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Author Topic: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)  (Read 10542 times)

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Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
« on: January 31, 2011, 04:03:57 pm »
All these are F/F ideas. I prefer female players, and am not at the moment accepting male players playing female characters. That can and does change from time to time though.

Just another quick note to say, if you want to write with me, you will need to chase me about it. I have too many stories going already, so I have no time to chase people for characters, ideas and/or posts. If you ask about a story I will respond, but if I then don't hear anything back from you I will assume you have changed your mind.

Colour coding is a new addition.

Anything in blue is something I'm cool on. I still want to do it, but if you ask while I'm suffering muse block, or if you've not been around long, I'm likely to say no.
Green I'm slightly more interested in doing, but I may need persuading if I don't already know you.
If it's in orange, then I am definitely up for it. I may ask you to wait a bit though, if I'm having a hard time.
Red is a definite craving. Ask for one of these and you're almost a shoo-in.

I have a character I enjoy reusing. Her name is Zarathel and she is ... well, see for yourself:

Zarathel's profile. Click if you dare...
Name: Zarathel
True Name: known only to herself, Lucifer and The Nameless One.
Age: Older than Time Itself
Race: ArchDemon, Succubus, formerly Archangel, one of the First of Creation

Personality: Zar is pure evil. She is one of the First, and as such has never been mortal. She exists outside time and thus has little respect for the puny beings that are forced to exist within it. She has an insatiable sexual appetite and while she will have sex with men, she prefers women. The only being in the whole of creation she will call Master (or Mistress, for that matter) is Lucifer himself. She has no respect for The Nameless One, as he has demonstrated clearly that he is not worthy of it. Without the intervention of herself and the Lord of Darkness, the earth would be another boring, drab world filled with boring drab creatures bent permanently to the Will of the Nameless One.

History: Zar's history is as long as history itself, but the most salient points are that, while The Nameless One was creating the Earth, Lucifer sat on the throne of Light and Zarathel sat on his lap. While there, both of them were burned by the Nameless One's power and filled with some of it. They were transformed from creatures of Light into creatures of Darkness.

The Archangel Michael attacked them and banished Zar from heaven. While Michael fought Lucifer, Zarathel snuck into the newly created Earth, entered the Gearden of Eden and took on the form of a serpent, tempted Eve then raped her until she passed out, then took on Eve's form and raped Adam until he passed out.

Zar and Lucifer rule hell together and are in a never ending war that is fought in five dimensions against the forces of light. Zar is Lucifer's most loyal and most successful servant, as well as being his oldest, and his first lover.

Zar is usually found with her guardian demon Gorbix (NPC), who was once mortal, and was the most feared general of the Sumerian army. Gorbix's claim to fame is that it was he and his legion that were cast out of a man by The Nameless One's human avatar, and it was he who fought his way into the Nameless One's temple on Earth and ripped the curtain from top to bottom with his sword!

I'm always open to RP ideas that might include Zar and help me develop her personality more. But be warned. Any story involving her goes in Extreme. She is pure evil and is proud of that fact. If you have a plot ideafor her, please PM me and we'll discuss it. By the way, when it comes to Zar, I'm not fussy about the gender of the player or the character - but then Zar is an arch-demon. She can shape shift at will!

The Pirate And The Ninja: I remember discussing this scenario with someone, but I can't remember who. (If it was you and you still want to do it, say so quickly). I play a female pirate, you play a female ninja. (Not necessarily the two shown here, but they are a good start point). The story would begin with the pirate ship attacking a ship carrying the ninja woman. The pirates take her prisoner and my girl saves her from the men, but keeps her for herself, and rapes her. She escapes when they reach port, and manages to get home. Then the Ninjas attack the pirate ship sneakily after dark, killing most of the pirates. Except your girl would kidnap mine and rape her.

My girl would escape back to the ship and set a trap for your girl, catch her and rape her back. Your girl escapes and plots revenge ... and so on.

We can do as many iterations on the "I rape you, you rape me" theme as we like, but slowly the two women grow to respect, admire and finally love each other.

