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Author Topic: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]  (Read 1020 times)

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Offline DrayTopic starter

Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:16:03 PM »
I am looking for a writing partner to play the role of the female as I will be playing the role of the male.  These are all M/F pairings.  I prefer partners who can type at least a couple of paragraphs for each post and can include some detail.  As for posting speed...about one post per day is good, even more would be great and one post every couple of days is fine.  Also I am pretty open minded and up for anything so my Ons/Offs are pretty much your Ons/Offs as I won't do anything that my partner is uncomfortable with and I am also always interested in trying to work in some of my partners favorites/kinks/fetishes and some of my own.

In this thread I will try to keep an update on role plays that I am currently craving as well as certain ideas and pairings.  Please do note that my life can be rather hectic from time to time, causing my muse to dwindle on my role plays.  Do not take it's just sometimes I don't have much time to get on or I feel so drained that I cannot bring myself to post.  If I don't post for a couple days then feel free to poke and prod at me with a PM to try and draw my interest back or see what my status is and what not.

Reality-Based Role Plays

Affair with a MILF: I am looking for a good pairing with a male between the ages 18 to 21 with a mature woman that is somewhere from 30 to 40 - depends on the story and pairing really.  I would be playing the male of course, need someone to play the female part.
Possible Pairings:
Step Son/Step Mom
Young Male Neighbor/Older Female Neighbor
Female College Professor/Male Student
Mom/Son's best friend
Mom/Daughter's Boyfriend
Wife/Husband's Employee or Co-Worker
Met Online

If you have any role play ideas involving an younger male and older female then run them by me, even if incest.  I am always open for discussing ideas and details.  This pairing is something that I am currently craving.

Amateur Porn Site: This would basically be based around an amateur porn site created my a younger couple who want to make some cash on the side while having fun and exploring their sexual kinks and fetishes.  I think a college setting would be best here.  He is a computer major and has knowledge in creating websites.
Possible Pairings:
-Best friends who decide to get into this together for the sake of money and business but they find themselves falling for one another
-Even some girl answering an ad

Art of Seduction:  As the title suggest, this would be a story of seduction.  One where a younger woman seduces an older man.  I think it would work best if the female was somewhere between 16 to 21 and the male could be around 30 or higher depending on the scenario and pairing really.  Details can be discussed.  Could be some blackmail going on, struggle for dominance and control, etc.
Step Daughter/Step Father
Younger Sister/Older Brother
Some scenes of seduction that I like:
-Sneaking into his room at night while he is sleeping
-Getting him drunk and seducing him
-Glory hole set-up, would be more for taboo reasons, she sets up a secret meeting, maybe online where she has her father/brother go some place and she perfroms oral on them through a wall and then afterward they find out it is her.

The Masquerade:  This story would start out with a party scene.  The theme of the party would be a masquerade and the only rule was that you could not take your mask off until the next morning.  Other than that, you were free to go wild, drink, dance, flirt, and hook up.  Our characters would end up hitting it off at the party, taking it into the bedroom, they wake up in each others arms the next morning and take off their find maybe they just slept with someone they know, or are even related to.

Anime-Based Role Plays

If you have any ideas of your own feel free to run them by me, Anime or not.  As long as it is an Anime I know and love then I would definitely be up for a game with it...just keep in mind I prefer to role play original characters.  I prefer original characters since I like to role play how I want and I don't really want to try and role play to the specifics of an already existing character.  I don't mind if characters are similar to the canon characters in similar personality or appearance with some changes.

Here is a list of Anime I know:

Dragon Ball Z
Death Note
Code Geass

I would like someone to discuss some details with and work it all out any ideas.  Any of the ideas below can be changed of course and if you have some ideas of your own then throw them by me.  Alternating some of the elements is fine...If you are interested then let me know, feel free to send me a PM.

Naruto:  Alright so I have really been craving a ninja role play and pairing...particularly in the Anime Naruto universe.  I would prefer them to be placed in a world that is 70 years after the events of the actual anime so we can customize our own plot and all of that and make a little spin-off.  I would like for our characters to be a couple of high ranking jounin from one of the ninja villages.  The role play would consist of them going on several missions, over coming certain obstacles and opponents together...and of course their relationship forming during their missions together and their relaxation periods back at the village.  I think their relationship would form more out of lust first...them relieving some sexual tension and all of that, getting all rough and passionate.  Then it could blossom into something more like a romance...a somewhat forbidden romance since they are working together and have to keep focused so they would have to keep it a secret for if the Kage of the village found out then they would be split up.  We can add as many twists and turns as we want down the line...such as a possible pregnancy, maybe one of them is a jinchuuriki...kekkai genkai would be allowed as well and even custom jutsu.

