Criptika's Seeking (M/F please)

Started by Criptika, January 20, 2011, 02:07:45 PM

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~ Hello there, have you come to play? ~

Here is an idea I'm toying with. Please private message me if you're interested.

Before you read please check out my Ons&Offs thread

Post Apocalyptic/Fantasy

The year is 2063 and the world has descended into mayhem and ruin. The populations have been depleted by over 75% over a period of a decade due to catastrophic storms brought on by a tainted atmosphere that's wreaked havoc on weather patterns, and world war that's destroyed cities, drained resources, and left great chasms and rubble. There is hardly enough to survive let alone rebuild. Organized government has been obliterated and self rule reigns supreme among those left. This is The Fall of Modern Civilization.

This takes place in the years to follow The Fall, when nature begins to retake the urban sprawl and remaining people begin to come together again, for better or worse.

Character stats and info

Name: Bethany Anderson
Age: 24
Location after The Fall: Within the ruins of Chicago

Physical Attributes

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown
Race: Caucasian

Roles and Skills

Status: Loner, Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Dagger and hand gun (ammunition is scarce however)
Special Ability: can bond to animals and communicate with them. They aid in her survival
Has a crow as a familiar

(credit to sparkly on DeviantArt)


As far as a storyline goes, I'm thinking that Bethany is hunting for food, and comes across your character. She's hostile and suspicious since most of the time when people meet strangers in these times, it's not a friendly situation. We can use this as a jumping point and go from there.