This story requires a player who is switch to play opposite me, as we will both be switching back and forth between the D&S roles. Can go in EX (for preference - please see my O/Os) or N/C

Love Potion: Fantasy, Light or N/C. A woman is in love with a man who doesn't know she exists, and so she goes to a local apothecary to get a love potion, that she can use to make him love her. Unfortunately, the drink she slips the potion into is grabbed by her older sister (step-sister, ugly sister, aunt, the school bully, mother or whatever character you fancy, as long as she is female.) The character who has taken the love potion then begins a relentless pursuit of the other.

Both women start out straight, and of course eventually end up in a nice lesbian relationship. Might work best in N/C, given that the pursuer is doing so against her will and the pursued is not willing either. Doesn't have to have rape or BDSM in it, but can if you wish. I will play either role[/i].

Of Mice And Women: N/C. A retelling of the classic novel Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. For anyone unfamiliar with the novel it involves two men during the great depression of the 1920s. George and Lennie. George is a small wiry guy and is very smart. Lennie is a big lumbering oaf of a man with the IQ of a lettuce. George is actually quite mean, but has a real soft spot for Lennie. Lennie wouldn't hurt a fly.

In the story, George gets into trouble with a local and Lennie, while trying to defend George, accidentally kills someone. Of course the story has a very sad ending.

In this rewrite, Georgette and Leanne  will be the characters. Due to E's rules, Leanne will not have the emotional and mental age of an 8 year old, but will still be very slow. And the two women will have a sexual relationship, of course. The setting can be the same, 1920s Mid-West America, or we can move the setting to present day if you prefer.

The title to Steinbeck's novel comes from Robbie Burns' poem "To a mouse", with the line "The best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go awry" (English translation from the original  Scots). The story follows the pair as they stumble from one of George's get-rich-quick schemes to another, as all his plans go awry. This version will be the same. Whether or not we have the same unhappy ending, or whether we eventually have one of their schemes work, is something that can be decided.

I have no problem playing either character, but be aware that if you wish to play the sub, you are playing Leanne, who is big and ugly, and stupid.

Virtual Reversal: Extreme or Exotic N/C. Cyberpunk story. A young hacker who is a real geek is madly in love with the head cheerleader in her high school, but the girl wants nothing to do with her. So she creates a virtual reality model of the object of her obsession. She programs it with an AI brain, and then plugs herself into the net via her neural datalink chip.

Our human hacker expects the AI she programmed to do her bidding, but instead the AI turns out to be a brutal dominant. Will our heroine be able to unplug herself? Will she want to? I will play either roll

CRAVING - Peanuts: Bon or NC. Could even be extreme.

Remember these two?

Marcie and Peppermint Patty.

What if they grew up and went to university?

Marcie is the textbook example of a sub, constantly calling Patty "Sir". And there was a very particular episode in which she states categorically that she doesn't want a boyfriend (at least until she's owned an impossibly long list of pets). Patty, of course, is very much the dominant tomboy, and would get to university on a sports scholarship!

Pics of the characters as adults
Peppermint Patty

It would be interesting to pursue the relationship.... Reinstated - third time lucky? Please do NOT ask about this one unless you seriously want to persue it as I've had it abandoned by the other player twice now!

Don't tell my daughter...: Three way. (Not too happy with the title, but I'm sure a better one will present itself. A rather strange love-triangle. An older woman falls in love with her teenage daughter's best friend, and the teenage girl is equally in love with her friend's mother. The two have a sweet, sexy relationship that can be anything from vanilla to extreme depending on what the players would like.

But then, one day, the very innocent and naive daughter catches her mum and her friend at it... Of course there is only one thing to do, and that is seduce or rape her (depending on content level). Setting is modern. This might work best as a one-shot, depending on the exact circumstances.

NOTE: Requires TWO players. I will play any of the three roles depending on who else plays.

