Star Wars Bounty Hunter [one-on-one]

Started by sithgod, May 06, 2007, 12:10:53 PM

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Might as well start with something I have always wanted to play and never have.

A Bounty Hunter in Star Wars.

What I want...

GM: Female

Setting: Star Wars

Era/Role: Any of the Era's of Star Wars is fine with me. Republic, Rebellion what have you. I'd like to play a bounty hunter. Hunting whoever. Criminals, informants, good guys, bad guys. What ever works for the story.

Sex: Yes lol ;) I am open for anything that is within the rules here. So I am happy to work with the gm on content. I don't want a huggly love story. He's a dude who takes what he wants when he wants it and lives life by his rules. If the gm doesn't want rape etc as part of the game then I am happy with it being in the mid section. If the GM likes the idea of the char abusing/raping etc and is going to enjoy playing the submissive/raped roles then I am game. Both you [gm] and I have to enjoy the game. So I am flexible to work with you. I can be as kinky as the gm ;)

Story: Yes. I don't want one big sex scene. I want a story with sex in it. That way the sex has meaning.

system: D6, D20 is cool. Having been brought up on the dice games I do have a strong dislike for free forming. However I am willing to give it a go with the right GM.

Posting: I can post multi times everyday. I want the game to move and be active. To many games die because of posting speed. Lets make something happen.


Solo would be playing by yourself lol.


Solo is often used to describe a single player other than the gm. The only time I have ever heard the one-on-one phrase has been here.


Quote from: sithgod on May 06, 2007, 12:32:56 PM
Solo is often used to describe a single player other than the gm. The only time I have ever heard the one-on-one phrase has been here.

Ah well, y'know what they say, "When in Rome"......*smiles*

I've also noticed lately that new members are asking for "GMs", for one on one games, instead of a fellow player.
For me, a one on one has always been more of a co-operative writing type of thing....
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I think any game whether a group or a one on one is a co-operative affair. For those of us who come from the system/dice form of rpg's rather than freeform the term Game Master or simply GM is just the generic term for someone who is going to run the game. When D&D was the only game out it was DM for Dungeon Master but as games in other genres [ie WEG's Star Wars, Palladium Publishing Rifts, Robotech etc] were released that term didn't fit.

For us the GM is the person who runs everything other than the players characters. He/she describes the setting, they handle all the people the players meet, handles all the rules that the players don't need to worry about. While the game should be co-op its still in many ways the GM's story. With the dice system rpg's the GM is the person running the game and the players are the ones who make a character and play them. For us asking for a fellow player is saying we want someone to play another character and not someone to run the game. 

One on ones or group I personally don't see any difference when it comes down to how a game is played. I am only talking system based because thats what I have played for 18 years. When I GM a Star Wars game whether I have 5 players or one. I still have a story, I still have to play every npc the player will meet, I have to describe every surrounding they enter. Handle every aspect of the game other than the players characters which is all theirs to worry about about. The work load is basically the  same for me whether its a single player or a group and the job description is the same. So asking for a GM in one on one isn't anything unusual. If your seeing it more recently maybe the sites starting to get a few more of us dice/system people joining.


So, what you're saying is that you want someone to 'run a game' for you instead of actually playing a game with you?
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Whoah.......way to go on editting your post AFTER I have posted....makes my post look pretty redundant and not at all in context doesn't it?

No further comments from me then.....don't enjoy having to reread anothers post in retrospect,  just incase the poster has changed it to make other contributors seem inept in their discussion.
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


Elvi I am not sure what you are saying here. I decided I wanted to clarify and expand upon what I had said because I wasn't sure I had been clear enough in my intent. So I edited my post.  I DID NOT see any post from you DURING that time as I was editing. I did not change my post to try and make you look redundant, inept or any other malicious action. You are accusing me here of an action that I did not commit. I did edit my post that is true. I did not see your post until after I had edited mine. I did not edit my post to try and make you stupid or any other reasons. If you feel I did then I am sorry but that wasn't what I had done.