Digimon: I would not mind a role play involving a certain romance between a tamer and their digimon.  Now it could go either way here, either I play the male tamer and you play a female digimon...or vice-versa with me as the male digimon that is fighting for and protecting the female tamer.  It would be a definite romance of course as they share an instant connection and strong bond.  Which digimon is used is up for well as what form the sexual acts are performed in...we can make the digimon appear more humanoid/anthro-like if needed.  The plot can also be discussed as to what challenges they meat and all of that.

Code Geass:  In this I would like to play a character somewhat like Lelouch...having enough and needing power in order to make changes to the world.  I would want the female to be the immortal who makes the deal with him and grants him the Geass and then of course she would be at his side to help him prevail and in order to make sure he stays safe so he can fulfill the deal of the geass contract.  A romance would develop between them during the rebellion/war or whatever is decided upon.

Bleach:  I would like for a relationship to develop between a soul reaper and a human who has some spiritual abilities.  I would like to play the spiritual human, a male who has started seeing hollows roaming around and he uses his strength and powers to stop them.  Then a big bad hollow comes in town, she as a soul reaper comes in to stop it.  Unexpectedly my character steps in, having a huge ego and being rather arrogant, he think that he can take on this beast not realizing it is different from the other flies he swatted.  Getting himself in trouble though, she has to jump in at the last moment in order to save him...greatly injuring herself.  Offering her soul powers to him temporary, he unlocks his true potential as a powerful burst of energy erupts from him and he takes out the hollow in a blink of an eye.  Afterward he takes the injured soul reaper back his to his place where he takes care of her wounds.  So a bound would be created between them as she trains him, helps him to wield and use his powers and he helps her slay hollows as she is still recovering and a bit weak.  Twists and turns in the plot and story can be discussed along the way of course...this is just a summary of how I see it beginning but of course it can be changed and take a different course if you have ideas of your own for a Bleach role play.
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Offline TheMuseErato

Re: Anime-Based Role Plays with Original Characters
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2011, 12:32:35 PM »
I am always on the prowl for good Naruto-verse roleplay. Forgive the briefness of my response since I'm currently trying to thaw out. Drop me a note and we can discuss specifics, but would be honored to help satisfy that craving of yours ~_^

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Anime-Based Role Plays with Original Characters
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2011, 06:41:17 PM »
Updated, some ideas were fulfilled and removed and I added my Bleach idea.

PM me if you are interested in any of my ideas above or have ideas of your own for the anime I listed.

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2011, 11:33:33 PM »
Another update...rather large this time.  This is no longer just an Anime thread.  I decided to make this my main request thread based on my cravings and mused and I will update it accordingly...most likely once a day as needed.  So I created a new category "Reality-Based Role Plays" and added two new ideas under it...then I separated all my Anime ideas into another category.  I may have some fantasy/supernatural ideas to add later...right now I am still poking and prodding my muse.  Drop me a PM if you are interested in anything or have an idea of your own that you want to run by me.

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2011, 11:23:58 PM »
Added too more ideas to the realistic section, "Art of Seduction" and "Unlikely Hero"

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2011, 10:45:48 AM »
Two of my requests have been fulfilled and removed, updated and added another idea called the "Masquerade".  I plan on adding some pictures sometime soon as well.

Offline hitchhiker13

Re: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2011, 11:47:53 PM »
i don't know your opinion on guy's playing female roles, but if you're not against it, I'd like to try for the MILF-ish or art of seduction ones.

Offline DrayTopic starter

Re: Role Plays based on a whim of muse [F characters wanted]
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2011, 07:36:50 AM »
i don't know your opinion on guy's playing female roles, but if you're not against it, I'd like to try for the MILF-ish or art of seduction ones.

It has been a while so I would not be against giving it a whirl.  Send me a PM so we can discuss some ideas and details.