For who I am: light romance, seduction. A wealthy heiress disguises herself as a poor girl from the slums and goes cruising the lesbian bars, attempting to fimd a girl who will love her for who she is, and not for her money. She falls for a straight woman who just happens to be in the bar with some gay friends and starts trying to seduce her, without spending more than she ought to be able to. The story will explore the heiress' feelings at being pursued for her money by gold-diggers, her horror at what "normal" people have to live off, also the feelings of the straight woman at being pursued by a lesbian. When the heiress finally reveals who she really is, we can explore how this revelation affected the relationship: Is it strong enough to survive the hammer-blow? Will the formerly straight woman feel she has been duped, will she understand what her lover was trying to do, or will she be delighted by her "catch"?

I will play either part in this one, but would prefer the heiress. If you would prefer that role, please say.

The Mosad Agent's Crush:Slash-Fic Bon, NC or extreme. NCIS Ziva/Abby.
Okay so I very much doubt that tis is an original idea, but it's one I only just thought of, so it's original to me. Let's invent a scenario where someone has threatened Abby's life (again), Gibbs, Dinozo and McGee are off investigating something, Ducky and Palmer are off investigating something else, and Ziva finds herself on protection duty, making sure Abby stays alive.

Ziva gets to see Abby's home and that it is full of goth bondage gear. And Ziva being the total dominant bitch she is (artistic licence required) she takes full advantage of the situation, revealing she has had a crush on Abby since they first met.

Abby can be a willing sub, revealing a reciprocal crush on Ziva, or she can be an unwilling victim (at first). Equally we can go to whatever extremes you wish.

The player MUST have a good knowledge of the characters. I am willing to play either character, but will only play Abby if I know the player who is playing Ziva.

Daughter of a Preacher Woman: Can be anything from light romance to extreme bathroom and/or pet play. This story was inspired by  and is dedicated to a very good friend who's name I shall not say. She knows who she is, and she is the daughter of a lady preacher.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the song "Son of a Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield? Well in this day and age of sexual equality amongst clergy, I think it only fair that us lesbians should get a chance to play out that song.

The preacher's daughter (Billie-Rae is actually a good name, in the song it's Billy-Ray, but character's names are TBC) is going to be the dominant, top, or seducer, depending on how far up the BDSM scale the story goes. The other young woman in the story (Dusty?) should be a total innocent, who gets seduced by Billie-Rae. For NPCs we need to have both sets of parents and possibly some brothers and sisters.

And of course when the respective families find out what is going on, there is a scandal! Setting for this one should really be Mid-West Bible-Belt USA during the 1950s or early 1960s, but I'm willing to make it present day if required. I don't think things have changed much in rural Kansas in the past 60 or so years! Dusty's family live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and Billie-Rae's mother comes out to visit them pretty much every week, because they are "Good PentReforEpiscMethBaptists". (i.e. pick a Protestant denomination, it makes not difference which!)

I will happily play either character, but if you wish to play Billie-Rae and I don't know you, then the story goes in light. We can always move it later if we decide we want to. Also, we could do this with Billie-Rae being a total tom-boy and dressing like a young man, so that Dusty doesn't realise she's a girl until things start getting interesting... That is optional, though.

"But you broke mine": Light romance, :'(:'(:'( TEAR-JERKER! :'(:'(:'( (Partialy inspired by the song "Keighley" by Marillion). This story is to focus on two young women who met in college and fell deeply in love, but for one reason or another simply could not be with each other. Family pressure, religious conviction, peer pressure, life getting in the way - any and all of these factors, and a hundred others, should conspire to keep them apart. Both of them should blame the other for their relationship breaking up, when in reality it was neither woman's fault. But they should have a blazing row and vow never to see each other again. I want to be crying when we get to that part.

And then, we can bring the two of them back together. The reunion should be tense and without trust at first - Perhaps they discover that quite by chance they are both working for the same company - something like that, anyway, where they can't avoid each other. But slowly, the love they once shared resurfaces, and they realise that they still care and both want to patch things up. One of them makes the first move and they manage, tentatively, to have a date, after which they sit down and talk about what went wrong and realise that it was the people around them, none of which have any influence over either of them anymore. RESERVED for ElizabethRayne

The greatest of ease: Light or bon romance.

