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Hello and welcome! Instead an idea thread I have decided to post some characters. I may or may not have images they were inspired from or are based completely off of, so if you are interested in one of them feel free to PM me, if you have yIM I could show you through there. You may PM me with ideas for any of the characters below or any idea you may want me to try and make someone for. Please check out my o/o before setting your heart on anything. I reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason, so don't take it personally. My writing is not the best but I do expect some grammar  to be used and knowledge on how to hit the 'spell check' button(of course a lot of characters will not fit this, I understand that). Any of these can be adult or non, and unless a setting is made they can be put in different situations/settings. Please note the 'status' portion of my character profiles, as that will hint to you if I'm open for any role play on them or not.

Check 2nd post for ideas without characters, also, if you think there's something I may be able to play for something of yours do let me know.

Anything below may be edited or added to at any given time. I may add a character, change a status, or even edit small details on them.  I play with females, males, and everyone else. However I prefer playing adult roleplay with male characters. Enjoy!

Inspiration Pic
**She would look older than in the picture of course, more mature**
Character:Maurine "Mama" Minaru
Race/Age Range/Gender:Human / 26 / Female
Description: 5'4" 140lbs with fair skin and specially designed orange box framed glasses equipped with detachable magnifying specs. Dark brown/black hair length to mid-back, oak brown eyes and flecks of freckles on her shoulders, knees, and over the bridge of her nose. Clothing- Usually grease/oil stained jump suits or heavy aprons, pockets full of tools and bits of wire, of course her large orange glasses. Regular clothes will vary, she rarely uses any of them but has a lot of white button down shirts, denim jackets, jeans, white skirts, a couple different colored dresses, accessories, and pajamas.
Setting Style: Futuristic. She lives in the city state "Pseudo Nerve", a crowded but flourishing dome world. All domes keep the sun's blistering rays and dangerous chemicals unleashed by the planet Earth out, Pseudo Nerve contains two companies that produce quality robotic products for personal and government use, the one she works for is higher standards. Plant life and weather are simulated for nostalgic purposes and travel between other domes is made possible underground. Travel within the dome is done through vehicles resembling the former cars of today, however without wheels - steering or otherwise, all run by computer from inside the vehicle. Animal life is limited within the domes to certain species of birds, insects, and fish in the recreation areas, all heavily regulated. Farming is done in other domes around the globe. Animals such as cats, dogs, and small animals can be obtained through special forms and permits submitted over a course of months, though the animals are sterile and no 'exotic' pets are permitted such as anything poisonous or that can take down a human like a bear or tiger. Androids are illegal and robots are accepted only under strict laws, they may not have weapon features (police are issued combat ready robots) and are not to be larger than 4' in width, length, or height. Police are permitted to use any robotics necessary to help them fight the crime that inevitably springs up in domes where space and money is limited.
Maurine always had the knack for taking her toys apart and making them do things they weren't supposed to do. Like her "Mr.Talky Teddy" holding real conversations with her for a good hour or so at a time rather than his programmed twenty phrases. This was not always successful, and she had ruined many of her childhood toys and gadgets around the house. She had a fascination with wires, hard drives, gears, and her passion became known when her parents gave her a Jr.Robotics kit on her thirteenth birthday and she made a grasshopper that would follow her around and wriggle its antennae to her humming. The kit was not supposed  to be that advanced, and certain parts off of household goods had vanished before the completion of this.

Sensing she had great potential, her parents sent her away to a gifted school where her passions were fed with real knowledge and the tools she needed. Though not the best upon graduating, it landed her a job right off the bat and she has worked many years perfecting her art.

Maurine's brain is constantly shooting off ideas and she stresses herself over every detail of everything she does except when it comes to taking care of herself. She works in her basement day and night toiling away the hours on smaller and smaller remote controlled robotics for different uses, the most common being video and audio recording. Her company prides themselves with creating even better products than what their clients wanted. Maurine's job is not the ordinary of those. She makes micro robots with AI that can be placed anywhere in a client's home, office, or wherever and even the most skilled criminal would overlook. Because they wish to keep the designs secret to everyone but the highest paying clients, Maurine does not leave her own home for work, she does not blog about her work, she does not breathe a single word of robotics to anyone, and her designs are not on computers or paper. Her work is delivered to her through a letter containing one word to classify the look ad the type is placed on the inside of the envelope. Twice a month someone comes to collect the items, she does not know the person but they always use a phrase "I'm here to pick up the pets" and the money is transferred into her account.

She is called "Mama" by her peers, boss, and her faithful grasshopper upgraded many times before.

