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April 20, 2018, 03:31:05 PM

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Author Topic: Writing Class: 9/11 Story  (Read 517 times)

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Writing Class: 9/11 Story
« on: January 18, 2011, 08:50:13 PM »
The third one, and one I was kinda iffy on posting in the non-adult section.
We were promted to write a short story about someone who was in New York on 9/11.
Please let me know what ya think.

The sun was just rising, its warm rays bathing the city in unrelenting heat. The rays of the sun caused the many windows on the Twin Towers to glitter like jewels. Life in New York City went on like normal.
  Jason smiled, feeling that his life was perfect. Just two weeks ago he'd married the girl of his dreams, Anis. Now she was bearing his child and he couldnít be happier. He smiled again as the elevator dinged on the 92nd floor of the first tower. Jason swiftly stepped off, moving towards his work area. Jason loved working here. The pay was good and his coworkers were friendly. His only complaint would be that he's so high up.
  Jason sat down at his desk, idely brushing part of his redish brown hair from his face. His deep blue eyes gazed idely at a picture of Anis. He smiled looking at the picture. It catprued her beauty almost perfectly. It easily showed her slick onyx colored hair that went past her shoulders, her dark hazel eyes that seemed to twinkle with ammusement, and her perfectly white smile that contrasted with her tanned skin in a way that made her seem all the more beautiful.
  As Jason finally began his work a few of his coworkers asked about his wife, making idle small talk as they went about their jobs. Jason answered with a smile, informing them his wife was doing fine. All conversation was abruptly cut off however as a loud explosion wracked the building, deafening the people and shaking the building. After a few seconds people realized something had exploded a few floors below.
  "Oh God...what just happened?" a near panicked woman yelled, looking around.
  Immediately people were moving everywhere, nearly everyone talking at once as people sought out information. Jason sat in stunned silence as rumors ranging from New York being assaulted to an accidental crash and everything in between floated around the building, instilling panic like an epidemic.
  The first coherent thought in Jason's mind was to call Anis, let her know he was alright. He quickly pulled out his cell phone, dialing his home phone and impatiently awaiting for Anis to pick up. He knew she must have heard about the explosion by now, and wanted to reassure her that he was fine.
  "Jason? Are you ok? Whatís happening?" immediately he was barraged with questions form his half-panicked wife.
  "Calm down Anis, I'm fine. I'm not entirely sure whatís going on, I just know thereís been an explosion a few floors below mine," Jason answered her, somewhat reassured by her.
  Before he could continue the conversation, a few security personnel began to usher the people out, saying the building was being evacuated.
  "I'm sorry babe, I have to go. I'll call you as soon as I'm outside," he quickly hung up, knowing she would only ask more questions that he didnít have time to answer.
  Jason quickly gathered his things and followed the crowd, heading first towards the elevators.
  "No use. They're either not working or just too jammed...I'll bet the stairs would be faster," Jason muttered, stepping away from the others.
  Swiftly he moved towards the stairway, steeling himself for the long climb down the 91 flights of stairs. As he was moving down he heard another explosion, though this one didnít appear to be from this tower.
  "That was Tower 2," he surmised, beginning to grow extremely fearful now.
  "There is no way both towers could be hit on accident. Maybe we really are being attacked," he was starting to panic now.
  In his panicked state was very nearly running down the stairs, hardly noticing any others in the stairway... In his haste he tripped, falling with a shout of surprise. Jason rolled down another three flights of stairs before finally stopping. For a number of minutes he merely stay laying there, his vision hazy and his body in pain. His leg felt like it was on fire and the back of his head was throbbing. Finally he managed to sit up, nearly puking as the room seemed to spin. With an effort he forced himself to his feet, only to fall to the ground with a shout, gripping his leg.
  "Hey, you alright?" another man rushed down, kneeling next to Jason.
  "No...I...I think I busted my leg..." Jason grit his teeth against the pain.
  "Here, let me help you," he other man looped one of Jason's arms around his shoulder and lifted him to a standing position.
  "Can you walk?" the man asked him, still supporting Jason.
  "No," Jason replied quickly, leaning on the man a bit more to relieve pressure form his wounded leg.
  "Alright, letís move nice and easy then," the man began to help Jason move down the stairs, making their way towards the ground floor.
  It took nearly an hour for them to reach the bottom. All the time Jason felt as though he'd been hit with a hammer on his head, and had his leg dipped in acid. Jason had very nearly passed out from the pain, but fought to keep himself conscious. As the two began to make for the exit, they head a loud explosion and felt the building shake, throwing the two of them to the floor. Immediately everyone around them began to panic and scream, stampeding out the doors.
  "Come on!" the man picked Jason up, trying to run for the doors as well, unsure of what was happening.
  Jason groaned aloud as he forced himself to move faster. Just as the two got outside, another explosion shook them and they once more fell to the ground. Jason, lying on his back, could see as the tower began to fall, the other one already falling. The other man gave Jason one look before he leapt to his feet and ran as fast as he could. Jason knew a moment of sheer terror, and deep disappointment. Terror that his life was going to end, and disappointment that he would never see Anis again. He opened his mouth in a silent scream before the tower collapsed atop of him, burying Jason in concrete and bodies.