"She flies through the air with the greatest of ease,
That daring young girl on the flying trapeze.
Her movements are graceful, the eye she does please,
And my heart she has stolen away"

(Artistic licence used in the lyrics)

A young woman runs away from home to join the circus. She develops a crush on the daughter of the "Flying Mahonies" or whatever we want to call them. At first her affections are not returned, but she soon realises it's purely because she is an outsider. In fact, the young trapeze artist has a serious crush on the newcomer too, but doesn't dare show it. At least, not until the new girl proves herself to be a true member of the circus.

As usual I will play either role.

Pygmalienne: Otherwise known as "My Fair Ladies". Human, Bondage, N/C or Extreme. Historical, set in Victorian, or Georgian London.

Based loosely on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. For those not familiar with the story, a Professor of English Language takes a bet that he can take a flower-girl from the slums, teach her how to speak properly, and then pass her off as lady.

In this version, Professor Harriet Higgins is a sadistic bitch and will use any means necessary including but not limited to sexual torture to educate Liza Doolittle. I am willing to play either role but would prefer to play liza. If you wish to play either role with me a knowledge of the time period is essential. If you wish to play Liza, than yaow 'ave te bay goor a' wroitin' 'ow Loiza tawked.

The Camel Trader: Ancient/Historical (Crusades era) Non-con.

A Bedouin camel trader is trekking across the Sahara Desert and comes across what appears to be a young man, blonde and fair skinned. The trader takes some pity on the youth and shares water and food, but then, being a Bedouin, takes the stray European as a slave. When the youth is stripped, there is a surprise in store, as she turns out to be an attractive young woman.

But of course, this is Chrystal making up this plot idea. Since when have I done M/F stories? The young woman slave is in for something of a surprise herself!

The story could be expanded to centre around the European woman's identity, how she came to be in the desert alone and whether, ultimately, she might be able to buy her freedom. As usual I will take either role (I love being a switch).

(Kept typing 'dessert' while typing that. Personally I like to keep camels out of my pudding, thanks!)

You're never alone with a clone: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a younger version of yourself?" so runs the advertising slogan of "Duplication Inc". A woman in her late thirties decides to try this out and goes into one of the Duplication Inc labs. They take a test sample of her DNA and declare it to be good, she pays the rather exorbitant fee, they take cell samples from various places and the woman leaves. Two weeks later she gets a call that her clone is ready for collection.

The woman arrives and takes delivery of a perfect copy of herself, as she was twenty years ago. She takes her double home and proceeds to act out various sexual fantasies on the clone.

However, something is not quite right. The clone isn't behaving like a meek, submissive slave. In fact she very quickly becomes a dominant bully. The woman rings the cloning company to complain but gets no response. In desperation, she drives back there...

What she finds, well that is something we can discuss. I have several ideas available - everything from alien slave traders to an empty building. This story can go in Human N/C or Exotic N/C or Extreme, depending on what we want to do with it.

As per usual, I will play either role.

CRAVING: Madam Eau D'Or's Private Class. Extreme. Water Sports.

This is a one-on-one version of the group game "On Golden Pond" (See link above). I honestly doubt that I'm ever going to get enough interest in the group to make it work, and so I thought may be I could do a one-on-one with the character I was going to use to run the centre.

What I need for this is a sub female player who is into watersports, to play a character who doesn't know what they are. She applies to Madame Eau D'Or for a week's residential course in the sport, and is rather surprised that it doesn't involve boats.

Willing to take more than one of this RP.

Nappy Rash: This might work better as a one shot. I have it in the one shot thread too, but I'm willing to consider it as a full RP. Extreme.

A woman is forced by her (mother/lover/big sister/aunt/kid sister/daughter/kidnapper)* to wear an adult diaper (nappy in the UK) at all times. The dominant woman only changes the diaper when it is full to over-flowing and some times not even then.

Please note: I am willing to do this as the Domme, but ONLY once I have it going with me as the Submissive.

