One shot cravings: seeking creative female

Started by Batsose, January 18, 2011, 04:42:58 PM

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Idea #1: Strangers on a plane

Plane goes down in a remote locations and there are only two survivors: one male and one female.  Not sure if there are going to be saved my character convinces the other they should fulfill each others wildest sexual fantasy.  They go through with it and then they are saved...  I am open to working out the details from there.

Idea #2: Forced at gun point TAKEN

Brother and sister are forced by masked gun man who breaks into their house to have sex with each other.

Idea #3: Unrequited lust TAKEN

Two friends who are each married to other people end up taking a train ride together.  Over the long trip they end up  confessing their desire for the other and they decide to act out the unrequited lust.  Again I am willing to work out the consequences if any...

Idea #4: Hitchhiker TAKEN

A trucker picks up a hitchhiker.   She falls asleep in the cab and he takes her to a remote location where than he forces her to commit multiple acts of depravity with him or he leaves her in the middle of nowhere

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