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Author Topic: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)  (Read 5993 times)

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Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
« on: January 22, 2011, 01:03:15 AM »
Updated:  I've added some ideas and organized them a bit more.

These ideas meant to be longer term, and character driven.  Lots of teasing, flirting, dialog, reactions and of course kink, dominance and submission are major themes etc.  I especially like sharing a characters thoughts and motivations during the stories.

These are some of the ideas I want right now, but by no means all of them , if you want to discuss these or other story ideas dealing with male dominance etc,  please feel free to PM me or contact me on AIM or YIM.

Updated: 4/15/11  (Added the Modern Fantasy Ideas.)

Modern Fantasy Ideas
The following ideas will be set for a Modern-Fantasy world that is much like this one except there is no democracy, it is a Monarchy much like pre 20th century England.  There are Kings and Queens, states are ruled by Governors and Lords control smaller territories like counties and some cities.   The rest of the population are divided into classes,  Upper Class which are Elite or Aristocrats,  Upper Middle class which are White Collar Workers,   Lower Middle class or Blue collar workers and the lower class, basically servants and slaves.
Prima Nocta-  Set in a nice, lush territory the Lord ruling over the area has made it so anyone who get's legally married must first have his written permission.  This allows him to meet or view all the prospective wives, and it's quite common place for him to invoke Prima Nocta, the right to have the wife on the wedding night.  This SL will focus on one new bride being taken by the Lord,  her age and class is negotiable, husband may or may not be forced to watch, but by morning she's going to realize she may just prefer the rough, demanding touch of a powerful lord to her husbands much gentler caress.   
The Invasion- A small peaceful country is suddenly being invaded by it's neighboring country they've long had an alliance with.  The Invaders are being lead by a dark King\Prince, who is rumored to have dark powers.  The King of the peaceful country was out away from his capitol, doing his various duties when the attack first started.  Soon he was trying to rally his troops for a battle where they were over run, the good kind was captured or killed.  Within a couple days the Country is near ruin, the invading armies caught them off guard and have destroyed a number of their military bases and are holding entire towns captive.  Soon the Capitol is under siege and the Queen of the country, now in charge in her husband's absence must make a choice.  Try to get her toops to rally into another battle that they will most likely lose, or she can surrender her kingdom to the Dark Invading Ruler.  However upon surrender the Ruler will want to take her for his own to consumate his power,  possibly any female heirs she has as well.  (For this SL the invading ruler will have dark powers that he feeds through his use of women, especially the Queen and\or Princess of the kingdom he's invaded.)
Pay Your Taxes - A white or blue collar couple is several months behind on their monthly taxes to their local lord.  Finally tired of dealing with their excuses he has his police conduct a raid on their suburban home in broad daylight, their neighbors and friends seeing as their home is invaded and the Lord goes in to talk to them.  He makes their situation clear, telling them they may either find a way to pay their taxes, or he will arrest them and they will either be jailed, or they and their children will be sold into slavery.   Captured in their own home they have no chance of running.  The husband can think of no way to pay the debts,  the Wife however does not want her family jailed or sold into slavery, she has an idea of how they can pay off the debts, though she has no idea just how ruthless the Lord can be, or how much she might learn to enjoy it.
The Collector - A wealthy aristocrat has a habit of buying properties or private debts.  He buys homes of low income women or debt's of small businesses or others, knowing full well if the debts are not paid to him in the time he sets, he can legally have the person who owes him, made into his servant or slave. A process that normally takes a while, but due to his allegiances with various judges and officials, he manages to get it done quite quickly.  He often takes a couple of weeks to enjoy his new slaves before selling them off to others or to the markets.  He always picks women who don't have much, lower or lower middle class, women who have no one to protect them, and always rather pretty ones at that.   He does this as a hobby,  getting new slaves for a couple weeks and selling them off.  Until one day he finds a new slave, one he gets rather hung up on and doesn't want to sell off immediately,  and if she keeps pushing his buttons, he may want to keep her for a long time... (SL would involve master\slave, various manipulations of the Dom\Sub relationship and possibly breeding.) 

Generic Ideas

The Ticket - Late one afternoon or evening a Woman is driving home or driving too an important event.  Traffic on the highways are backed up and so as she tries to drive from her suburban town a ways to the city in a hurry, she decides to skip the high ways and take one of the little known back routes through the forested hills where there is usually very little traffic.  While she is speeding along, doing well over the speed limit, she sees lights flashing in her rear view and is soon pulled over on the quiet out of the way road. 

