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Author Topic: My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)  (Read 1085 times)

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My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)
« on: January 22, 2011, 07:14:17 PM »
Alright, I've decided to try my hand again at getting some RPs going on here. So I'll put whatever ideas I have in here. A few things first, though:

1.) If you're interested in an RP, please PM me. I think I actually want to maintain this thread, so, just for the sake of everything looking nice and appeasing the OCD demon that lives in my head.
2.) Please be able to post something sizable. A paragraph or two at the least. More would be great. I understand that sometimes games hit a point where there isn't much to do, and there isn't much one can write. But as long as I'm getting more than two sentences for most of the thread, I'll be happy. ^_^
3.) I prefer F/F RP plots. Dunno why, but I do, so most of my ideas will lean that way. Also, if the game goes in a Dom/Sub way, I tend to like playing the sub.
4.) Um...I said check my On's/Off's? I did? Alright, cool! On to the plots!

Current Craving

Alright, so, I've recently started playing The Old Republic again, and now I have a pretty bad Star Wars itch that needs scratched. In the spoiler box above I've linked some pictures that could be some interesting characters, so here's hoping they inspire a few of you all. ^_^ I'd prefer a setting in The Old Republic era, but, I could probably be talked into movie-verse and after as well.

And, of course, I have a few plot seeds. All of these can be M/F, or F/F, and contain multiple characters easily as they're reworked to be whatever we want them to. They're just starting points.

1. While on Hutta, a Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent (posing as the space pirate/smuggler/bounty hunter Red Blade) work out a partnership of convenience. A friendship forms, as does the budding of something more, but the Agent's superiors ultimately decide that the Bounty Hunter is more of a liability than an asset. Instructed to wash their hands of the Bounty Hunter, on Dromund Kaas they part ways. Unbeknownst to the Agent, Imperial Intelligence attempts to permanently remove the Bounty Hunter from the scene but fails. In the process, though, the Agent is implicated as having been in on the plot.

Years later, with the Agent having risen far in the ranks of Imperial Intelligence and the Bounty Hunter having ammassed quite the infamous reputation, they are forced to work together again. This is a rough idea, based off of one I read somewhere else and just can't find again for the life of me to give credit to who came up with it...

2. A Sith Warrior and a Jedi Knight have crossed lightsabers more than once across the galaxy. Having long become each other's nemesis, they seek little more than the annihilation of the other. But, through their constant battles, both of lightsaber and belief, they've started to effect the other. The Sith has been finding their anger and hatred tempered, and the Jedi more open to the passions and experiences of life that the Jedi Code forbids. A mutual respect starts to form between the two of them, and then more...

3. The galaxy Revan returned to was so different than the one he left. And yet, in many ways, some things stayed the same. The Republic was still in it's ever constant war with the Sith. The Sith still sought to rule all. And both were blind to a true threat to the galaxy...I want to play Revan in the Old Republic, and see where it goes. Does he find allies in the Republic to replace his long dead ones, to continue his quest? Does he reach out to the Revanites, the secret cult of people following a twisted version of his beliefs? Not to mention, he has a great-great-great granddaughter that is a Grandmaster of the Jedi Order now...

4. Out of ideas ^_^ Basically, I'd be up for playing just about any character you'd want in a game. Sith Warrior, Bounty HUnter, Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Trooper...You get the picture.  If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to hit me up, and we can work something out.

Picture Plots

So original, huh? First up are pictures that interest me, but I don't have anything solid for. So, I'll post them here in the hopes that someone else likes them and would want to plot something out.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all are Safe For Work.

One (Probably NSFW)
Eleven (NSFW)

Setting Ideas
In no particular order...

