Worth of a Woman: Trial of the Horselord (2 F's core, room for more)

Started by adifferenceinsize, January 31, 2011, 10:23:43 PM

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From the temples along the Nile to the tribes of the Black Forest, from the fading glory of the Roman Empire to the courts of the Wei Dynasty, no name evokes such terror as that of the enigmatic Khan Motokai, king of the steppes, heralded son of Ma-Gari, god of war and horses. Centuries before the rise of the Mongols, Motokai and his people rode out and shook apart the ancient world. State by state and town by town, the mysterious steppe warriors conquered a swath of territory across the Near East, absorbing those who offered surrender and devastating the lands of those who would dare challenge his majesty and right to rule.

Even a supposed demigod is mortal, however, and as he matures, the weight of finding an heir suitable of maintaining what he has carved from the world grows upon the Horselord's shoulders. Though he far from barren, the high priestess of his cult has so far found any potential heir from his stable of conquests wanting. She believes that only a woman of divine blood can hope to be a proper vessel for her lord's seed, the one chance to produce a child worthy of taking up his mantle. Over the years, she has grown close to her lord, and while she is acutely aware of her celestial duty, human nature cannot be completely dissolved, and a creeping jealously may be clouding her highly-regarded counsel.

The crux of our story begins simply enough, a siege upon a walled city initiated after the offer of clemency was spurned. Just as the people of the steppes had their lord seen in a divine light, the crown jewel of the region housed a woman worshiped as the daughter of the fertility goddess, the harvests strong without fail since her marriage to the current king. Knowing the consequence of a failed defiance of the invading hordes, she makes a desperate gambit as the city crumbles around her, offering herself to the Horselord in exchange for mercy upon her people; if she fails, she knows the people who she adores as much as they worship her are doomed.

The Play:

The core of this story is the interaction between Motokai (played by yours truly), his high priestess, and the queen/princess. Depending on the interests of prospective players, there are a few possible scenarios here. The priestess can be a lover of the lord's for purely religious reasons, akin to the open sexual practices of Ishtar's priestesses and the like, and therefore treats him as a confederate; perhaps, instead, she has a love for him she cannot express without shaming herself and her faith, and so she sublimates it by finding everyone else unworthy of him (if she can't be with him, nobody can). For the sovereign woman, we have several options: she can be from the lands of Persia or India, an exotic beauty of those shrouded lands, or perhaps from the region about Turkey, carrying the blood of the Pantheon in her. It's somewhat safe to assume she offers herself not from a lust for servitude but a duty to her people. If she loved her husband / father who was killed by the lord, then that would make the deal that much harder to handle, while if she was rather dissatisfied with her lover then this might not be so arduous a sacrifice. Furthermore, it could also happen that rather than rivalry, the priestess and queen find themselves drawn together, possibly even while the mixed feelings remain.

The impetus for the plot is that the high priestess doesn't quite believe the other woman is that worthy vessel they seek, and so she is tested to prove her divinity before being given the blessing of Motokai's faith to become a woman of greater importance than those of his harem, in part an assembly of women captured from circumstances similar to the sovereign's. It's worth noting here that (barring distaste from the female players), the Horselord carries an imposing manhood belying his divine heritage, making its acceptance in part or total a part of the trials of worthiness.

Room for Others:

If there are any males who are interested in this story, while I'm not into M/M sexual play, the Horselord would certainly have among his number an honor guard and his trusted advisors from the other tribes of the steppes. Perhaps of his right hand men has feelings for the priestess who either spurns him at first due to her love for the lord or just a sense of duty, and he ends up swaying her as she finds Motokai and his offering coming closer. Likewise, there could be more female roles as well, women close to either the sovereign (handmaiden, perhaps) or the priestess. I'm quite happy to help anyone who wishes to take part, and if this grows larger than the basic idea, I'm all for it. My only desire is the male-to-female ratio not climb higher than 1:1.

Thanks for reading! Please drop a line here or via my PM if you wish to take part.


Given the number of views without replies, I must believe there's not interest in the specific setup provided. I'd love suggestions for changes, and if there's anyone that would be interested in a one-on-rendition of this concept (princess vs. lord, most likely), please feel free to PM me.