DNAngel Rp idea (Yaoi)

Started by KaitouKid, January 17, 2011, 09:42:05 AM

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Hello guys

I was recently rewatching DNAngel and I realized there are some totally obvious Yaoi pairings in there. Although only one of them caught my interest.

Remember when Hiwatari gives Daisuke CPR?

I was thinking what if Hiwatari found a way to dominate Krad but also use some of his powers so he gets like hypnosis and then he realizes seeling Mio all over Diasuke that HE wants daisuke....
thus the seduction/hypnosis begins.

So that is my idea and I was wondering if there are any Yaoi Fangirls (or guys) out there that would be willing to try this out with me. I should also stipulate that I would want to play Daisuke/Dark.

If you are interested PM me so I don't miss your message on this thread.

See you guys around ^_^

Seduction, Light Bondage, Hypnosis, Heck I am even up for some light vore as long as we can make it sexy. Smut or Plot makes no difference I love both in the right situations. Drop me a line and we can discuss it ;)
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