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Started by Aifa Yasha Jaganshi, February 03, 2011, 06:35:46 PM

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Aifa Yasha Jaganshi

Happiness is a warm gun [m/f]

In a war torn land the people no longer have any thing.
A groups of solders over takes a village   killing most of them men women and children. One girl around the age of 18 is an exception because the captain(you)  claims he enjoys the way she looks  and wishes to keep her for himself. Is he telling them the truth? Wanting her for nothing but sex or has his heart gone soft? Has he found himself caring for this girl? (Maybe an Nc rp?)

Love  keeps us strong

The war is over. Finally the “rebels” as they were once called have taken over the government. She spent years hiding as he told her to his letters kept her strong. Then the letters stopped. The government publicized how they has caught one man and were holding him captive until the “rebels” gave up.
Time passed and no word was spoken then the great news came. They had won. She flew to the old capital to finally be reunited with her love.
The door opens and light  floods in blinding standing there in the open door was his girl.

ForEver yours [m/f or f/f]

For years she has been his(hers). Owned used toyed with and abused. Cuts and bruises slowly start to fade as he(she) grows board with her.  She desperately craves his(her) attention wishing for the "love' once given to her as she watches him(her) buy  and use new "toys" She will do anything to get her master back.

All bound  up [Bon]
[m/f or f/f]
It is said that the slave trade died during the civil war. this is a lie. every day girls and boy are stolen from their homes vacations and off the street and placed in to the slave trade. one her way home from work she was grabbed off the street druged and woke up gagged and bound at the will her her new master. (Or any type of master slave plot)

Love is forever[M/F] of [f/f]

His temper leads to him blaming her for things and punish her.
They have been together for years, High school sweethearts. They are finally married with their own home ready to start their own family. But things don’t seem to be working out so well he had shown signs of being violent in the past but  never once touched her.
This is domestic discipline on the edge ... an abusive relationship. I will try to come up with silly little things that could set him off or bring him on to a bigger tangent.
I plan on her  to be the opposite of him blaming herself when he gets upset.

War with in our house
Basically an arranged marriage. I was thinking none modern this way the wife really has no say at all in what happens. I am looking for a very dominant husband for this role.[/s]

The dangers of the internet.
[m/f] or [f/f]
A man (woman)  and woman meet online on a dating site. They soon find out they live in the same town. About a week after they meet online they go and get coffee at the starbucks down town. They walk and talk until he(she) decides that he(she) wants to keep  this girl and kidnaps her as his sex toy.

A rainbow in my dorm room[f/f]
A new year at college has just started. To girls are placed together as roommates one is and out of the closet lesbian the other bi curious. Both girls soon find out about the others sexuality and start to develop a relationship. 

a gentlemen, an officer, a rapist [M/f]
An injured solider is taken in by a mother and daughter. they don't have much and are struggling to keep their home after the death of the man of the house. they take him in and care for him in return the swears  to  help  them keep the house/farm. the mother starts to have feelings for him but her is more interested in the daughter.
Some day we will all wake up and realize that; the decisions we made  to define our adult life were made by a teenager, a stoned teenager.