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The Warehouse (Seeking M and one or two F)

Started by Lavaske, January 29, 2011, 11:55:14 PM

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The Premise:

Brandon Huggs is a very, very wealthy man.  He is also a compulsive packrat, technophile and lover of the occult.  He owns a warehouse in Northwest Nevada housing more technological doodads and ritualistic items than one can shake a stick at.  One special room rests in the back corner, behind lock and key.  This is his collection of sex books, toys, games, rituals, summoning circles, etc.

Due to the millionaire's odd and reclusive nature, the room is rarely used.  Recently, he commissioned Guy Clemente, world renowned pervert to host a party there and film it for him.  The guest list is short, only one other man and two or three women are to attend.  With an almost unlimited supply of toys to choose from, this should be one of the best parties ever.

Who should play and power levels
I'm planning on playing Guy as straight.  However, I may be persuaded to play him as a bisexual, so long as the other man is submissive.

I'm looking for quality in writing in my partners.  I don't just want "Stephanie moans as his hand pushes down her thigh", I want the little details, metaphors and similes that bring a character to life.  "He was almost handsome.  His jaw was square, his eyes were a pale blue and his features were all largely symmetrical.  But there was a sharpness to his form, a curve of the lips and eyebrows that made him seem just a little bit hostile," etc.

I'd like it if I could talk to each participant over instant messenger or another medium.  This is my breakout into being extra social in Elliquiy, working with a group and whatnot.