Ideas: Feel free to Pm me on these, they may be tweaked or you may submit your own ideas as well! These are just two ideas that sprung up while working on her. Ratings will be discussed between you and I.

1)Her boss (or a coworker close enough to know here though ignorant of her work) hears word from the last pickup man that she is looking thinner/weaker and each visit is getting worse. Perhaps it is from her overworking but she has refused to take time off from her favorite thing to do. Your character (a company doctor meant for the more secretive projects though unaware of her specific work / cook and wellness person / psychiatrist from the company) is hired to see to it she is brought back to good health. Is she not eating well? Is she sick? Or has her favorite pastime become an obsession that is eating away at her? --She will be close minded to allowing you to stay, but reluctantly agrees if only to keep working her job and not be forced into a vacation or worse. She will not be very friendly at first.--

2)A rival company has put someone undercover posing as a client, shucking out high amounts of money for certain robotics but rejecting the outcomes until "Mama" is called to duty. Admiring the final product, the 'client' accepts the item happily and returns to the other company. After a failed attempt to take the thing apart and find out what makes it a "Mama Production" they hatch a scheme to find out from the source. A mole on the inside has leaked out some vital information about where "Mama" is near. They'd happily kidnap her in order to get at her designs, because money is everything in this society. --Your character could be a factor in her kidnapping, someone meant to watch her while she is being held and make certain she works on the plans for her robots, a crooked cop, or even the person behind it all. Being unfriendly to those she dislikes and crafty, she may hatch a few schemes of her own--
Status: Currently open for 1-3 stories. She is not a dominant character, just slightly withdrawn and a perfectionist.


Closest Pic resembling my idea for Milky
**Changed her clothing to match the picture, she has lighter eyes and more smoke color to her hair**
Race/Age Range/Gender:Witch / ??? / Female
Description:5'1 weight unknown(thin but curved) Rose pink skin, glittery baby blue eyes, wavy smokey blue hair to her lower back. She wears a pointy pointed dark green witch hat white on the inside and has a rose a white ribbon tied around the base. She wears a puff sleeved rose red dress with dark green lining and ribbon embroidery, white thigh-high stockings with garter, and pointed knee high boots. Wands are used only when the spell calls for it, and she has many so has no set wand. Accompanied by "Williamson" the a brown and green talking grouchy toad.
Setting Style: Fantasy, magic and other races may be included. In her setting witch is a race and while she was born with certain abilities as all witch's are, she requires training to expand her spells. No specific world setting.
"Milky" as she has always been known and "Williamson" an enchanted toad with an attitude problem have lived in the mossy cottage filled with books, jars of varying substances, furnature, and runes for many many years. She has always been clumsy with her spells (resulting in Williamson being the talking grouch he is) and has caused trouble for her home town. She was forbidden to use magic until the end of her days but as a witch she felt it would be a waste not to try. A failure in one of her spells perhaps because of her uncanny ability to jumble her words engulfed the town in fire. Since then she has been exiled.

But this is not all bad, in her new home she has found it easier to learn. She still keeps in touch with her parents through her crystal ball and they have made a few visits. Living on her own can be dangerous though, and being a witch does not always help that matter. Every witch is born with a small mark on their lower back, vaguely resembling an arrow through a raindrop at least two shades darker than their skintone, so it isn't hard to tell a witch apart from any other pretty backside.
Ideas:As of right now I have no ideas Milky could be played in. Feel free to PM me with any if you have them. Ratings and settings will be discussed before.
Status: Open to 1 or more stories


Inspiration and Character Pic
**Picture inspired her creation as well as her character picture**
Character:Lady Trinada
Race/Age Range/Gender:"Human"(see Bio) / ??? Perpetual early 20's / Female
Description:Moonlit pink skin, gray almost lifeless eyes, golden hair that reaches to the pack of her knees and maintain a large spring curl. She wears a purple bonnet with black lace trim, her dress is tight around her top and elegantly billows out to her feet, also purple, but with several layers of white underneath and at the bottom of her sleeves, black wooden shoes and white stockings to her thighs. A strange whole in her back with runes carved into the skin.
Setting Style:Fantasy, old world possibly steam punk, futuristic, scifi, she can be moved through settings. She is often found in a place with many old items, like an attic of someone whom long ago died, or a tower of time, or the basement of a madman.
Lady Trinada was once a daughter of a nobleman. She was very beautiful and knew it, always casting down her callers because they never matched her beauty and she would speak of "such ugly children those men would produce" and she'd have none of it. Snobby, greedy, and unafraid to hurt feelings or call out imperfections it was bound to happen that one day she would anger someone powerful. Not in a money sense, but in a much more dangerous one.