* The actual relationship is up for discussion. It can be new or pre-existing, but the diaper wearing must be something new. If this is done as a one shot, we can jump straight in to it, otherwise we can develop the relationship, have my character refuse to wear the diaper at first... as long as we get there in the end.
(Started this as a one-shot, with myself as the victim, but it seems to have died)

CRAVING - Paradox: Sci-fi, Time travel, Romance, Incest. A young mother starts receiving visits from a strange older woman, and shortly afterwards, disappears. Her young daughter has vague memories of this woman who turned up out of nowhere to completely ruin her life, she remembers being given sweets and treats and spoiled rotten, but none of that made up for growing up alone in an orphanage.

Some twenty five years later, she is working on a government funded, top secret project. Out of hours, she sneaks back into the lab and uses the newly invented technology to go back and try to find this mystery woman who stole her mother away and ruined her life...

I will play either the mother or the daughter. (In case you hadn't worked it out already, there is no mysterious third character). The story DOES involve mother/daughter incest, with the weird twist that the daughter is actually older than the mother! I don't anticipate any actual BDSM element, unless you want to play the mother as a total sub...

Feel Like A Woman: - Inspired by the song "Man! I feel like a woman", by Shania Twain. Light romance, or could develop into BDSM if you want.

A newly divorced or widowed woman is taken out by some friends to try and cheer her up. She's given a make-over and taken on a bar crawl, where she slowly loosens up and begins to enjoy herself. Then at some point she meets a much younger woman who starts chatting her up. Except the older woman isn't sober enough to realise what's going on. The young woman seduces the older away from her friends and the two of them end up back at one or other of their homes - if you want it to turn into a bondage/NC/Extreme scenario it would be better at the younger woman's place, but for light romance the older woman's place works best.

This may work better as a one-shot. Also I would prefer to do it in First Person. I will take either role.
NB: This one is taken as a N/C heavy bondage RP. However I am happy to do it as a light romance still.

Enemy Mine: Based very loosely on the science fiction movie of the same name. Exotic romance, can be NC if preferred.

Two warriors from different space-faring species are in a space-fighter dog-fight over an alien world. They shoot each other down, both crash-land on the planet. The world is liveable, but barely, and individually they stand only slim chance of survival in a hostile environment. Of course, they soon encounter each other. Initially they are hostile and try to kill each other, then they realise that neither of them is going to be rescued, and it dawns on them that they will need to work together to survive.

They also realise that they are both female. With no one else around and with their natural urges growing, nature takes it's course and they soon become lovers.

However, something in the planet's atmosphere, some bacterium or some unusual radiation, or both, or possibly something they ate or drank... coupled with the two characters' biology, has a strange but subtle effect on their salivary glands, and before long, they both find themselves impossibly pregnant...

This can be human/alien or alien/alien, however, both creatures are to be vertebrates - Basically, no tentacle monsters or the like. (That's not to say we can't have a tentacle monster or two on the planet, of course). Possibly one mammal and one reptile, or human/furry. I am open to discussion on species.

CRAVING - Running The Country: Light Romance. Lynda McFearson went into politics because she wanted to make a difference. She was surprised when, in 2007, she won a by-election in a marginal constituency, overturning a Labour majority and winning the seat for the Lib Dems, mostly due to a poor turn-out at the polls. Her maiden speech was on Gay Rights, a subject close to her heart.

When the election was called in 2010, she campaigned so charismatically that she was returned to parliament with a substantial majority. People liked her. She found herself being given a minor ministerial post as part of the coalition deal, in spite of her reservations at working with the Conservatives. Her feeling that Clegg had sold out was set aside in the interest of running the country.

In 2013, she was promoted to a full cabinet post. Her rise had been meteoric. When, in 2015, Nick Clegg resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, right before the General Election, the two main candidates for the leadership were so unpopular that a compromise was needed to avoid splitting the party. To her undying surprise, Lynda was sasked to stand. To her even greater astonishment, she won.

And then, in the General Election, with the most charismatic and popular leader the party had known in almost a century at it's head, the Liberal Democrats swept to power for the first time since 1922.

That is the background. The story centres on the loneliness and frustration of a single lesbian in her 30s as she deals with the power of running the country and her inability to actually change anything. And of course, there is the pretty young woman with whom she strikes up a friendship, which develops into a relationship.