--Military (World War 3, Sci-Fi, Modern Day, etc)
--Dragon Age
--Mass Effect
--Legend of Zelda
--Medieval/Modern Fantasy
--Ace Combat
--More To Come...
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Re: My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2011, 07:19:34 PM »
Plot Ideas
Note: Every plot is up for discussion. If you read one and don't like quite how I have it, but get ideas of your own for how to take it, feel free to tell me your thoughts. ^_^

Bullets of Silver
--Based on Picture Thirteen. The excerpt comes from the description by the artist on the picture's DeviantArt page.

"I ask but three things be granted to me in these times of horror and death wrought by man’s inhumanity to man, called war.

First, I ask that I may be silent and unseen in my quest to perform my duty with perseverance, loyalty, honor and courage.

Second, may I shoot straight and kill my much respected enemy quickly, with one shot so that he does not suffer and writhe in pain.

Lastly dear Lord, I ask that you grant me the ability to be cunning and smart in my quest to be victorious over my enemy and adapt to whatever he may put before me by using the assets you have placed on this earth and the abilities instilled within me."

It had been 10 months since the enemy attempted to overrun the city with occult means, days after days, night after night, the city defenders fought for every inch.

The only means of slaying the foul beasts from beyond is by a single silver bullet through their heart or their head, but silver were rare, so only the best marksmen were given the honour of delivering the killing shot while his comrades play the unfortunately role of distraction.

As skilled as these snipers, the silver bullets were never enough to go around.

Okay, so, that basically sets the scene. The girl in the picture does not have to be a character if you don't like her. The basic idea that I have is that in a post-apocalypse world, be it through scientific or mystical means or alien invasion means, the world is populated by all kinds of monstrosities that seem to have the sole purpose of eradicating the human race. Survivors of the initial warfare are clustered in whatever safe havens they can find, their protection mainly secured by these sharpshooters. The plot itself is flexible, I have some ideas ranging from dealing between two rival shooters to perhaps a final, last-ditch effort to build a rebellion/resistance of some kind and win humaity it's place back as masters of the planet.

Another Way To Die
Okay, heavily inspired by "Another Way To Die" by Disturbed. Watch the music video on YouTube here, it helps set the scene for the RP:  Disturbed - "Another Way To Die" Official Music Video

Alright, basically, it is a post-apocalypse RP. Sometime in the near furture, let's say 2012 for the fun of it, human kind's treatment of the Earth catches up with them. A series of perfect storms just sweep the globe. Massive hurricanes year round, tornados, earthquakes, volcano eruptions...Everything just flat out goes to hell. When things settle the fact of Earth has changed, with many cities now destroyed, countries and governments universally crippled.

The rich and greedy of the world quickly take hold, forming a massive global order behind a private military. A special safe haven is set up specifically for them and the other elitists of the world. A supercity, it is the last real hospitable place of the Earth, at least in terms of what the majority of human kind has become used to.

Many flocked to this city to seek shelter, only to be herded like cattle into special refugee camps where they were told they had to wait as accommodations were made for them. These camps were ruled by the corrupt military, and very barely maintained. Homes were what the people put together themselves using scraps of the old world. Clothing was little more than rags, the lucky had shoes (the luckier managed to keep them), and water was a very closely guarded necessity, only a few people allowed to drink each day. Many people died, many more were hauled off as slave labor, or in the case of women, slaves for the elites in the city or bedwarmers for the soldiers.

Entertainment is whatever they can do to entertain themselves. Law itself is barely upheld in camp, and many have resorted back to basic primal urges, forming arenas and fight clubs...

Not everyone accepted this though. Bandits and raiders thrived in the lawlessness of the world, and other cities were built. Some were made by ordinary people trying to just get by (think of Megaton in Fallout 3, or the various stations in Metro 2033). Others were camps used by the bandits and raiders. The common person had little to look forward though, in terms of wandering the wastes that now composed of the world, or taking their chances in the refugee camps.

There is rumor of a group dedicated to bringing down the ruling Overlords, to remove the evil and corrupt from their place of power and try to set the world back on track. Many believe these are just hopeful stories, though. Some swear they are true. Who knows?