One day she found a beautiful gold key at her windowsill and etched on it between flowers and stars read "Lady Trinada" . It was so beautiful and delicately crafted that she demanded her father find the best jeweler to make her a necklace of equal beauty to display it around her neck. However the moment the necklace was displayed and the key around her neck she felt fatigued. A fever followed and her father sent for doctors all across the land to cure his precious daughter. She fell weak and her once beautiful sparkling eyes grew doll, her skin was no longer Rose and glowing, her hair felt stiff. Her back ached and her mouth went dry, her voice turned soft and quiet.

Lady Trinada was pronounced dead before the month's end. Her father was so grief stricken that he didn't notice the key nor the way the coroner seemed delighted when he had been called to take her away in a coffin specially made to encase her beauty. The coroner was as wicked a man as her attitude had been. He had long ago courted the fair maiden only to have been shot down because the lady had no wishes to lay next to a man whom 'smelled of rotting flesh'. He had promised the maiden's beauty and spirit to a witch deep in the woods if he could have her.

Lady Trinada's will was still strong, and she was still beautiful, but the vain young lady felt so ugly without hair as soft as a kitten's fur, eyes as bright as the morning sky, and skin as rosy, soft, and warm as a baby. It crushed her to be like this without smell or taste, her beautiful singing voice so quiet now..She could remember nothing of her father, her home, only that she had been a beauty and one of the best. A second key had been made, one that fit into her back and would have to be turned every two days to keep her moving and functioning or she would fall into the lifeless state of a doll.
Ideas:As far as anything adult, she would still feel the same (warmth and all) inside. Outside her skin is a little chill but as long as she is wound up she is alright. She can be made to feel differently depending on how the key is wound, we can hack out details. Setting varies. Here's a couple ideas.

1)As the old coroner aged and drew near to his death, Lady Trinada was sealed behind a brick wall in the basement where she lay dormant for at least a century. One faithful day and after many generations living on the property, a man(your character, could be recently divorced, single, young, or older but not elderly please) decides to purchase the property and tear everything out to make his dream home. He's a do-it-yourself type of person so while tearing the basement apart discovers it had once been larger. He finds a white coffin with faded painted roses and songbirds on the lid sealed behind a brick wall. Rather than call the police to investigate, he opens it to find a pair of lifeless doll eyes and a somber expression staring back at him. Strapped to the lid, he also finds the larger key.. --She will be surprised to find a stranger instead of the old coroner. She believes herself to be ugly, very vain as mentioned in her bio. She can be strong willed against this stranger or could be more obedient as she was the longer she had been with the coroner. By now she may not have many memories at all, having 'slept' so long. This could also be changed to where she was passed down through the family but then forgotten in a family estate's attic. Someone (heir to the house or snooping male 17+) finds her in the attic one day unaware of who or what she is--

2)The coroner has grown tired of his doll. If he had known keeping her would be this much trouble he would have never courted her to begin with. He decides to dump the body somewhere with or without the coffin, or sells her off to a traveler as long as the man promises to take her far from this town before using the key. Details may not have been given to this stranger, but he'll find out soon enough. --Your character would be someone whom stumbles upon her or agrees to take her away. He could be a mage/wizard intending to use her as a helper or someone to take care of other things in the house or whatever--
Status:Open for 1 or more stories.


Character picture
**Her tails will be thicker and much more fluffy than displayed in the picture**
Race/Age Range/Gender:Neko-mata("Forked Cat") / ??? / Female
Description: Creamy skin. Filled out, 5'8" with long legs, honey colored eyes and dark copper colored hair that drops just below the jawline and has a bounce to it. A pair of ears matching the hair color velvet soft and a tail that splits near the base colored like her hair, long fir and soft. She also has a single fang that her lips cannot often hide, the rest of her teeth had been filed down, and a tattoo on her tongue roughly translating 'human' to keep her in this form rather than her true neko-mata form. She likes to wear laces, frills, soft things, and anything with a ribbon but usually has to feel comfortable. Anything itchy she will tear apart, will not wear shoes/socks of any kind willingly, same with gloves.
Setting Style: Obviously some form of fantasy.
As a neko-mata Kitten can summon the dead and control them much like a puppeteer would, Kitten seems to prefer summoning dead children to scare the living daylights out of anyone she doesn't like, which is a fair amount of people. If she becomes very angry, the air around her grows hot, and anything that may catch fire easily such as curtains or dry grass will burst into flames.