How does the PM go out on a date? Does the fact that she's a woman make life even more complex? And when we add that she is gay, does that make things almost impossible? Hounded by the press, in the public eye 24/7/52, How can she even consider a relationship with another woman?

Inspired in part by the film "Love Actually" where Hugh Grant plays an unmarried Prime Minister.

I would prefer to play the PM in this one, but i would be willing to play the girl for the right partner. Note: If you wish to play the PM, you MUST be British, and have a working knowledge of politics. I would prefer a British partner regardless, if possible, but if you have a good knowledge of the United Kingdom and have lived here for a while I will consider you.

Running the Country - US Variant: The same as the above, only this time the woman, against all logic, gets elected as President of the United States. Obviously she would be a Democrat - can you see Republicans voting for a woman, let alone a gay one? I think that I would prefer to play the love interest in this version, so if you are a gay or bi woman and fancy running  the USA, this one could be for you![/s]

The Neck and The Nose: (If you can come up with a better title please do).

 N/C exotic or Extreme, Star Trek Roddenberry-verse....

WHAT? Me do Star Trek? Unheard of!

... Yeah, I know. I have an instinctive hatred of the crisp cleanness of Federation star ships - especially NG. Sci-fi should be gritty, dirty, raw and rough at the edges, not smooth and sleek, gleaming control panels and flashing lights.

But there is one ST series that broke the mould, and that was DS9. The space station in orbit around Bajor was built , not by the Federation, but by the Cardassians, as a fortress in orbit from which to control Bajoran space. I thought it might be fun to explore what DS9 might have been like from the perspective of a Cardassian woman and her Bajoran slave girl, before the illegal invasion of Cardassian space by those interfering humans.

Hence the title... The Neck (referring to the reptilian neck ridges on the Cardassian) and the Nose (referring to those cute little wrinkles the Bajoran has).

I will play either part. Please note this is a NON-CANON scenario, as it takes place prior to the Federation intervention in Bajoran/Cardassian affairs.

Electric Sheep: NC-Exotic/Extreme, Cyberpunk.

Inspired by this imaage:

The image was found by Lexandria, and offered as inspiration for a story. I came up with the following but she chose a different story...

The story is basically Philip K. Dick's novel Do Robot's Dream Of Electric Sheep, which was made into the film Blade Runner, staring Harrison Ford. Except it is set in the present or very near future.

The girl in the photo is an Android. She was created by the Japanese government under a top secret project. She is programmed as a sex object and a spy. Spying and sex have gone together since the Battle of Jerico, after all... There could be any number of reasons why, maybe she found out something that is too sensitive, maybe she malfunctioned and went rogue, maybe her owners just couldn't afford to keep her, whatever the reason though, she is being hunted by a human assassin - a modern day ninja, if you like - who has orders to terminate her with extreme prejudice.

Of course, we know what's going to happen, don't we? I am so damned predictable... The robot and the (female) ninja end up in a sexual relationship. Exactly what form this takes, however, depends on my RP partner and who plays whom...

Ideally, I would like to play the dominant and play the android, however, I will play the human if you really want to play the android, and I will sub for the right Domme.

Old Red Wine: Light romance, Age Difference. Inspired by the song by The Who

An older woman in her fifties falls for a sixteen year-old girl, and is amazed that her feelings are returned. The story should explore their growing romance and the difficulty of their sexual relationship. Never mind that the woman is old enough the be the girl's grandmother. Her own children are disgusted by the relationship, never mind the feelings of the girl's parents. How do the two of them cope?

Points to discuss - should the woman be married, divorced or widowed? Should the girl be a virgin? Should the woman have money? Should she be rich, or just comfortable, or should she actually be poor?

CRAVING - The Rag Trade: Can go in N/C or Extreme.

A young woman in India works in a sweat shop producing high fashion items for a Western designer label. The young woman is very good at her job, and unlike many of her colleagues is actually enthusiastic about it. Because the young Indian woman has a secret: She is a lesbian and has a serious crush on the world famous designer/model/superstar who owns the company. Her bedroom is practically a shrine to the woman and she visits her facebook page, follows all her tweets, reads her blog faithfully. She's something of a cyber-stalker.