Who Guards the Guardians?
At first, it was just a strange occurrence. Minor villains around were disappearing. No one seemed to care, especially not most of the heroes and heroines in the world, as without their minor annoyances around they could focus on the increasing activity of the major supervillains. But, soon enough, even the supervillains start to disappear. And with them, their heroes. One by one the heroes are vanishing, and no one knows why or where to...

I have a few ideas for this one. The most cliches is that the villains and heroes are being abducted, taken to a different plane of existence or a different world, and put into some kind of gladiatorial arena for the amusement of, well, whoever is doing the abductions. It can be talked out.

Second, there is a secret world government organization (let's say like a dark, secret wing of the United Nations, for example) that has been created to end the threat the world faces from the metahumans. After all, the battles between the so-called heroes and villains often leaves the cities in ruin, costing millions of dollars in repairs. Wouldn't the world be a safer place without them?

Love Thy Enemy
Another superhero one. This one is a bit more simple, though, as I would just like to explore a hero and a villain becoming a couple of some kind. I have a few different thoughts for this one too:

1.) The hero and villain both have alter-egos so they can interact with normal society. What if, without knowing the other's identity, they meet and start dating, becoming a serious couple while trying to keep their secrets from the other? What will happen when they learn that they are each other's hated nemesis? Will they even care anymore? Cliched, I know.

2.) A villain, after months or years of planning, has finally enacted a plan to capture their nemesis. And, perhaps surprisingly, it works. They villain takes the captured hero back to their lair, revealing the ultimate motives. They want the hero as they own, their lover, and it will happen, whether the hero is willing or not.

3.) For any Arkham Asylum fans, this idea I have been biting at for a while. What if Dr. Penelope Young isn't killed by the Joker's trap, but instead is put in a state of fake death, to trick Batman? When he leaves she is ultimately recovered by another villain...For whatever reasons can be discussed. Perhaps a villain seeks revenge for the experiments done to them related to the Titan project, or maybe they had simply worked out a deal with Joker, helping him get her research, as long as they could have the doctor for themselves?

Wonders of Technology
After years of research, experimentation, and hard word, a pair of scientists have finally created a machine that can be used to transform the human body. Plug into the computer what you want, step into the machine, and let technology do it's work. It was intended by one scientist to be used as a means to help those less fortunate than most, to help remove deformities, to help those who had suffered amputation or disfiguring injuries from maybe war or a horrible accident.

The other scientist, however, has much more greedy goals in mind. They use the machine to become basically the embodiment of all things sexual, beautiful, and attractive. They use the machine to increase their intelligence to beyond genius levels, and manipulating events, stabs their partner in the back and keeps the machine as something to sell its use off to the highest bidder. Their partner is kept out of the spotlight, and is just used to keep the machine working, given no credit. While alone with the machine, though, they get the idea...Well, their life has already been ruined, why not use it? Turn the tables on their partner?

This idea was inspired by a story I read on that I can link anyone who is interested to. And for those of you who don't like furries or anthros, that only comes in at the end of the story, everything in the beginning and middle is human. I'm also up for discussion on the exact plot or how things turn out.

No specific plot ideas for this one, I'm just putting out there that anyone interested in a Transformation RP, feel free to PM me. I'm up for just about any kind there is, and I would love to talk out plots and ideas!

A Place for My Head
This was an RP I came up with a while ago on a different site. But, the person I was doing the RP with vanished after a few posts (that happens unnervingly a lot for some reason). Anyway, I'd like to see if anyone will take any interest to it on here, so I can see where it might have gone.

I'm looking for a literate partner for this. They'd be playing the new doctor for a patient in a mental asylum. The doctor would be new to the asylum, perhaps even fresh out of medical school. But the current staff at the asylum are corrupt. They exploit the mentally ill, and the man in change himself runs experiments on some of the patients who no one cares about...How your character reacts to that and to my character are all up to whoever wants to do this.