She's upset for being made even more late and wearing a rather sexy outfit for the evening and to her window comes a large cop who is not in the least bit forgiving.  Before she knows what's happened she's being given several tickets, expired tags, speeding and the cop is shining the light on her face and other parts of her body while he leers at her and talks down to her.  Soon he decides her behavior is suspicious, she and her car must be searched.  Soon the cop is frisking her and searching her car, he "finds" quite a bit of narcotics and other things and is clearly framing her, ready to take her to jail, though he gives her a way out.  She can drive up a little dirt road into the woods to an old cabin and there she will get to get out of the ticket.  Except when it's all over the cop knows who she is, has her license number and information and he can find her any time he wants...

(This SL would be played with the opening scene, the cop turning the woman into his victim and possibly doing so again and again later.  The woman can be any age, married or not and for extra fun, she could have another woman with her,  friend, sister, daughter, niece, etc that's also dragged into it.)

The Ex - Years ago Ryan went through a rather intense breakup with a woman he cared for deeply.  They shared a passionate, rough  sex life in addition to loving each other, living together and knowing each other well.  Ryan never wanted to settle down and have kids, though she did and when she realized one day he'd never be the "family man" she left him.   He was angry, they haven't spoken and he got on with his Bachelor life style.   

3-4 years later she shows up on his door step unannounced one day in a skimpy little outfit on a cold day.  Bored with her vanilla, too nice guy of a husband she finds she misses the much rougher, more aggressive hands of her old lover and she wants to make amends and perhaps start seeing him again on the side.  Ryan is still angry about how she left and not keen to being her "other man" however he cant resist the ways his former lover pushes his buttons and soon the two are enjoying each others company in a torrid lust\hate affair. 

The Babysitter - This is fairly Straightforward.   A girl in her late teens has taken a job babysitting for a nice wealthy couple in the area.  The wife travels a lot for work and the dad works long hours running his own company.  The child is still an infant and is very easy to watch and the teen has been watching him for a few months now.  Over this time she has developed a fondness for the Dad of the child, and she's heard a number of rumors about him having various infidelities of a rather harsh nature.  She's very curious and one night when his wife if out of town and he's coming back from a dinner meeting, she decides to see if she can seduce the object of her crush, having no idea just how rough and domineering he will be, or just how much she will enjoy being at his not so tender mercies.  She has no idea the sort of affair that might follow her intended one night indiscretion...

The Stalker - A single woman is enjoying a fairly successful career, her own life, her own friends and a busy dating life even if she hasn't found the guy she wants to settle down with , or even date on a long term basis yet.  She keeps herself busy, has a number of friends and is a more or less content bachelorette.  The woman sometimes has a rather harsh or rude attitude, something that's gotten her into confrontations more than once but she has never felt the need to apologize for her sometimes rather harsh words or actions.  What she doesn't know was that recently during an exceptionally rude moment she made a rather insidious enemy of a man, though she doesn't even remember the simply and short interaction.  The man in question has decided to use his power and free time to follow the woman, make notes of her life, studying her the way a predator stalks it's prey.

His first move comes when she's home alone one night, over the last couple weeks he's found a number of ways in and out of her house quietly and she won't know he's there until it's too late and he will simply take what he wants from her to punish her for being a bitch so often.  What's worse is she finds she enjoyed the mans roughness and even being forced, her body betrayed her and now she craves more.  Soon she finds she's hoping for another visit from the man, and perhaps even doing a few things to encourage him to come back and teach her a lesson again.  She is ashamed, she knows she shouldn't want it but she can't help her body's intense craving...

The Debt -  This one is wide open.  Suffice to say a man has gotten himself and his family into a very large debt to a wealthy, powerful man and has to trade his wife, or daughter (or both) To pay it off.  This one would deal with cuckoldry, but mostly with the wife \daughter and the debtor, and slowly converting the woman to an upstanding woman, to an eager little submissive sex kitten, and making her husband\dad see the transformation.   Open to lots of suggestions here as to the characters, nature of the debt and other things etc.

The Student - There is a new teacher at an upscale private school that caters mostly to young students of wealthier families.  The new teacher has only been teaching a few years and she's something of an idealist.  In this new school she's doing well for the most part even if she is sometimes a distraction to her male students.  One male student in particular has caught her intention.  Incredibly smart and rather handsome the student seems to exude confidence and sensuality, so much so that the teacher has a hard time resisting his easy charms.  One day when they are alone on campus she finds herself falling for his charms but when she tries to resist he forces the issue and she can't help her body's reaction.   When it's over she finds herself craving more and wanting to submit to the younger man, even if his commands make her life harder or drive her to the brink of losing her job or ruining her career...

