Veritas (Search for a Boondock Saints Rp)

Started by Ravensahnk, February 02, 2011, 05:42:16 PM

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As the title states, I am seeking someone to join me in a Boondock Saints RP.  I am willing to play one of the brothers, so long as my partner is willing to take the other.  I was thinking perhaps this could pick up after the first one (That is of course assuming they did not go to Ireland after the assassination.))  Anyways my posting length varies from two paragraphs on.  I would prefer it if my partner could meet the same length at the least.


I'm interested; would you perhaps want to pick up from the end of the second movie and have them break out of jail instead?
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That would be quite interesting actually.  I was thinking about that as well...I'll PM you with more ideas.