Note, this started as a F/F RP, and that's how I would really like to have it again, but if no one up for that shows interest I'll live with an M/F RP. My old intro for it will be posted in the RP Starters section, for any interested.
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Re: My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2011, 07:25:14 PM »
RP Starters
These are opening posts I've made up for different RPs. If anyone likes them and would want to make a character and continue where these go, by all means, feel free to PM me with your thoughts and ideas. ^_^ Also, these are quite dated by now, and I'm thinking of just deleting them...

Seeking The End

There were rumors a plenty about the forest, none of them good. Unfortunately, not one of the rumors or stories agreed on much...The tales spread from the forest being home to a massive, bloodthirsty monster, to a band of bandits that captured everyone that entered the forest to be used as slave. The only thing people did agree on, was that those who went into the forest, never returned.

That was the exact reason that the red haired woman was walking through the trees...Wearing a tattered and torn cloak over the light suit of leather armor that she wore, the woman picked her way through the trees, a long, carefully maintained dagger held in her hand. She was here to test those rumors, and see if whatever lived in the forest could help her with her death wish.

The woman reeked of the smell of blood, both her cloak and armor splattered with the still wet blood of her last victims, a traveling noble and his guards, who she had slain just on the edge of the forest. It was her last assignment as an assassin, those final kills having sapped the last of her will to continue on. Not all of the blood was theirs, though...A gash on her cheek and a gash to her side from carelessness on her part added to the crimson mess on her.

At first, she had just killed for the gold, desperately needing the money to pay for the treatments from the doctors to keep her sister alive. She had regretted each kill, and did whatever she could to atone. Then, however, her sister died...And she started killing just to make her own pain go away. She eventually started liking the power she had, watching the life leave the eyes of those that she killed. Eventually, though, the constant killing drained the life from her own eyes.

Food lost it's taste, gold lost it's appeal...There was still the slight rush she had when killing someone, but that barely lasted long enough to let her put her dagger from the body anymore.

It was just time for her to go...

She had to go out in a fight, though...Going out with her blade in her hand. Fighting her fellow humans were no fun, since so few could stand ground against her. But a monster, a demon...Whatever lived in the forest that had such a reputation...

Walking into a clearing, the assassin frowned as she looked around. All the monster had to do was appear, now, and her last fight could begin...

[Looking for the "Demon of the Forest" that really isn't any kind of demon at all. Well, unless you want her to be. I just need someone to play the entity that my character is looking for, beat my character, but not kill her...Instead of death, she tries to give her another shot at life. Kinda looking for a sappy, romantic, healing thing here with just a touch of a dark beginning. ^^;; Or it can be completely dark. I'm up for anything.]

The Beggar

She shivered in the wind, pulling her thin jacket tighter against herself and she kept walking. This was not a good day to be a beggar...It was cold and windy, with winter on the way in, and she was in no way prepared for it. Though, the long black jacket she wore did a wonderful job of hiding her thin, under-fed form. Under it a long sleeve shirt and long skirt, both dark colors, would do the same job of hiding her form if the jacket was taken away. Black hair that fell to the middle of her back covered half of her face, and it always seemed to fall back to cover her face no matter how many times she tucked it behind her ear, leaving just one, sad violet eye to look out for anyone who might be after her. What skin could be seen on her, mainly her hands and face, was pale, although it was hard to tell with as dirty as she was from life on the streets...

As she walked down the street, she gave a wide berth to anyone who came close to walking by her. For the most part, though, she went by unnoticed. No one cared about a single girl walking down the street by herself. Few realized it wasn't quite time for kids in school to be out, however, and that she looked a bit too young to be a student of the local university. As long as she didn't cause any trouble, why should they care?