Family Scenarios - Not all Incest, but ideas exploring some dynamics in the house hold. These aren't really plot driven, more character driven, there will be some story, but more interested in fun characters here.

Daughter's Crush - Every girl has a small crush on her dad at some point, every girl at some point wants a guy who reminds her of her dad.  This particular idea features girl in her mid to late teens (16+) who has a much larger than usual crush and has started noticing the types of things her father likes in women and starts to emulate him, hoping to get his attention.  A bit of flirting and teasing, the thing of it is, she's blossomed into a gorgeous young woman, she's very sweet and turns out daddy has his own little forbidden crush for his little princess.

Like Mother, Like Daughter - The idea here is that a woman has enjoyed being into a heavily sexual, very submissive life style for quite some time and she is a true submissive, deriving her pleasure from pleasing the man in her life.  She loves being a sub and believes it's the only way for a woman like her to be happy.   For a while now she's noticed her daughter exhibits some traits that remind her of herself and after her daughter's 16th birthday, she approaches her rather dominant husband to tell him she wants him to train her daughter to be a good submissive woman like she is.  The husband can be the girl's father, or step father.   the SL would revolve mainly around the training of the girl by both her mom and Dad (Stepdad) She'd likely not resist the training much,  but this can be played with greater or lesser degrees of reluctance.

Owning his Wife - I'm curious to play a marriage of a couple that's been married either a few years or 10 years, where the man has started having cravings to heavily dominate his wife and not just in the bedroom, wants to tell her how to act, dress, talk, etc.  Wants to control his wife like a piece of property.  This isn't a full idea, just looking to explore the dynamic of a sort of "typical" marriage turning into a very kinky, dom\sub life style. 

New Man of the House - The household was always an "old fashioned" One.  Dad ran his company and expected his wife to be the good, obedient house wife and she was happy in her role.  They raised their son (Now 20-21) to be strong, smart, independent and in charge.  They raised their daughter (Now 16-17) to be sweet, soft, smart and knowing her place as a good woman is to take care of the men in her life.   Then dad got sick and died from a rare illness leaving his son to care for the family.  His will made it very clear everything was left in his Son's name, after all the Son was the man of the house now, he'd take care of the company, the nice house, all the money etc.   Now it's been 6 months- a year since his dad died, the Son is doing well overseeing the company, doing well managing his family's finances, making sure his mom stays busy and keeps the house nice, making sure his sister keeps up with her home work nand is getting good grades.  But recently the position of man of the house has been going to his head, and he's noticed how his gorgeous mother and sister respond so nicely to him being in charge, and he's now ready to start having all the benefits of being the man of the house....  The focus of this would be exploring son dominating his mother and sister in a sexual manner.  Lots of kink but more into the characters, various levels of resistance etc. 

Star Wars SLs - I am a big star wars fan and I think it'd be a fun universe to serve for some erotic play.  I am not looking for cannon stories or characters.   I merely want to use some of the lore of star wars as a setting for some play.   I'm interested in a period of time during the old republic during a war between Sith and Jedi.  During this time Sith and Jedi had their own fleets and armies and were the Admirals, Generals, Commanders of these armies, that while lead by Sith and Jedi, were mostly comprised of non force users.  The SL ideas I have in mind are listed below, but I'd be open to other suggestions for this setting...

Sith Master and Apprentice -  A highly feared\respected Sith Master known for his ruthlessness and unorthodox but effective training techniques, takes on a gorgeous new female apprentice.  He will teach her the ways of the dark side while making her his own personal protege'\lover\pet.

Sith Lord Vs Jedi Knight - A Jedi Knight finds herself stranded on a small planet mostly devoted to farming.   A full fledged Jedi Knight and powerful in her own right, most of her power comes from insight and healing, she is a fair combatant but certainly not a great one by any means.  Now stranded on the planet she can feel there is a powerful Sith Lord hunting her. He will over power her in combat and when he does, he will have a new prisoner, one he will try and convert to the dark side and take great pleasure in doing so.

Jedi Master Vs Sith Lady - A young-ish Sith apprentice has recently graduated from her Master's tutelage and granted the rank of Sith Lady.  She has been taught to work in secret like an assassin or covert operative.  Her first assignment is to find the Jedi Master leading a small fleet\army in a successful campaign on a sector the Sith are trying to hold.  In hunting her target she finds the Jedi Master is not in control of his feelings as most Jedi are, he is filled with rage and seems the War has pushed him close to the border between the Light and Dark sides.  She decides she could make quite a name for herself if she could tempt or seduce the Legendary Jedi Master to the Dark side, and recruit his skills as a leader to the Sith Fleet.  However in tempting and seducing him to the dark side she finds she may be in over her head with him and quickly ends up being at the mercy of the heavily conflicted Jedi.

