the insecurity of two characters who love each other very much, but are not quite sure about whether this upcoming 'tieing of the knot' is really the right thing for me.  Making love starts to become more and more awkward as they struggle with their own inner demons and insecurities.  Am completely okay with any sort of gender pairing with this, and if you have any ideas to add feel free to ring me up.

A Porn Stars Life:
  This one would be much much kinkier almost completely by default.  Basically, this is the story of two porn stars who so happen to be close friends.  They are within the same business, and often end up doing scenes together.  Even through all of this, they manage to still maintain being ordinary people.  With the paychecks that they get, they choose to live a more secluded life style together.  There is obviously quite a bit of sexual tension going on between the two of them, but this would be more of a story of friendship than anything else.  Romance can bloom and blossom, just as long as it doesn't become a game of 'who is going to say I love you first?'  All specific details are up for discussion.

Celebrity Romance:
  Two celebrities end up growing attached to each other through some sort of film shoot or concert or whatever we can come up with.  The tabloids catch wind of every single little thing that they do, and their budding romance has to be put to test against all of the pressures that come with being a public figure.  This would probably be the most romantic of the indepth choices that I have listed, but with more of a focus of the tragedy that comes with being in the spotlight every single moment of one's life. 

Send any thoughts, questions, or roleplay requests my way.  Though I do have a life and can get quite busy at times, I will try to respond back to everything sent my was as quickly as possible.  :)  Happy RPing!
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Re: Let Us Get Creative! (All Genders Welcome)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2011, 09:58:20 PM »
(changed a great deal of content within the actual post itself)

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Re: Let Us Get Creative! (All Genders Welcome)
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2014, 03:27:46 PM »
It's been a long time. Added a couple of new roleplay ideas and modified others.