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Author Topic: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)  (Read 1103 times)

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Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
« on: February 09, 2011, 11:32:58 PM »
These are the ideas I have come up with recently and would love to try. I am seeking an imaginative male who will bring his own ideas to the plate as well. I have sectioned off the ideas into categories on how they were inspired.

Inspired by music:

The Other Woman

This one is inspired by the new country song, From a Table Away by Sunny Sweeny. In the song, a young woman sees the man she loves in a restaurant with another woman who happens to be his wife. She knows the man is married but was ignorant and thought he'd leave his wife because of marital issues. Seeing them in the restaurant together and laughing, staring into each others eyes, showed this other woman that she never stood a chance and was duped by this man.

I was hoping to form a story with this, doesn't have to exactly be what happens in the song, but I do plan on playing the 'other woman.' I am open to discussing any plot for this story.

Stuck On You

Inspired by the country song, "Stuck Like Glue," by Sugarland. A woman is obsessed with a man she met at some point in her life and is convinced they belong together. She ends up kidnapping the guy and taking him to their "home" where she ties him to a chair and keeps him contained, despite his protests.

This story can go in any direction... it's kinda meant to be funny-- I mean, the woman's insane after all...

Twisted Dark Love

This is inspired by the song sung by Eminem and Rihanna, "Love The Way You Lie." This sort of story is completely different than from what I'm used to. I believe it's about a man and this woman who are in a rough relationship where they abuse each other; verbally, mentally, and physically. But, they love each other even though it's a twisted and dark sort of love. I find this sort of love beautiful in a way. Does that mean I'm a bit twisted and dark?

Inspired by books:

Time Travel

I have always appreciated a story that involved time traveling. I’ve read books by Lynn Kurland where the characters are swept away by fairy gates to Medieval Scotland where they meet their one true love. I was hoping to do the same for this idea. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Medieval Scotland, it can be any time period as long as it’s in either Ireland, Scotland, or England.

I basically have it in mind to play a character who dresses up for a Renaissance festival or some re-enactment event. She is accidentally taken back to another time where she meets the man of her dreams and the plot of the story could be she has to save him from his enemies or he has to save her from something… We could have it to where she is even captured by this man and treated as a prisoner for quite awhile until romance eventually blossoms between the two.

Now, when I say prisoner, I don’t mean a sex slave… I mean just a regular old servant who cooks, cleans, feeds the pigs, or whatever he has her do… This is a romance based story and I know romance has some kinks in it, but I do like to keep the kinkiness to a certain level. So, please… if you are looking for just straight up sex, please do not respond to this thread. Thank you. ;D

Inspired by tv shows/movies:

The Piano-man

Here, you would play a male character who is a reputable pianist/singer/songwriter in a small community. He writes and plays songs for children and he performs them every Friday at the elementary school. He is a very handsome man and many women (mothers) are attracted to him and he’s been known to have a woman in his bed at least twice a week. There is not a woman in town he could not get and none would refuse him if they were ‘chosen’ for his night of pleasure. That is… until a new woman arrives in town.

This woman will be my character and she will be the first woman to refuse the attentions of this Piano-man… he will then proceed to pursue her and try to convince her to sleep with him. Again, I am not into the very kinky stuff and this is romance based as well.

"Two and a Half Men" is the inspiration for this idea.

Inspired by my own imagination

Elani Mitsu

I debated whether or not putting this character on my want thread. The many roleplays I've started with her have always ended abruptly for many different reasons. The main being I've been told the plot idea for this character is too... involved and that I should change a few things around with her, which I really don't mind doing... but I will not change who or what she is. She is human with the blood of a demi-Goddess (her mother) and also of a demon who drinks blood to sustain life (her father). She is for a fantasy based story, not necessarily of Medieval Times... more like an alternate universe of Earth. She lives in a desert I have called the Lakarii Desert and within a palace her father built as a gift to his wife, her mother.

I am basically looking for someone who can help create the world that Elani lives within and who either has a character they think will match with the story or could create one of their own. There's more to Elani, but I will save the details for when we discuss the story.

Concordia: The Peacebringer

After thousands of years of being in nothing but peace, Concordia was suddenly overtaken by a league of twelve men, who claimed Harel, the True King of Concordia, was not a fit King of their world. Each members of this league came from each of the six continents ruled Harel's sons: Tristan, Jaeger, Orlan, Keegan, Markell, and Taran. These evil men called themselves the League of Twelve and since Concordia had no need of a militia, Harel and his wife were quickly overrun by the men. The two were murdered, and soon Tristan, Jaegar, and Orlan followed their parents to the Underworld. The other three brothers were captured and sent to another world, Earth. They have no recollection of their past and blend in well with the rest of Earth's people.

It is up to the youngest, the only daughter, of all the siblings to bring back the brothers in order to take back what it is rightfully theirs. Sorcha is a strong believer in peace and after she is captured at the young age of 13, she has 5 years to think of a plan to escape and find her brothers. She has the help of her most loyal friend, Malikye, a wolf who also believes in Peace and wants Concordia to return to the way it was before. He helps her escape the cell that had been her home and then helped her through the time mirror that would take her to Earth.

I have thought about what sort of character I'd like my partner to play and all I can really say is the character should be a hero, but not expecting it to happen. Just an Average Joe of Earth, who loves modern technology. Concordia is set in a fantasy type realm, so their technology does not include cars. Magic is greatly used, though. The Hero could be an outcast of society as well... not really sure of this character until I find a partner wanting to do this story with me. If you are interested, just shoot me a PM and I will happily discuss it.

If you are interested… please PM me… These are only forum-based. I only have a few ideas for now… but if you have something in mind, throw it at me in PM. I’m always interested in new ideas and DO make sure you read my O/O’s. If you have any questions, again… just PM me. =]
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Re: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
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Re: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2011, 01:45:13 AM »
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Re: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2011, 06:17:42 PM »

-Added Elani Mitsu-

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Re: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2011, 07:14:41 PM »

-Added The Other Woman and modified Time Travel which is now open for anyone interested-

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Re: Luna’s list of NEW story ideas... (Seeking M)
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2011, 01:41:28 PM »
-Added Concordia: Peacebringer