Sith Master and Officer - A Sith Master is leading one of the Sith fleets. A fierce combatant with several successful campaigns he has taken a new flagship that came complete with it's own lovely Commander who is very loyal to the Sith and the cause and all too eager to prove her devotion to them however she can, be it in Commanding her ship or more intimate displays of loyalty.

Sith Master Vs Jedi Master and Apprentice - A Jedi Master and her gorgeous, eager and inexperienced apprentice is sent to investigate a strange planet, though to be neutral in the war, but there have been rumors the planet might secretly be harboring a Sith base.  During their investigation the woman and her apprentice are discovered by a powerful Sith Master.  Defeated and captured the woman and her apprentice must try to find a way to survive the Master who has decided he needs to interrogate them both in unsavory ways, working the two against each other and corrupting them with the dark side as he takes his time enjoying his sadistic interrogation.

There will be dark themes in all of these SLs.  Someone who understands the concepts of the force and Star Wars lore will be needed for these.  Kinks and just how dark these SLs are negotiable, so if you're interested but afraid it will be too intense, let me know, we can try to work something out. 

Other Sci Fi Idea's

Sci-Fi idea background.

A couple hundred years in the future the Human Race has made it into space, they have colonized the moon, mars and a few other planets out side the solar system.. In charge of space travel and new colonies are the Galactic Exploration Fleet (GEF) and the United Earth Republic (UER). Over the last couple centuries earth has had many wars leading up to the single world government.

Things are different in this time.. In addition to new technologies, colonies on other planets, the social structure is changed. Women are now second class citizens and taught from when they are born to yield to men. Women do not have the same rights, can and often are owned in one way or another.  There are many female slaves and even the free women are never considered equals of men and are often looked at as less than, or even as objects.

Women can can join the fleet, get most of the same jobs as men, but they never get the high ranks or positions or same pay as men do.  A few women even own their own businesses but one way or another it's a man's world and women will either yield and make the best of it, and perhaps get pampered in the process or they will struggle against it until they give up or are crushed.

In the fleet however, women are almost always treated as objects and expected to keep their male crew-mates happy and service them as well as doing their own duties, this is double true for their superior male officers.
Ideas for the Sci Fi setting:

Military setting - a ship, a star base, a military base on a colony - Anywhere where a male officer can interact with a female officer, be she willing or headstrong and not so willing. 

Fleet Academy - Could do a female cadet at the academy with upper class mates or her instructors or faculty of the academy.   Could be a rare female instructor or faculty member having issues with some of her male students or her male superior officers on campus.

Military Research - Perhaps a very intelligent and surprisingly accomplished female scientist is working for a company doing some research for the military or fleet, and just being a top mind doesn't get her out of having to deal with the Military Officer supervising the project.  (could be on a colony or space station with few others around.)

Civilian Life - Civilian women don't have it easy, any number of situations here from a woman being sold as a slave, to a free woman having to get through her days being seen as an object.

The Shop keeper - A female with her own business, a small shop (Florist, Bakery etc.) And it's not easy staying in business, since women are seen as inferior few want to frequent her shop, even fewer want to invest the money to keep it going for her, if only she could find a man she could convince into baking her so she could make her business work.

Also welcome to any other ideas based on this Sci Fi scenario.

Other Fandom SLs I'm interested in

DC Comics - Very interested in many of the females from DC,  I'd likely play my own villains but I'm open to playing cannon males too.

Tomb Raider - Would love to play something dark with Lara Croft, I'd play my own Character, I have a few ideas here.

Disney Princesses - I love Many of the Disney Princesses and would love to see wicked things happen to them.  I'd play my own Villain.

GI Joe - Looking for something more based on the Comic stories,  Looking for the typical Gi Joe Females, Scarlett, Baroness, Lady J, Covergirl.  I could play Cannon or originals.