When she was a bake-neko and her tail started to split an old wise man told the villagers to catch and bring him the cat before she could transform. With patience and skill the painted a series of symbols on the cat's tongue, and the following morning she awoke as a young woman. However it did not go as planned as she still retained much of her powers, but to a lesser extent than if she had completed the transformation in her old form. While she could call upon the dead she had to control them, and doing so to multiple was much harder. She could also not set fires at will. They attempted to retrain her, brain wash her. Her teeth were filed but the fangs always tried to grow back, one in particular proved too stubborn. It became apparent she may be too dangerous after attacking the old wise man one day after having tried something she did not approve of.

They thought to kill her but because of the symbols her body would return to that of a dead feline and she would simply respawn somewhere else, confused, naked, alone. She could still remember her mistress from when she was a kitten, and longed to find her, but the girl had since then grown up and the very sight of her "Kitten" frightened the much older woman. She took to hiding in the woods and held a grudge on all humans, but finds unafraid children kind in most cases and alright to be around. Eventually she ventures towards a campsite.
Ideas:If you are confused by her look up demon cats, it shouldn't be hard to find. She can fit into many ideas, mages, wizards, witches, humans aiming for exotic pets, a camper she takes fondly to after eating his fish, ect. She cannot simply burst the whole house into flames, her power is limited. However if something like paper catches fire and starts to burn a couch thus leading to a house fire, that is believable. As for raising the dead, she can only bring skeletons up from the ground that are buried no more than a foot, like a dead bird a dog left or something, she may also call upon spirits though but they have no will and do nothing without her controlling them, and it drains her so they leave after a short while. She can speak a few phrases in human, but mostly uses her body language to communicate and the occasional meow or purr.
Status:Open to 1 or more stories.


Inspiration and character
Character:Rina Batchaster
Race/Age Range/Gender:Olitiau hybrid("Death Bat" but not so deadly, hybrid with human) / ??? / Female
Description: A pair of leathery horns on top of her head resembling what would have been her ears had her bloodline not been diluted, a small pair of jagged bat like wings along her shoulderblades that cannot carry her unless she calls forth a great sum of energy and expands them, they will remain larger until she passes out. She also has a pointed tail that she keeps wrapped around her waist like a belt. Strawberry blond hair to her knees and raspberry colored eyes, peach skin. She has a high metabolism and she can usually be seen eating larger amounts of food high in sugars. Slightly pointed ears, split tongue. Scars around her wings and tail where she may have tried cutting them away unsuccessfully, a cut in one of her bat ears possibly snagged while learning to fly. She wears normal clothing, especially hoodies to hide away certain features if possible.
Setting Style:She can be placed in a modern like setting, but there will be some fantasy as her type could never be real.
Rina was born long ago in Central Africa as an unholy coupling between a olitiau, a humanoid giant bat, and a tourist (unknown if she was willing or not). At her birth though her mother was unable to do the unthinkable and kill her own child. Instead she raised her in secrecy, the girl did not attend school of any sort, she did not go to the doctor, as far as anyone knew she did not exist. Her mother raised her until the girl looked no more than ten when the mother, aged and tired, told her daughter to hide away and never show her face to any human being or it would mean her death.

Of course that frightened her and she did as her mother suggested. Years and years went by and she learned to harness her powers and found she could be quite powerful but fell weak quickly. She thought she'd live in the caves and trees forever until she found a couple skinny dipping and dressed herself in the woman's clothing. Amazed at how human she looked, she decided to venture into the city.

Rina now works at a book store and has always held a love for novels of all kinds as well as fatty sweet food. Fried candy bars, candied fruits, pure whipped cream, sugar cubes, it didn't matter. She cannot go a day without something high sugar or feels very weak. She is unable to hide certain features naturally so uses her clothing. She has dated but found certain things could never be possible for her and long ago made an oath never to pass on this bloodline. From atop some of the highest trees and sloping mountains she had taught herself to fly. She is rarely caught without a smile and if she isn't at work or on the streets buying sweet greasy food, she is usually under a blanket reading spooky stories.
Ideas: Zip, nada, none
Status:Open to 1 or more stories


