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Author Topic: Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)  (Read 822 times)

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Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)
« on: February 07, 2011, 06:37:00 PM »
What I am looking for:

Story: I like story, I want to get into it, I want the characters to have depth. "I am an innocent elven maiden waited to be taken roughly", doesn't do it for me... been there, done that. I want characters to have doubts, questions and quirks. As far as plot goes I want it to make sense. I like romance, pleasant or dark... and I like things to end happy even if they didn't start that way.

Sex: Yes, I want there to be sex in all my stories. Its not the only thing I care about but I was one of those people who wish that the average movie or book would have show all sex scenes. Sex is an exciting, revealing and beautiful thing. I want to be able to use at least one or two of my fetishes as well as working in yours of course.

Communication: I want partners who know what they are looking for and can express it. I like to do brain storming sessions so that we can make sure we are both still enjoying it and to see where it will go.

--- 000 ---

These are stories concept that I want to build plots for with my partner. I find that it works better this way since we can each bring in our unique characters with their desires. That way the plot matches the people.

Deep Tissue Massage

A young woman comes in needing a massage, maybe due to school, sports or work. They guy working their is fit and lean. He massages her slowly over most of her body, eventually getting her towel off. She gets embarrassed when she starts to get wet. Her tell her that there is nothing to be sorry for and that she just needs to let the tension out. They end up making love.

They would not become a couple immediately. At first it would just be sex between them with the question of whether or not there was going to be more.

Family Picnic

A family has a tradition that everyone over the age of 16 goes to a lake a couple times a year and all walk around naked together. It is the first year that for a girl who is now seeing men naked for the first time. Her older male cousin has always been nice to her and now she is an adult. The older women tease her a bit and tell her that she should invite him to go for a walk in the woods.

This story would continue with the two of them becoming permanent lovers and possibly performing sexually in front of the older females.

I don't have any clear ideas for conflict in this story.

Take It Off

A girl wants to be a model and her best friend is a photographer. She asks him to take the pictures for him since she doesn't have the money to go anywhere else. Since she can't pay him for it she tells him that he can take some pictures that will be for his eyes only. They both get a lot more into than either of them think and he ends up with some beautiful shots of her sacred places.

I would really like this to become a story in which the two of them realize they could make a lot of money doing amateur porn together. They become a passionate couple that gets off performing for the camera.

Remaining Pure

At a party a guy meets a girl and they hit it off. They start dating and he wants to go further. She tells him that she is waiting for marriage. He accepts it but she wants to make him happy. She tells him that there are other places that he can put his cock.

He accepts the oral and sodomy at first but over time he wants more. Either she will eventually give in and want to share her pussy with him, or he will want to claim her and will take control... and then her virginity.

Passing The Time

A college girl comes home after a bad break up. Her parents are gone and only her high school senior brother and his friend are there. They stare at her body and she enjoys teasing them, the attention feels good. Then one day her vibrator just isn't doing it for her. He goes into the den and blatantly tells them she has something better for them to play with then video games. She starts by teasing and exposing herself.

They would develop into a three way couple that have sneaking around town being bad and nearly getting caught many times. If she get pregnant then the question will be which one of them is the father.

By Moon The Scent Came

A young woman goes with her friends to a lake house for a party. She is mostly bored by the people there. She needs to go to the bathroom and there is a line so she goes outside to pee in the woods. She doesn't know two things, that she is fertile and that it is werewolf mating scene. Two of the young males comes for her, they both have strong pheromones that cause her to want to be penetrated. They fight over her and the winner 'claims' his prize.

How will they be able to build a relationship coming from such different places? And how will she react when she learns that she is carrying a litter?


A priestess or nun is given/taken by a man who teaches her through some light bondage, orgasm control and a ritual piercing to worship is cock for the pleasure it can give and the life that it can create.

The plot would be about her learning to serve him and that she in fact prefers what she has become as oppose to her old life where she couldn't express herself fully.


A young woman has an intense crush on her sister's fiancée. She tries to get him interested in her by trying to show of her young and sexual body. Her sister sees this. After her and her husband are married they decided that they need to show her the pleasure of sex. First she exposes herself to him. Then her sister's husband begins to let her learn on the real thing. Eventually both young women are pregnant with his baby.

They would play many sex games together and eventually work out a way for them all to be a family.

How Far You Going?

A man driving home from work sees a beautiful young woman along side the road. Its going to start raining and will be dark soon. She didn't have anywhere to go and wants to thank him for his kindness.

There would be a lot of build up in this. First with them just talking during the drive. Maybe him buying her food or offering her a place to stay. She might be flirty to be nice and then it might be teasing or a strip show. After they make love how long will it take before they confess to each other that they want to be together?

All In

A young woman lives with her mother and her uncle. Her mother leaves town on her honeymoon. The girl knows her uncle loves poker and she needs some money. She asks him to play her and he agrees. She tries to get the advantage by wearing something skimpy. However her uncle is good at the game. Soon had lost money, wanting to get it back she ends up betting a lot more then she intended.

This story will be a dirty tale of the girl becoming her uncle's sex slave. By the time her mother comes home she will be a different person and determined to remain her uncles sex slave.

Sex Party

A wild sex party... a couple meets and starts to engage in oral sex in front of the whole room... soon they are fucking as the crowd watches and cheers them on. Maybe the couple are just two single people needing to let lose or maybe the couple is a male stripper and tomorrow's bride-to-be.

Honestly this is probably just a one-shot.

High Stakes

Sarah loves her boyfriend very much, she has been dating him for a year, having met him right after she turned 16. She has supported him and always wanted him to be happy. What she doesn't know is that isn't as good a man as she thinks. One night in a poker game he loses money... a lot of money. He doesn't have it and so he offers to pay the winner back in another way... by letting the guy come to his house and have Sarah for the whole weekend.

At first Sarah hates the idea but does it for her boyfriend. However the guy is a very good lover, making her cum... something her boyfriend rarely does. He ends up doing her bareback, something he wasn't supposed to and by the end of the weekend she has a new boyfriend.

--- 000 ---

Fetishes that I enjoy the most currently are:
  • Impregnation
  • Incest
  • Cunnilingus
  • Watching Girl Urinate
  • Ritualistic Sex
  • Visual Teasing

Am willing to do stories based on some themes from "The Book of Erotic Fantasy."

All of the character in the stories are 16+. I prefer female characters to be between 16 and 19.
The male characters can vary greatly in age and have a 7 inch penis.

Please do not post here, PM me if you are interested.
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Re: Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 01:03:47 PM »
Updated: March 31st

How Far Are You Going?
All In
Sex Party
expanded plot development for all

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Re: Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2011, 05:53:31 AM »
Updated: May 17th

High Stakes

Offline innocenceportrayed

Re: Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2011, 11:04:37 AM »
Afternoon ;D

I'd be interested in either 'remaining pure' or 'take it off'.

I prefer to roleplay here over the forums and my characters are always between 16-21.

Offline Nyra

Re: Victor's Concepts 2.0 (Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2011, 12:27:47 PM »

Very interested in playing out  By Moon The Scent Came   as its a story Ive never played out before but would very much like the chance if its still available