Updated: 1/20/11

The Secretary - A woman in her early to mid 30s had enjoyed the life of a stay at home trophy wife for years while her husband earned a living for them.  Then the economy went down and her husband lost his job and had to settle for a much lower paying job after months of being un-employed.  They had never been exceedingly wealthy but now their modestly comfortable life style is gone and they are struggling with debt. So the woman decides to find a job however in a down economy with little experience and no degree finding work is very hard.  She finally found a job working at a nice financial firm with a hunky and charming boss.  She did dress nice and flirt a bit at the interview to get the job but it was no big deal and she didn't mind flirting a bit with the boss to stay in his good graces since it was all very light and harmless.  Then about 4 weeks into the job she made a big mistake, several big mistakes in fact in a row that cost her firm a lot of money.  Now her normally calm and charming boss is livid and ready to fire her but with as bad as things have gotten she's already in danger of losing her home as her husband continues to struggle, she can not afford to lose this job.  Besides her boss is a hunk and surely there must be some way she can convince him to let her stay.
The Initiation - A girl just transferred to a new high school, or started at college.  She's been a cheerleader for years and loves doing it, but now she has to start over at a new, rather upscale school that she got into mostly because of a scholarship.  Trying out of the squad is tough and the girls aren't making it easy on her but finally it's down to her and a couple other girls.  It's made clear that to join she has to go through an initiation.  Soon the young girl finds out that the school has some secret clubs and secret agendas. The school catering mostly to the wealthy has a hidden dark side to it and the Cheerleaders and a number of the Jocks are at the top of the pile when  it comes to the student body.  If she gets into the Cheerleader squad she will have quite a bit of power and clout on campus, with other students and the faculty but in order to get in she has to give herself to one of the players on their championship football team, and once she does he might decide once isn't enough... Of course if she doesn't she might just lose her scholarship all together and knowing what her parents did to get her into the incredibly well known school, could she really give it all up so easily?
The Siblings - Stacey is a married mother of two, in her mid 30's her life isn't as fun as it used to be.  She fell in love with her husband young and married in her early 20s and now with two young kids she often feels she missed out on her youth.  She never had lots of wild parties or crazy sexual escapades and it's something that's been bothering her more and more recently.  Her attempts to spice up her love life with her husband have fallen flat and more and more she's been thinking back to when she was a teenager. For a brief time, a few months one summer before her brother, 2 years older than her, went to college, they had a short affair together. Their parents had been gone a lot that summer and things just sort of happened that she was often willingly pleasuring her brother with her body, very submissive to her brothers firm, kinky demands of her.  She loved it but when her brother moved to college things changed, other than revisiting their lust one year over thanks giving it never happened again though the two remained very close and occasionally spoke of it for a couple years after but nothing came of it.    Stacey still talks to her brother regularly, he's done well for himself, lives not too far away and is a dedicated bachelor.  With her home life being so routine it drives her crazy she longs for a little excitement, a little fun and a little of her brother's love.  Soon she gives her brother a call not expecting that what will fallow will be a very intense secret affair.
Mafia Based Ideas
Lots of people seem to enjoy mafia based stories so I've come up with a couple I think could be fun.  I'm always interested in hearing other Mafia related ideas.
To the victor - For years now one Crime family has run the city and the couple of surrounding suburbs.  They control all the crime have Police, DAs and Judges, even a couple of congressmen in their pocket.  For the most part they keep a low profile so people don't realize how pervasive the crime family is and how much crime is going on.  However a younger member of the family, not related by blood but a shrewd man in his early to mid 30s earned his way into this upper ranks and began to see things could be run better, more money for everyone and more fun for everyone.  He found a number of supporters who felt the family was going soft and becoming complacent.   Things came to a head and the Head of the family decided to have the young trouble maker removed, except he had gained so much support with some of the family that it didn't work and soon the family split.  The crime war lasted for months, a crime civil war that was largely ignored by the press but was bloody and vicious.  Now it's coming to a close and the older Head of the once united family finds himself now on the verge of completely losing to the younger man who wanted to shake things up.  Soon it will be time to surrender and hope a deal can be made.  However that young new leader wants more than a surrender, he wants to take over the whole operation and have his boss leave town, and he wants to keep his boss's gorgeous wife and pretty little daughter for himself as the spoils of war...
The District Attorney - It had been a long time since the City had seen anyone like him.  A DA fighting for the people and fighting the notorious crime family. He's taken down corrupt cops, exposed crooked public officials and has put a number of the higher ups in the crime family behind bars.  He refuses even ridiculously large bribes and has not bowed to intimidation and has a few of the remaining good cops in the city helping to watch over him and his family as he prosecutes case after case putting a dent in the mob.  He soon is being promoted to Chief DA of the city and the Mayor has promised to give him even more backing in his cases.  Later that day after the announcement is made he heads out to a nice dinner with his wife and his sister for a celebration.  Despite his extensive knowledge of the crime family he has now idea the fine restaurant they all went to is owned by the head of the crime family, and frequented by a number of his men.  It doesn't take more than a phone call to get the head of the crime family down there. Now caught in a restaurant with his Wife and Sister in harms way, the Family leader is quite certain he can find a way to change the DAs attitude on some issues...
Alternate Reality's
Often times I like to play in alternate realities, worlds similar to our own in terms of technology and development but with different societal rules and norms.  Here are a couple of ideas that are meant to be distinct settings that can be open to a lot of different play ideas.
Sex World
In this world sex is not in the slightest bit taboo.  In fact it's considered a perfectly normal part of daily life, much like shaking some one's hand or talking with some one.  It's all together common for people to fuck in public without regard to what's going on and no one really bats an eye at it.  Waitresses are often pulled into a customers lap for an extra tip, bosses will mount their secretaries on the desks and it's not uncommon for a handsome guy walking down the street to lock eyes with a pretty woman and simply take her over the nearest bench.  The women in this society are used to men being very forward and they love it, though they are usually quite submissive to a man's desires. They never really say no and there is no need for a man to get particularly rough or hurtful towards a woman he wants,  though that's not to say she wouldn't like it.
Military Rule
A modern society is ruled by a militaristic government.  There are elections for some laws and some select public officials but for the most part the President commands the military and the military carries out all the laws and issues of the land. Everything from the Post Office to the Department of Agriculture is run by high ranking military officers and police and firemen are trained by the military and assigned the towns in which they work.   There are of course civilians in this society working for any non governmental jobs,  the normal offices, restaurants, stores, small and large businesses etc.  However since the military is in charge Civilians do not have as many rights as those in the military.   In the Pecking order Officers are at the top, enlisted personal below them and civilians at the bottom.  Civilians are expected to obey the orders of any military personell, and enlisted persons are expected to obey the orders of Officers.  Any order can be given to an inferior and it is expected to be followed.  There are a few checks and balances in the system to keep the military personal from abusing their power too grossly, but that doesn't mean the system will bother with all those smaller abuses.  If an enlisted man wants a little extra from the local florist, he will get it.  If an officer wants that gorgeous scientist working under him, he is entitled to have her, if she resists she can be arrested for insubordination and the penalties aren't nice...