Character:Luna Antonietta
Race/Age Range/Gender:Deer oni(not a faun/pan) / 30's / Female
Description:5'7" Peach skin, gray blue eyes and hair, gray blue ears with black fur inside, gray blue tail with black stripe. Blue and white spots around her wrists, ankles, and around her tail, as well as a light line up her back. She uses reading glasses and is often wearing as much clothes to hide her spots and layers to hide her tail, as well as a hat of sorts to conceal her ears.
Setting Style:Castles, manors, places that she could live in as a maid/cook/nanny and have ample space outside to connect with nature.
Luna has no memory of where she had come from, but had learned most people were not thrilled to see a 'demon' walking around. It didn't take her long to adapt after she had managed to conceal her looks. Sometimes Luna may still try and eat a flower fresh from the garden or lock eyes with a roaring fire for up to an hour before realizing she has done so.
She is good with behaved children, gardening, cleaning, and cooking as long as there is no need for her to prepare meat. While she can cook with it, she will not pluck feathers or gut animals. She is a vegetarian. She can overheat quickly if outside in the hot summer sun in direct light, can fall ill in the cold of winter but always seems to find strength to work, and has been known to go outside when the moon is full, seeming to give her a glow about herself and a wonderful mood the next morning. Quiet, slightly timid, and jumpy at loud sounds. She does not like dogs of any size.
Keep in mind she does not know where she came from. It could be another planet, time, dimension, anything. Details can be worked out between us via PM. I have one idea, others can be substituted.

1) rough ideaLuna has been working for the same man for two years now. He often keeps himself busy with work and rarely will he speak to her. Luna wonders if he may know something or if he is too secluded. One early morning while picking fresh mushrooms in the man's forest for a garden stew she hears a low growl behind her. Dropping her basket she flees before even spotting the wolf near her and lets out a high pitched scream as she sprints for the castle. Hearing Luna her employer peers at the window to see her running with such speed he had never seen before but is more interested in the wolf following her. It lunges at her and knocks her to the ground, Luna thinks this is the end until a loud gunshot breaks through her screaming and tears into the wolf. Since then she has held a new found respect to the man though he seems just as distant as ever. She wants to thank him and feels she owes him her life. Is he really so distant or does he suspect something? --Needing someone to play the man most likely, this is just a rough idea everything can start before the wolf or after or whatever--

Status:Open to 1 or more stories


Ideas I'd Like to Try:
Some ideas that can be changed to suit the other partner's desires as well and can contain any characters above or new ones made specifically for the roleplay. Character sides in bold are the ones I want to play, no bold on either means I'm willing to try either side. I have no intention of playing someone constantly violent (mood swings are one thing) or dominant when it comes to anything adult - switch is alright but I am not good playing a dominant or mean character.

Either gender roles: Meaning I can play a male/female for MxM, FxF, MxF

1) Exchange Student / Host - I don't want the normal foreign exchange student, lets try something different. Alien creature / Humanoid - One comes from another planet to learn about the cultures of said planet to bring back home, the humanoid can be a any type of creature. Vampire / Werewolf - Just for kicks mostly, think that they have their own territories but on occasion send their youth to better themselves while learning to tolerate the different species, different cultures would clash. Angel / Demon - Heaven and Hell are in peace finally, and to educate less than friendly characters they take a step in each others shoes.

2) Apprentice / Teacher - Families in older times sent their youth to be trained in a trade. I want to keep 16+ characters on this. It could be along the lines of an average trade in the old country or in fantasy times with dragon breeders, magic weavers, so on.

3) Enthusiastic Scholar / Cursed omen - Inside an ancient tomb there are many things to be discovered. Sometimes spoken words and curses(from ancient text in a book or on the wall, even something to picking a jewel off something) mean more than scientists and scholars will give them credit for. It could be a curse that promises the soul of the speaker to the demon, something that causes a body to be shared, summons something vicious/annoying, or transports the speaker to live somewhere less than comfortable.

4) Dreamer / second character - My character will have a very poor grip on reality. This could be due to an alcohol/drug addiction, constant lack of sleep, wild imagination, or slightly insane. Nothing seems too strange to believe for this character. A purple dragon just ate a humming bird and laid an eye that hatched into the mailman, just another day in this character's life. It could get so bad that the character is shipped somewhere to be 'helped' or that there is some truth to some of these strange visions. The second character could be a doctor, something messing with my character's head, a ghost, whatever you think could fit.

5) Important offspring / Protector - My character would reluctantly be protected by a guard(any species)/hybrid(much like a pet perhaps bought/trained to protect)/hired hand of sorts while he/she goes about anywhere. Her father is someone important (king/emperor/president of a large company/ect) and is tired of his only child (17+ age- can also be one of many offspring but the others choose to take on a guard) ventures to the city/kingdom/sea/air thinking the world is a safe place. Whether or not there is any danger can be decided, but mostly this will revolve around the offspring of this man trying to push aside the protector as if he/she were nothing more than a fly, meaning he/she does not have to listen to the bought person, can go around putting themselves into dangerous areas. Perhaps some relationship blooms, or the protector decides to stage some danger and show the kid that the world is dangerous and pay attention to what is said.


Added an area for various characterless ideas. Some characters have been edited in their status.