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Author Topic: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]  (Read 1500 times)

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A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« on: January 13, 2011, 02:37:41 pm »
I'm Supernova.
Feel free to call me Nova.
I've been roleplaying free-form for almost seven years now.
I try hard not to write less than two paragraphs.
I do tend to mirror my partners post, matching length for length if I can.
I write for both genders and I don't mind if you are a male playing a female.
When it comes to MxF pairings, I do tend to want the female but I can be convinced otherwise.

- PM me to speak about games
- Be patient with me.
- - Muses can be fickle when it comes to me. Do not freak out if I happen to be posting in other games and not yours. I will get to it. If I think its going to take awhile, I'll PM you and let you know that I'm having trouble with my muse.
- FORUM games only. I'll forget about everything else.
- I check and write posts from my phone, which doesn't have spell check. Please excuse the misspelled words you may see.
- Plot with me! I love plotting out future twists in the game with my partners.
- If you no longer want to continue our game, just let me know. I won't bite. I understand.


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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2011, 02:38:39 pm »


Eyes Sewn Shut, Heart Wide Open [MxM / Modern Fantasy / Vanilla / Light Biting / Small age gap]
- - A freak accident left him blind for the rest of his life. Before the accident, he had his entire life figured out. Now, he had nothing. He didn't try to go out anymore. No one wanted to be with a blind man. One day, a man shows up at his doorstep, saying he was from the local college and he was part of a Books for the Blind program. The college male was here to read to him and to spend time with him. At first, he didn't trust the younger man but as time went on, he found himself eagerly awaiting his friends arrival. His friend shows up late one day and apologizes when he arrives. There is sadness in his voice. He touches his friend's face to find wet cheeks. "Why have you been crying?" "I just ended a bad relationship." He embraced the male tightly and told him it'd be alright. This was how their affair started.

Alien Among Us [MxF or MxM / Alternate Species Earth / Light Bondage / Body exploration]
- - You're forced to make a stop on Earth before you continue your mission to Venus. Upon your arrival, you are taken hostage by a scouting party of aliens. What surprises you the most is how much they look like humans. Yes, there are differences but they were mainly cosmetic. They spoke your language and moved as you did. You are taken to their Elder who is taken with you. He tells you that you are to stay and relax. His grandchild takes you to the hut you'll be sharing with him/her. Over the next few days, as you wait on replacement fuel cells, you discover that the aliens know little about sex or their own bodies. The grandchild wants to learn more and decides you are going to teach him/her. - -

The Pied Piper of After Life [MxF / Mind control / Modern Fantasy / Moderate Drug & Alcohol Consumption / Bondage / Gags]
- - At some point everyone has heard the story of the Pied Piper and how he led children away with his magical, musical pipe. What  most people don't know is that the Pied Piper is still alive to this day. He's simply traded in his pipe for a set of turntables. After Life is one of the more underground clubs around the city. Every once in awhile, a female will wander in and become entranced by the mixes the DJ is throwing out. He finds that female and takes her home to do unspeakable things to her before letting her go a few days later. On this particular night, she walks into the club and as soon as he lays eyes on her, the DJ starts mixing a track just for her. She finds herself becoming disoriented and something in her mind tells her to go sit at a nearby booth to lay her head on the table. He picks her up once his shift ends and takes her home. "Wake up." - -

The Scent of Blood [MxF / Razor Play / Blood Play / Psychological & Physical Abuse / Ownership Piercing or Branding / Humiliation / Forced Lesbianism / Sensory Deprivation / Toys / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism]
- - She was taken from her room in the dead of night without a trace. It was like she had simply vanished into thin air. The smell of blood mixed stirred her sleeping form awake. Once her vision cleared, panic spread through her body. She couldn't see. Something was over her eyes and in her mouth as well. A deep voice spoke to her sweetly, "Hello little one. Its been so long since I've had an untouched Fae in my collection." She knew he was smirking. "Don't worry. Soon you'll grow to love it." The feel of cool metal against her skin made her cry out against her gag. Why was he doing this to her? Who was he? - -

→  Under the Big Top [MxF / Vampire Acrobat / Blood Play / Mind Games / Human Pet / Traveling Circus / Violence / Forced Submission / Heavy Biting / Ownership Piercing or Tattoo / Fighting Over Dominance]
- -  Dreamscape is a traveling circus of an unusual kind. Not all the people you see are as human as they seem. In fact, that female acrobat up there on that ribbon is a rather sadistic vampire. Below her, the shirtless male breathing fire is actually a dragon. Their ring leader is some kind of high level demon. So what are all these mythical creatures doing together? Their collecting souls for their boss. After each show, a group of normal humans is allowed to stay late for a "special performance". This is when they slaughter whoever is left and Ring takes their souls using some kind of chant or something. During this show, the female vampire spots a human male in the crowd. She is drawn to him for some reason and invites him to stay after for the special performance. She doesn't want to kill him so she goes to Ring to ask if she can have a pet. He agrees as long as she can keep her pet under control. That night, she takes his hand and tells him she knows something he'd like better than the performance. They go back to her trailer and the fun begins. - -

- - Setting and genres I enjoy - -
Modern Fantasy
Sci - Fi
Bloody Horror
Twisted Circus
Alternate History Earth
Alternate Species Earth
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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2011, 03:04:54 pm »

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga { no vampires, wolf pack only }
Chrono Crusade
Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series
Sailor Moon
Assassin's Creed "Trilogy"
Syfy's Sanctuary

Dragon Ball Z
Black Dagger Brotherhood
Metal Gear Solid



Make Me Forget My Name [Human Leah x OC / BON, NON-CON or EX]
- - Leah is sick of having her heartbroken by Quilette men. First Sam left her for her cousin and then Jacob left her for some girl he met in Seattle. She decides to leave one night and drives until her car runs out of gas. Walking down the road, Leah wishes she had someone who could just make her forget her name and her past. A black car drives up behind her and honks, making her jump. A window rolls down. "Need a ride?" A male voice asks. Leah nods slowly and gets in the vehicle despite the bad feeling in her gut. They drove pass a gas station and that bad feeling grew worse. "I just needed a ride to the gas station. Can you turn around?" He looks over at her and smirks. "No Leah. I'm going to make you forget your name." - - 

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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2011, 03:21:09 pm »

→  links will be added soon

Whispers in the Dark
Awake and Alive
Those Nights

Avenged Sevenfold
Welcome to the Family

Five Finger Death Punch
Bad Company
Far From Home

I Get Off
I'm Not An Angel
Familiar Taste of Poison

Breaking Benjamin
What Lies Beneath
Dear Agony
Without You
Diary of Jane

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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2011, 03:21:40 pm »
→  images will be added shortly


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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2011, 06:04:10 pm »
→  constantly updated


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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2011, 06:53:06 pm »
added Under The Big Top to Extreme original.

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Re: A Burst of Imagination [MUL / MxF / MxM]
« Reply #7 on: January 26, 2011, 12:24:02 pm »
Modified a post to include Anime Images for possible games.