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Author Topic: A Dove in Hand. [Noncon-maybe Extreme] Looking for a Male  (Read 546 times)

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A Dove in Hand. [Noncon-maybe Extreme] Looking for a Male
« on: January 12, 2011, 01:38:28 PM »
A Dove in Hand….

Setting:  London. In the year 1600, just before the end of the great Elizabethan Era.

Story:    Amelia Ashford was living quite the sustainable life, looking for a suitable husband, when her parents took ill and died. With no other family to speak of, and no way of paying much of the debt her parents had incurred she was left homeless, with little to no coin in hand. For a few months she was able to earn a living, being a nanny or maid for the children of people her family once knew. When that began to fall short, Amelia began to consider turning to the oldest profession. She had no suitors; nobody wanted her without money or prestige. Prostitution seemed to be her last option. 

When the arms of the madams in the red lit hotels seemed to look so inviting, it was then that she met [Blank].

He was a rich middle aged Count, who spent most of his efforts in his study, painting day in and day out.  When his wife died shortly after giving birth to two sons, he seemed to fall into a depression. Now that his sons were old enough to be sent away too prestigious schools in France, he was left alone.

It just so happened, that he was walking the same stretch of marketplace as Amelia that day. She was plainly dressed, in clothing that was drab and far less bright then the noble ladies. But there was something about her face that appealed to him. Maybe it was the way she looked him in the eye and smiled as she passed by him, as though there was some dignified secret she kept. She was his perfect subject and it was vital he paint her.

Not too soon after they made their acquaintance and he heard of her awful plight that he made her an offer. If she would come to live with him, and allow him to paint her from time to time, he would afford her all the benefits of being a noble woman within his home. Naïve, cold, and scared of what would happen if she didn’t take him up on his offer, she accepted.

His intentions were innocent at first; she was as young as his sons, a daughter in his eyes. Every day she would come and pose for him for a few hours out of the day. His sketches soon became an obsession. There was something missing in his work, it lacked emotion.
For months this went on, up until his eldest son returned home for the winter.

His son was definitely attracted to the young, vibrant Amelia. Over the last few months she had come out of her shell and was quite pleasant to sit and talk to. Though [Blank] never asked, he assumed she had good breeding; she was well educated for a woman. Amelia and his son spent many hours together, talking, riding horses. [Blank] himself had begun to develop quite an attraction to her as well and it was infuriating that her attentions were no longer his alone. Obsession turned into desire, and soon he began to covet her in ways he had not considered, when they had first became acquainted.

He began to ask her to pose in lewd ways. At first she resisted, but he calmed her nerves by telling her it was only for the sake of the artwork, and reminding her that this was all part of their deal. Not too soon after he moved her to a bedroom adjacent to his, claiming he didn’t want any sort of misbehaving on his son’s part to occur. Soon he began to slip into her room while she slept, sketch her sleeping form. He watched her often, even in her most intimate moments.

One evening after watching Amelia and his son wander about the terrace talking, smiling, and giggling, [Blank] called the young Amelia up to his study. He wanted her to pose completely nude for him. Of course she refused. After a few minutes of arguing, he becomes angered by her refusal and rips her clothes off. Huddled in the mass of what use to be a silk gown and staring up at him he sees it, that raw emotion he had longed to capture for so many months. He asked her not to move, and for fear of him, she listens. Minutes turn to hours and a little seed of salaciousness begins to grow in the pit of his stomach. Glances that once simply took in her expression began to take in her form. It had been so long since he had touched a woman. All the sadness and despair, the anger for having lost his love began to boil.

She looked so beautiful, so submissive, kneeling on the floor at his feet, shivering from the cold of the evening. [Blank] makes a decision to do the unthinkable. He forces himself upon Amelia robbing her of her innocence. Once all is said and done, he realizes the gravity of his mistake. With a great deal of remorse he leaves her, not knowing what to say or do to calm the distrust in her eyes she now turned on him.

He decides to do right for her and sets up a noble family to take her in as a Nanny. Of course he couldn’t give her back what he had stolen, but he could give her enough that she could live a comfortable life.

When it was decided that she would leave his manor in two weeks time, he begins to change his mind. He doesn’t want her to leave. Every night that draws closer to her leaving he slips into her room to gently touch her soft pink aureoles through her silk chemise, or leaning down to run his tongue over her sweet lips. He spends hours sketching her sleeping form, watching her dreams unfold. A few days before she is due to leave he makes a decision to keep her with him forever. He builds a lock on the outside of her bedroom door so she cannot escape. The only question now is how best to dim her fiery spirit so she will submit to him willingly.

This is what I am looking for:
I want somebody to play the artist. I am also hoping that this story will make a progression from light-non consensual, possibly extreme. This is my first Elliquiy role-play and I kind of want to explore a vast number of kinks. The only thing I will not agree to attempt to play out is any scene involving scat. Please be aware that I probably will write 3+ paragraphs, and the introduction will probably be quite lengthy. I can do one post a night, and more on the weekends. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: A Dove in Hand. [Noncon-maybe Extreme] Looking for a Male
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 11:15:19 PM »
“Define your meaning of war. To me It’s what we do when we’re bored…” [Status:Taken]

Twins, Gabrielle and [Blank] Wesson have been rivals for as long as they can remember. When one is hot, the other is cold. Except for family resemblance they have nothing in common. To make matters worse their parents decided to pit them against one another at an early age in an attempt to promote individuality. To make matters worse, their father is a high class mafia lord, and only one of them will be able to inherit his business.

At first their rivalry was innocent enough. They would spend hours arguing, or playing nasty tricks on one another. As they grew older and increasingly more gorgeous, they also began to use their sexuality against one another. It was only a small game at first, a game of truth or dare meant to push one of them to the breaking point.  Gabrielle dared her brother [Blank] to kiss her in a most private area. She assumed that he would never go, THAT, far. Much to her surprise he didn’t hesitate. As far as girls went, he could appreciate that his sister was kind of hot.

Their teen years yielded some dirty tricks, but as the two blossomed into adulthood, their antics became even nastier. They spent days planning ways to sabotage one another. If there was a way for one of them to degrade the other, they would find it. One evening they get into a very deep argument over [Blank]’s newest relationship. Gabrielle doesn’t approve of this new girlfriend. [Blank] begs his sister to not fuck things up for him. She agrees, but under one condition. She wants him to kiss her.

He does more than kiss her. After taking advantage of his pretty sister, he ‘tells’ her that it would be in her better sense to let this relationship be. She is stunned, speechless, but by no means helpless. Nobody takes advantage of Gabrielle Wesson, the least of all her own brother. She decides to teach him a lesson. She waits until he is sleeping and drugs him. When he wakes up the next morning he is unable to move, and very much naked. The silhouette of his sister is standing over him, a deviant smirk on her face.

Naughty things ensue, and she leaves him to clean up his mess. But now their little sexipade has become war. He seeks out a way to beat her at her own game.

I am looking for: A male who can play Gabrielle’s brother. I envision this being a random back and forth game of nonconsensual, borderline extreme situations. There are a few things I am looking for; degradation is a big one, bondage as well. If you have any questions let me know. I am on Pacific Standard Time, and I have work and school and stuff so I might only post once a day.
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