Of course, the designer is also a lesbian, but she has never even seen the young Indian girl, until one day she makes a tour of the sweatshop to see how her clothes are made. She holds a competition for the seamstresses to create for her an outfit, from one of her own designs, for her to wear to a press conference and gala dinner the following day. The prize for being selected would be to have the outfit worn, but also to meet and spend the morning with the designer.

Naturally our girl wins and the two of them meet up. The girl is too shy to admit how she feels, but the designer feels an attraction. But she has her reputation to think about, and daren't be seen taking up with a sweatshop girl, plus, of course, she doesn't even know if the girl likes her. And so, the designer starts stalking the girl too. Having her followed, sending her anonymous gifts, etc.

This mutual stalking can go on for as long as we want, with time-skips and the like. Until finally something gives. Maybe the designer hires a private detective to investigate who keeps sending her anonymous love messages over the net, maybe the girl gets frightened by constantly being followed and calls the police. Or, best yet, maybe both happen at the same time. The detective reports back to the designer, and reveals who is stalking her, just as the police come to arrest her for stalking the girl...

At that point, of course, everything comes good and the two of them get together.

I will play either role, but would prefer to play the girl.

Quite an Impression: Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders Of Pern universe - Light exotic.

I haven't ttried to do a DRoP story for ages, and I feel this one deserves another go.

Telgar Weyr, 3rd Interval, leading in to 4th pass. A young weyr-bred woman is presented for impression. Everyone expects she will impress a gold, but for some reason she impresses a brown. At the same hatching, another young woman who is hold-bred impresses a green. (Note that in the third interval that would still be quite common). The two strike up an easy friendship. time passes and their dragons learn to fly, learn to chew firestone, and learn to fight thread.

But there is one thing scaring the young Green rider and that is the mating. She's hold-bred and not used to the liberal sexuality of the Weyr. The idea of being surrounded by a whole bunch of sweaty male blue and brown riders - even the odd bronze - and effectively being raped by them, terrifies her.

Well, thread starts to fall on schedule before the green rises to mate and both girls are assigned to the same fighgting wing. Of course, you can guess what happens. The green rises, the other girl's brown rises with her and mates with her, and the two young women become lovers.

I would prefer to play the brown rider, but if you really want to play the brown I will play the green.

Important note: Only a serious Anne McCaffrey fan will be accepted. So, if you have no idea what any of the above means, then sorry, but please don't ask.

CRAVING - Ménagerie à deux: Extreme bestiality, and a very bad French pun.

Two women, one in her mid to late twenties and the other in her late teens, have a perfectly "normal" lesbian BDSM relationship. The older woman is the D and the younger is the S. The older woman is a veterinary surgeon, the younger is a student. Things are fine until one of their friends (who happens to be straight and not into BDSM) asks if they can look after her dog for a weekend.

To win a bet made with the friend, the vet forces her sub to have sex with the dog.

But this opens up a whole new world to the pair. As the older woman is a vet, she has access to all sorts of animals, from household pets, to farm animals to the specimens at the local zoo.

I am more than happy to take either role in this, and in fact would welcome doing two versions, one of each!

The bad French pun can be explained if you ask nicely.

The Shores Of Time: Can go in any forum.

This is a Roleplay based on the same premise as a book called "The Chronicles of Morgaine", by C.J. Cherryh. Knowledge of the book is not essential, but it would help.

The gates were built, no-one really knew by whom, but the Qual found the first gate on their world. They learned (or perhaps were taught?) it's secrets and learned to use it. The white haired, pale skinned qual were cruel by nature. They found that the gates led to worlds peopled by lesser races of men. The Qual could breed with men, and did, but they could also use the gates to take their bodies, placing their own minds into men's bodies.

The qual were scientists, experimenters, but were also long lived (unlike men) and seekers of amusement. So they would meddle in Human societies, introduce random influences, animals from strange worlds. and watch to see what would happen.

