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Author Topic: Acanthus' ideas (M seeking M)  (Read 1563 times)

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Acanthus' ideas (M seeking M)
« on: January 20, 2011, 06:23:47 PM »
The Road Ahead  - Taken

I’ve changed the initial concept of Travis’ desired venture. Although I saw him most compatible with a female partner, I think it may be a decent twist if he be with a male instead.

Travis is an outlaw, and what many may see as a cowboy due to his life on a ranch and such (the life-style rather than the hat-boot-title), that is wanted dead or alive for a high price despite the fact his so-called crimes are entirely justified (to him). In the story, I want him to kidnap someone in the middle of a bank robbery, gun-fire blazing and all of that nice appliance, and the kidnapped is of course the ‘ don’t come after me, or else!” type of thing. Anyways, I would like for this kidnapped person to be submissive, but not overly so, and somewhat talkative as to annoy Travis in the ‘on-the-run’ continued venture. Travis will… roughly seduce the person in the mix, somehow, for some reason, while staying the nights in motels/hotels on his way up north. A modern setting to say the least.

A bit of information on Travis himself: He is in his early thirties, strong build but not bulky, facial appearance like the one in my display picture. Although he isn’t normally a rough person, the hard life on the run has transformed his normal gentle nature into a bit of a rigid person, rough in some manners, harsh in others.


Frosted FeverTaken

An idea I had a while back. Although someone agreed to play it with me, they never posted, so I would like to suggest this game again. Although the plot agreed on for this game was never fully implemented, I’d leave it up for others to follow. The main character of mine is named Tristan DeFrost, an incubus, and the setting of the game is pretty old: back when people still burned women that were believed to be witches. Tristan feeds on the heavy emotional stress of the victims before they are finally captured and murdered, but the one he will find in the story will become a favorite due to the emotional levels he or she provides. Um, I already made the first post, it can be seen below if you would like an example of what I aim to play and how I write. PM me if you are interested or have any ideas for me.   

|;| --------------------------------------

He awoke…

Sounds of screams held bitterly in the air, smoke obscured the sky, heat filled the bodies of those presently around. The town was in chaos; again, all because of another accused soul was united in damnation. Tristan smiled as he laid in the cotton bed, sheets half-covering his naked frame. Beside him a woman slept, still stirred within whatever filthy dream she lay with. Lately witchcraft was sought after in horrid proclamation; it was always hunted, or at least those that were seen as witches where. He made fine use of these so-called hunted women, they were emotional creatures, most of whom were innocent of their accused crimes, and thus they were all subjected to what he has called ‘quantum assistance.’ As an Incubus, all he cared for was to feast on the emotional abstraction. Granted, abstraction in rather fun, sometimes demented ways, but feasting nonetheless.

“Tomorrow they will council their choice, or the next victim should they have tempted the recent one with life.” Since the mid 1500’s, the process was deemed necessary for human life and prosperity, but what many failed to ask was, to whom life and prosperity is owed? He didn’t care for the humans, not even a little; all he wanted was his immortality and the feel of soft flesh yield beneath his dominance.

Hours would pass, glory was given, but the townspeople would be the same as they were the day before, save for the sense of arrogance around them, or their false security.

Brushing stands of his long, dark hair from his soft, smooth face, he stood. Looking down at the woman, he smiled again. “Just another woman tempted in lust,” he mused. The days that followed possessed much more refinement in cultural appliance than those prior to the most recent murder. Tristan Defrost, man seen of importance, could only hope that days such as those suited could last him an eternity.

“Time to find me a new puppet.”

The following day, as the members of the council came together at the court house, the townspeople waited in silence. Businesses were run as normal as ever, almost as if a woman wasn’t killed the night before, but many thoughts laid heavy on their minds: was there another woman to be sought for?

Tristan sat in his place among the men and women of the board, dressed well in his pure, white garments with his hair pulled back neatly. A true oddity of those around him, but of course he was forgiven as a foreigner normally would have been. A rather elderly man stood up, with his crooked glasses and long overcoat pulled, and after a short pause he opened the thought so many held within since the midnight hours before.

“I believe God is happy now that Melen, that blasphemous Witch is burning in hell!” he finally spoke, everyone save for Tristan sighed in relief. “She spoke of another, a friend of hers whom I also suspect of unity with the Devil. Before that name is given, do any of you suspect any other of the devil’s deeds?”

“I can think of only one other that may have done the evil Melen has done. Bad things are happening to be sure, and the death of our sheep is included, which brings my suspicions that it was two witches that cursed us and our people, not just one.”

As the people shifted from one narration to another, Tristan remained silent, animated through the series with gestures that bought him acceptance into the crowd. He was happy to finally know he may have another puppet to seduce, but for now he’d have to see what they planned to do with her first.

“We wait a few days, we’ll see how she acts – and then we strike.”

“And so fares the humanity within this morbid existence” Tristan mused silently to himself…

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Re: Acanthus' ideas, desired games (M looking for M/M F/F F/M)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2011, 09:50:48 PM »
Removed ideas, added "Spotted Fever."

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Re: Acanthus' ideas, desired games (M looking for M/M F/F F/M)
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2011, 03:37:13 PM »
Revised/Removed Spotted Fever and replaced it with Frosted Fever. Overall generic name that lacks imagination, but I'm bad at that anyways.

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Re: Acanthus' ideas (M seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2011, 02:48:43 PM »
Removed all ideas and replaced them with The Road Ahead. Idea was up before, but I had to reconsider and revise a few aspects about it. Please pm me if you are interested.