New Ideas: Added 2/23/2011

The New Neighbor - A woman living in a quiet, suburban neighborhood finds out she has a new neighbor moving in to the house next door.  Rather bored with her part time job, her status as something of a trophy wife to a frequently traveling husband, she is looking for something to do.  The house next door is one of the nicest ones on the street and she's seen a nice car in the driveway in the few days since the house has been occupied, she's even seen a glimpse of the handsome man next door who is a couple years younger than she.   Curious and having got glimpses of such a handsome man she decides to bake a little pie (or cake) and take it over as a sort of "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture.  Upon meeting the man she's taken in by his looks, his charm and soon can't help but be flirting and teasing him all afternoon.  However when it becomes time to go, he decides she can't leave until he is satisfied...
 The Tenant - A wealthy middle aged man, (35-45) has a nice large home in a quaint little college\tourist town.  It's a very luxurious, large house with a large back yard, a rather nice piece of land.  Recently he's been taking a bit more time from work to enjoy the fruits of his labor and got in his head to rent out his guest house, deciding a little company on the property might be nice.  Knowing that the housing for college kids in the area was quite expensive he decided to put a couple adds out on the campus's, mentioning that the guest house, a rather nice place that was like a small one bedroom apartment, on the back of his property, was for rent at a reasonable price.  After a few interviews with perspective tenants he found one, a bright young girl who got into the school on a scholarship, sweet and with a good sense of humor.  He rented the house to her because it seemed like she would be the type to really need a good place to live that wasn't too expensive.   However a couple months after she started living there her job is slowing down, she's not making as much money and her school is giving her issues with her scholarship.  She misses a couple payments of rent and finally her landlord wants to talk with her.  She desperately wants to stay living there, she desperately wants to keep going to school and she has a thing for her older landlord, she decides perhaps she can convince him to accept other forms of rent. 
 (This SL would be consensual, and she'd be the one making the first move to sort of tease or seduce him though he'd still be quite dominant.)
 The Office Affair - The owner of a company is married to a rather gorgeous and wonderful woman, but he's never been a "one woman man" by any means.  A few months ago he hired a new secretary for the office, a woman a bit younger than he, who is very smart and a great worker, doing a lot of tough assignments for him and never hesitating to stay late.  Recently he's noticed her outfits have changed, her appearance has changed and in the office she's looking more and more appealing, it seems perhaps even wearing things he has complimented her on or casually commented he liked.  Soon it becomes very clear she has a bit of a crush on him, and rather enjoying her company and her looks thinks to start a little office fling with her.  The fling heats up and quickly becomes a torrid affair that he enjoys even as it might threaten his marriage.
 (This would be consensual, Flirting and teasing back and forth as a build up. The secretary could also possibly be married.  SL could also include the wife as an important part of it.)

