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June 18, 2018, 08:20:25 PM

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Author Topic: Cape & Cowl: Earth Prime (Freeform OR M&M 2nd ed, Open to All)  (Read 487 times)

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Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Cape & Cowl: Earth Prime (Freeform OR M&M 2nd ed, Open to All)
« on: January 14, 2011, 05:52:53 PM »
Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a world: Earth-Prime. Every Earth in every parallel world is a variation, an echo of this one, the original, a cosmic cornerstone. If it is destroyed, all reality will fall. The insane among those who know, those who hate and loathe the multiverse as it is, seek to destroy it. Yet others seek to control it, and, perhaps, by doing so, control reality.

But throughout time, Earth-Prime has never fallen, despite being besieged by the greatest threats in all the multiverse. Throughout the ages, heroes have always risen to defend it from the forces of evil. In antiquity, demigods walked the Earth, champions among men. In later ages, wise mages and honorable swordsmen took up the defense of the world from the forces of darkness. And now, as in each age before it, unwittingly chosen by the Earth as its hope and its defenders, heroes arise, masked heroes possessed of extraordinary abilities. Some are mere mortals, forged into paragons by the crucible of tragedy. Some are aliens, not even of this world but drawn here by fate and chance, and yet have become its mightiest protectors. Some are born into their power, blessed and cursed with powers and responsibilities they never asked for, but which have been chosen for them. Few, even among the most brilliant of their ranks, know they have been chosen as the first, last, and only defense, and that should they fail, not only should their world fall, but their universe, and the multiverse with it. It is better that way, unburdened by knowledge of the greatest-- and heaviest-- responsibility of all.

Hello, everyone. I'm looking for players for a super-hero style game with the premise outlined above. It will be a sandbox-- everyone will be free to form teams, either with other PCs, or with NPCs, or with a mix thereof, and to follow or develop plotlines as they wish. NPCs and places will be drawn from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, Marvel comics, DC comics, and other comic universes, such as Image, Top Cow, as well as other media, such as television shows and possibly video games, in addition to original characters. However, many of these characters may be different from canon. A villain may be a hero, or vice versa. A hero without powers in his usual canon may have powers on Earth Prime, or lack them. Specific characters may be requested to be part of Earth Prime.

I would prefer for this game's player characters to be primarily original characters; however, I will allow characters from other canons on a case-by-case basis. Note it is likely some facet of them may change. I am more likely, for instance, to approve an OC who wields the Witchblade, or Sarah Pezzini without powers-- or with powers different from the Witchblade, than Witchblade directly as she is presented in the comics.

I will post more about the world, the major powers and known heroes if interest accumulates.

Individuals may choose to either go freeform, or to use M&M, 2nd edition; however, should a 'statted' character have need to interact or use their powers against a freeform character or vice versa, the interaction will be handled in an entirely freeform manner.

The primary goal of the game will not be sexual in nature, but sexual situations can and may arise, depending on the actions of the players.

Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome. Thank you.