It wasn't until she passed a restaurant that she, apparently, started to cause trouble. She was starving, something anyone might guess if they could see just how thin she was, and the smells coming from the door whenever it was opened, and the sight of some of the dishes she saw people eating through the window...Her stomach gave an embarrassingly loud growl, and she wrapped her arms around it in hope that would stop any future sounds. Some of the people inside, however, saw her, and didn't like the fact someone was watching them eat. A waiter was told, who went and told the manager, who decided to deal with the problem personally. Leaving the restaurant he walked out behind the girl, who was too busy wishing she was in there with something to eat to notice someone was behind her. At least, until he grabbed her shoulder.

"Hey! What are you doing? Get out of here!"

Startled by both the hand on her shoulder and someone yelling at her, the girl spun around, her one visible eye wide with fear. Stammering out an apology she backed away, before turning and running. She made it all of three steps before she ran right into someone, bouncing off of them and falling to the ground. Scrambling to her feet, she gave a slight bow.


Looking back at the manager who was still glaring at her, she stepped around the person she ran into and hurried off, before either of them decided to do something aside from yelling at her...

[Looking for the person that ran into her, please. ^^ Who they are, what their job is, their economic status, blah blah blah, is all up to you. One quick note, this is a society largely the same as ours today. The only difference is slavery is legal, although done usually in a matter involving contracts to ensure the safekeeping and well being of the slave in return for their service. Naturally, though, an illegal market still exists, to help people get around such annoying things such as the law.]

A Place for My Head

"Doctor, perhaps we should stop for the day. We're already over the safety limits, and her new doctor is arriving today."

Doctor James Hayfield frowned when one of the assistants spoke up. What she said made sense of course, but, he could feel it! They were so close to a breakthrough with Alison that he could almost taste it. After four years of attempts, he felt that they were finally starting to get through to the girl. But of course, the girl's previous caretaker had to go and loose their sanity, forcing him to hire someone to take their spot. It had taken too long to get people he could trust together to have everything ruined now by some woman just out of school.

After all, what he was doing wasn't exactly legal, and certainly not morally or ethically correct. But he would, he would, rescue this girl and heal her.

"Fine...Unstrap her and return her to her room. Make sure no trace is left."

With that he left the lab, leaving his assistant to unstrap the still convulsing girl from the bed. Not one of them agreed with what their boss was doing to this girl. Electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, injecting her with various drugs both legal and illegal, all in order to satisfy his obsession to make her come out of her shell. None of them had teh courage to stand up to their boss, however, and by this time they would fall just as hard as he would for allowing this to happen for so long.

Alison was unstrapped from the bed one she stopped convulsing and put back into her straitjacket before she was wheeled out of the hospital's lab. One of the most respected hospitals for those with psychological problems in the Western Hemisphere, the Karlis Asylum had a number of underground treatment labs from the institutions early days. While now they were normally left unused, Doctor Hayfield had taken to use them to treat Alison in, where no one could accidentally find them and see what he was up to. Taken back up to the third floor's suicide watch wing, Alison was put back into her room. The straitjacket would be left on until her new doctor decided whether or not it should be removed.

Once back in her room, Alison sat down on the floor in the center of the room, ignoring her bed as usual and staring blankly at the bottom of the door. She would remain that way until disturbed, which she wouldn't be until her new doctor arrived. Polls were already being taken by the staff how long it would take for this fresh out of school doctor to give up trying to help the girl. Many before her had tried with no effect, and no one was expecting anything new to happen. Except, maybe, another doctor driving themselves insane.

The door clicked as it was unlocked by an attendant, and opened soon after to let her new doctor inside...

[It starts with the new doctor meeting her new corrupt boss, before meeting Allison, her new patient. I'm up for however you would like to play the doctor, be it innocent and honestly trying to help her, or every bit as dark and corrupt as her new colleagues.]
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Re: My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2013, 08:36:48 PM »
Dusted off and updated a bit. Craving a neo-superhero idea, for anyone willing to give it a shot. ^_^

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Re: My Ideas (F/F, M/F, MUL)
« Reply #4 on: January 17, 2014, 01:02:56 AM »
Updated, new craving. Anybody up for a Star Wars game set in the Old Republic?