 The Boyfriend - A Single mom in a nice area, never really cared for her daughter's new boyfriend.  Ater all her daughter is only 16, a high school sophomore and her new boyfriend is 19\20, a college sophomore.  She feels he is too old for her, and with him being a little rough around the edges in some ways, she feels he isn't good enough for her.  However her daughter is as stubborn as she is, and though she told her daughter not to see him, it's soon clear that since she works a lot, and her daughter is out a lot, there is little way for her to really stop the girl from seeing him.  The mother simply decides to continually tell her daughter he isn't good enough, and gives the young man the cold shoulder any time he is around the house.   One night mom was supposed to be out very late at an office party, but left and came home early.  As she moved upstairs she heard the sounds of slaps, soft screams, moans and grunts coming from her daughter's bedroom. At first she fears her daughter is being beaten, or raped and moves to the partly open door.  What she finds is her daughter being roughly, forcibly dominated by her older boyfriend.  The young man is roughly, aggressively treating her daughter as his own personal sex toy.  Mother finds her submissive side instantly aroused at the sight and soon is watching rapt with attention as she sees her daughter not only accepting the rough treatment, but begging for more, clearly loving what her boyfriend is doing to her. 
 In the morning the plan was for the boyfriend to sneak out early, before mom woke, and before the girl went to her weekend camp.  However mom tells her little girl it's okay, to let him sleep in.  He wakes up much later than he planned and finds his girlfriend gone he quickly gets up to get dressed and starts to sneak out of the house.  However he's caught off guard when his girlfriend's mom has breakfast made for both of them, is wearing something a bit on the suggestive side and is suddenly being very warm, friendly even inviting towards him.  He agrees to stay for breakfast, not realizing just how much like her daughter, the mom is. 
 Celebrity: Blacklisted - A young woman in her early teens is riding high as an up and coming big name celebrity.  She got her start in a couple of bit roles on different shows but really became well known when she was about 12 or 13 and got cast as the youngest daughter on a teen, family, drama, (Think one tree hill, 7th heaven.)  The show went for several seasons and the teen became a household name and soon she even got a couple parts in teen comedy movies. 
 However like many young Starlets the fame went to her head and soon she was making public comments on politics, and on some execs in hollywood, including a studio owner who was in charge of her hit show, and all the movies she had done so far.  In back rooms and quiet meetings in hollywoods, her words caused a stir, getting some unwanted media attention on certain politicians as well as studio execs.  Soon enough though media stopped covering the story but it was only a couple months later that the starlet, now in her late teens, was caught drunk and high at a party. Police raided the lush house and the high end hollywood party and the starlet, along with others, was arrested.  Pictures came out of her doing cocaine, drinking and some photos even came out of her giving oral sex to two men at once.  The teen publicly apologized and tried to tell everyone it wasn't her fault, she was lead there, peers got her drunk, got her to do drugs etc but the media was merciless and cut the girl no slack.  There was a high profile trial bringing her up on charges od illegal drug use, possession, drinking under the age and some other odd charges that many people assumed were thrown in because the judge wanted to make an example of the young celeb.  Finally she got only 1 month in jail, due to good behavior but then she was sued by the network, that had to cancel their show in the wake of her issues, and a few parent groups claiming she'd been a horrible role model for their children.  None of the lawsuits stuck but she and her family went broke paying for the lawyers fees from her criminal and civil trials. 
 The entire time many media networks were viscious to the teen star and soon she was blacklisted from the studio and through out most of hollywood, another ex-teen star.  Months have passed and her family is having hard times, her father is sick and they are not doing well financially. She wants to get back into acting and starts asking around, one of the directors from her show, one of the few friends she has left makes it clear to her,  the owner of the studio, the one she pissed off before, could get her off the black list.  However she knows very well he was upset at some of her public comments, outing some of his elicit business behaviors and political leanings, convincing him to let her work in hollywood again, won't be easy.
  (If at all possible I'd love to get her little sister dragged into things as well, little sister would be mid teens, 16 or so.)
 Celebrity: The Come Back - A while back a woman was doing quite well in Hollywood.  Having done some stage performances she auditioned and got the part of the best friend role in some romantic comedy, shortly there after had a starring role and the movie was a hit.  Buzz surrounded her and for a few years she was on fire but then the movies started to fizzle and she had some issues with her family and the man she'd married before she got famous, an old friend from college,  left her.  So she dropped out of the movie business, burnt out and needing to take time off.
 Time has passed, her family life has gotten better and once more she finds herself wanting to act, wanting to be in the movies.  She returns to Hollywood, now in her early to mid 30s,  wanting another chance to prove her worth as an Actress, she finds a studio exec she always got along well with, one she'd had a secret affair with, knowing despite her issues and how badly her last few movies did, he might give her another chance.   Indeed he is rather partial to her and is happy to give her another chance at acting,  but once she get's back into the life style, old habbits die hard and being around him so much again brings back old, lustfull feelings that she finds she has a hard time ignoring. 
 (This would be more consentual, her wanting him but not wanting to admit it, and not knowing if she wants to be dominated by him again like she used to be. )
The Exchange Student - A young European woman comes to America as a part of a foreign exchange program and lives with an American family, for an entire semester.  The family is a well to do suburban family, they are very nice and they get along with her great and are very gracious hosts.  However not long after she arrives, their daughter goes to Europe for a similar program, leaving her along with the mom and dad of the house.  Mom is often gone for mini traveling trips and other places so there are days at a time where she is alone with the handsome, charming, older American man who is ever so kind to her.  She finds herself a little homesick and lonely at times despite the friends from her school, and being alone with a handsome older man so much can be so tempting.  (So this could be consentual or light force, she could be an American girl in a european household as well, either works.) 
 The French Teacher - A young teacher gets her first full time teaching job working for a private, upscale High School (or College.)  She finds it rather rewarding, teaching various levels of french from beginner to advanced, freshman to senior.  She works well with the faculty and the students love her and do well in her class.  It helps she's only in her mid to late 20s, gorgeous, very friendly and kind,  and she even has a slight french accent from her time living in france, giving her even more of an allure. 
 The problem is that some of her students aren't that much younger than she is, so she can relate to them a little too well, it get's in the way of her being authoratative at times.  One student in particular she finds very disarming.  A young man, (Senior in high school or sophomore in college depending. )  is rather handsome, dark and athletic.  He is very intelligent and comes from a well off family that has a lot of clout with the school.  She finds more and more she likes his company a bit more than a teacher should.  It happens one day when she is on campus during her off hours, after school or on a weekend or holiday, she runs into the student who is very charming and very determined to get what he wants.  She knows he can make problems for her at her knew job if he chooses to, and she isn't entirely sure how much she wants to resist him.
 (Mostly consentual with some light blackmail or coersion or force thrown in. More curious to see it play out in the long term and how it affects her job etc.)
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Re: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
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Hi I am interested in maybe doing the Ticket or Babysitter roleplay.