But the gates went not just to where, but to when, and the Qual would jump ahead to see the results of their experiments. Until the end of time became filled with them, bored, wishing for further amusement. Because the one rule of the gates was, you could not go back! No, that was not true: You could, but to do so would risk disaster. But the end of time became unstable, too many Qual gathering there from other times. Until someone back-timed. The result was a temporal implosion that shattered worlds, and scattered the Qual across them, mixing them with the humans they despised. Much Qualur technology was lost.

But the gates remained.

There is a race older that the Qual - the Builders, they are called. No-one knows what happened to them. In appearance they are like the Qual - tall, slender, fair of skin and pale of hair.

The story centres around a Builder, a woman apparently in her mid 20s, but actually (thanks to the gates) much older. She is washed up by the temporal rift on a world that has been shattered and re-made. Not far from her, there is a young human woman, of 16 or 18 years. The two of them must unite as they explore this world, looking for the master gate, that will allow them to leave it.

The woman would look, to the girl, to be Khall (Qual are referred to by humans often using a corruption of the name that is phonetically similar).

If you wish to play the Builder, you will need to have read the book. Otherwise, you just need to follow my lead and have a love of science fantasy.

CRAVING: The wrong door: N/C or Extreme Three Way.

Characters A and B are the 18 year old daughters of a couple of rock stars (they can even be sisters if you like). They are basically tearaways. They smoke in school, they carry knives, they wear leather, they cut class, and they have an open lesbian relationship. The only reason they haven't been thrown out is because their respective fathers (or father if we are doing the incest option) donate a large amount of money to the school, which would stop if the girls were expelled.

Our two anti-heroines aren't nice, but they aren't the school bullies either. All they really want is to be left alone. They are both tough and even the teachers are wary enough of them to let them do their own thing.

So, everyone in the school, including the staff, knows that if you see a pair of panties hanging from the sign on the door to that girl's toilet, you don't go in!

Enter character C. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed, thinks a dyke is an earthen bank used to hold back water, and a Lesbian is someone from the Greek island of Lesbos. She is a transfer student, having just moved to the town with her family - possibly from overseas - and OH NOES! She doesn't know about the signal.

Character C goes into the girl's toilet, and finds A and B having some fun. Of course, A & B quickly decide to have their fun with C.

This roleplay requires three players including myself. Two ds (or Switches) and one Sub (or switch). I will play any of the three roles.
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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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PM me if you start accepting males playing females....I'd love to do number 3 and 25.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Hmm.... Will do. If I don't start getting some girls look at this... *sigh*

Added 29) Role Reversal

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Ooh...Add 29 to that list. ^-^

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Some of these look fun!  Would love to talk with you Chrystal.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Some of these look fun!  Would love to talk with you Chrystal.

Yuna, Babe. Talk to me... I'll even do "Rock Star and Roadie" with you! ;D *snigger*

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Mmm, that is a fun one, was also looking at Spoils of war, and maybe something else.  There was a RP I was in that I liked and the player dropped off the earth from. 

Hrmm.  So much to think about.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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*chuckles* You better be quick. The good ones are going fast! ;)

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Gah, I don't know!

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Added "Holiday Romance"

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Added 30) Under fire

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Wishin'  I was a girl, just so I could play with Chrystal.

How much are those operations, anyway?

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Two years living as a woman!

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Added "30 day trial (sale or return)"

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Added "The Queen and The Time Traveller". Female players only.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Added "Gi's a job?"

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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I would love to play 30. A with you and 32 too. I like them both.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Sorry, but for one of the older, numbered ideas, you will have to wait until I loose a few existing ones. For one of the two recent ones, I would take a new start-up.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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it is all right hun. When you are free up and is able to start a new one please pm and we can talked about it if you like.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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When I have the space available I will come down this list and PM anyone I'm not already playing with.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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30-Day Trial *Grins.* Count me in. I'll be the mail order bride. *Nods.*

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Hi I really like Gi's a job

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Okay.... I've added a few new ones and removed a few older ones.

Anyone who has posted previously here to express an interest, please check to see if what you were interested in is still available, and then post again.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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I'm interested in the Mass Transit idea. I could possibly play the younger character.

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Re: Cut Chrystal shines brighter? (F/F ideas)
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Okay, PM me and we'll set it up... :D