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Re: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
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That Military Rule idea looks like a world where a girl could get into a lot of trouble. *grins*

Sending you a PM!

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Re: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
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I updated the List with new Ideas including:  The Neighbor, The Tenant,  Celebrity, The French Teacher, the Exchange student.  As always feel free to approach me with questions or other ideas!

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Re: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
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I'm interested in the Debt and the exchange student.

In the Debt scene, will the cuckoldry be open or in dark to the man? Do you prefer the man offer his wife/daughter to the debtor or initated by his wife/daughter?

Well, I have a suggestion is the wife/daughter used to be working in the debtor's real estate company or perhaps a financial company. Apparently, the man probably just lost his job, not able to pay up the installments plan and was very tight with money. The wife/daughter one day came back and inform the man that she has found a job with the debtor company and he has agreed to stall the installments for the being. But in the dark, the wife or daughter may be offerring herself to the debtor.
The transformation can be that she is a PR officer and so there will be change in her dress and she will need to entertain the debtor client at night by drinking and probably by offering herself. But probably in the later stage, thedebtor consider offerring her to his bigest client after his share of fun with her.

For the exchange, I will prefer the european girl to be an sweet, young and innocent asian girl. The man is nice, patient and devoted. He will be very nice to show her around America, introduce his friends to her and soon they become good friends. He may bring her out a holiday e.g. a beach resort etc. They will be going in fours and have booked 2 rooms. The other twos are a couple and naturally stay in a room while the guy and the girl will be in a room but with 2 single beds.

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Re: Sinful Stories and Ideas (M/F, Male Dom)
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Updated with new ideas:  Modern Fantasy ideas placed at the top.