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Gods of Elion (Previously 'The Goddess Hollow')

Inspired Post: An old man sat in front of the fire place, his grandchildren around him. A book in his hand with the inscription of the word Elion in its cover.

"Grandfather, please hurry! We want to hear about the god's! The immortals!" His eldest grandchild said excited. A grin spread over his lips, "Well, only because you order me, dearest prince". The young boy grin back at him, relaxing.

The old man clear his throat and open the book, passing the pages before stopping where he had left off. "The god's are truly wonderful. They are the reason why we are alive. The reason we exist, that Elion and everything else outside of it exists. Do you know who they are?"

All the little one's shook their heads, while the eldest voice boom in. "Yes! I do!" He raise his hand up in the air and the grandfather nodded for him to answer. "First, grandfather, we must give thankful prayers for the divine two. The creators to the world. Mother Darkness and Father Light. They are the parents of the first lot. " The old man, nodded. "Correct. They are the parents to the god's of the divine court." He chuckle when all of the children went 'oooooh'.

"Their first children were Khaos, Atrus and Astraea. Astraea been the only female took over the creation of the lands, nurturing herself into them and making the food grow, the humans and animals to appear, giving balance to everything. Khaos having enough power, created the skies for them and Astrus took over the underworld for the safe haven of the mortal and immortal souls to be kept. But Mother Darkness and Father light thought it was not enough and decided to have three other children. Markagir, born with the power of water, decided to create the oceans, the seas, the lagoons and populate them with fish. Helana, born with the power of fire decided to provide the sun for warmth and fire for safety. Diamante, been born with the power of darkness like his mother, decided to create the stars and moon for the humans to admire. When the gods and goddesses believe their work to be finish, they all ascended up to their thrones."

The old man cough and a servant went to him with a pitcher of water, he shook his head and clear his throat. He needed to continue on. A small hand raised up and he smile, "Yes, my darling princesses?" "Grandfather, what happen after they...They aschended." He smile, "Well, feuds started to happen between all of them. Humans had started to create kingdoms and advanced, they populated every single land and as believers they always beg for guidance. But with no patrons, they didn't know who to beg and as each god thought they had the power well major wars ensue. Khaos with all the best of intentions, had turn to the worst and had created a plan where he would destroy each and one of his brothers and sisters. He thought that the best to start was to kill off Astraea; he waited one day to see all of his brothers off to fight and attack her. Claiming her for his own and ravaging her body with no mercy, almost killing her if it hadn't been for all of his brothers coming back and striking him into submission. Enchaining him and throwing him off to the deepest bottom of the underworld, to never get out. Astraea though survive she had not only been fertile but had taken in Khaos seed and got pregnant. One week later giving birth to a dozen of children, minor gods and goddesses. The elder court not wanting to see history repeat itself call in and decided for a leader, from all the elders they chose the eldest one of all... Atrus."

The old man caress the page which held the picture of the god. He on all his eighty years did not know how the god really look. Though he had seen him various times, different appearances and always hiding."They chose...Death." The old man look up and smile, "Yes, Death as king of the god's. You may think it is weird of an idea, but it was the wisest decision. Atrus respected life and humans, he wanted a future for the people of Elion and that is why he became the patron of Elion. The one all mighty." He lifted the book and show the children the picture, in good time maybe someday they will all see him. He cough again and put the book back on his lap. "Who did he married, grandfather? " That made him cough again, turning the page. "Ah...Atrus, well he fell for one of his nieces. He saw in her what he had never seen in any other goddess. Death." He felt the temperature lower a bit and shiver. "Her name is Thalya. The goddess of witchcraft, seduction and fertility, but most of all death. She is the first wive of Atrus. The only one to be a true goddess of the divine court. Thalya is dark, taking more after her father than her nurturing mother." He cough again, this time seeing a cold breath escape his lips, catching his attention.

"How does she look like, grandfather?" He came back. "Ah...Here take a look." He showed them the picture, hearing their amazement. Hearing them murmur how beautiful she was.  "How come she isn't a patron we have ever heard from?" The eldest ask, "Well because Thalya hates humans. She despises us, sees us weak. When the time of dividing patron duties came she pass hers. Deciding only to be patron to those who were mages or in need of fertility. Taking more seriously her role as queen of the underworld." He put the book back at his lap, caressing the eyes that always had call to him. "Who are the other wives, grandfather?"

He look up and turn the page, this time small portraits on it. "The mother's of the alliances. Nammu is the patron goddess to Istium; our small island kingdom. She is a minor sea goddess as well as the protector of the children in Quiranth and Rosethorne. Oleander is the patron goddess to Quiranth. She is the goddess of purity as well as the minor goddess of harvest. Her kingdom is where our head leader lives, it is abundant in wealth and forests. Vivianne is the patron goddess to the mountain kingdom of Rosethorne. She is the goddess of the winds, also the minor goddess of weather. Last but never least is Kismet. She is the patron goddess to the desert lands of Nervas. She is the  minor goddess of sensuality and love. Those are the five wives of Atrus." He showed them the pictures and close the book. Giving it to one of the servants to put away.

"But, grandfather, that would mean they were humans once." The eldest was a clever boy, he was about to speak when he got interrupted. "Father, it is way past their bed times!" He look at his three daughters, all with the same blue eyes that run in their family for generations. A sign that meant very noble blood in Istium. "Well, time passes by fast, when one is having fun." All the children groan and look at their respective mothers with pouts and almost tears. 'Well, I guess a a little bit more wouldn't hurt." The two eldest look at the youngest and smile, letting out chuckles, all going to their children and sitting down. Turning to eldest grandchild again he said, "Yes, clever boy. Those are demi goddeses who were once lovers and bearers to the children of Astrus. His beloveds." "But, what about Thalya...Didn't she had children?" He gulp and shook his head softly. "No...Thalya has never had children. Not because she can't but because Atrus is alway in earth, spilling his seed in human women."

"FATHER!" He grin and shrug his shoulders. "It is the truth. You all must be careful with Thalya. She is wife to death; to the trickster. She is always jealous and when every time she hears a human woman has gotten pregnant by her husband...She hunts them down to kill the woman and the newborn." He felt how the room change, feeling sorry for telling them this. He always had done it, just like his father and grandfather before him. Thalya was a menace to those who had never gotten the proper blessing and protection from Atrus. Looking at the fire, he stood. "Now all of us to bed, we must get some rest before the morning comes too soon." The children yawn and stood; his daughters escorting their child's off to their beds. Watching them all he exited the room and wave the servants to go to sleep, going to his suite. Entering and closing the door, taking off his boots and clothing and going to his bed. His last thought going to the man who had sire his whole blood line.

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The Fandoms
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The Fandoms


*The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs

*The Alpha and Omega Series by Patricia Briggs

*The Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop

*The Beautiful Creatures Series by Margaret Stohl & Kami Garcia

* The Real Vampires Series (also known as The Glorianna Sinclair Series) by Gerry Bartlett

*Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

*Blood and Chocolate by Anne Curtis Klause

* The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

*The Succubus Series or Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead

* The Kushiel's Legacy Universe by Jacqueline Carey

*Tamora Pierce Tortall Universe

(Got so many more @.@)

Movies & Series

* The Crow

* The Underworld (Vampire Movies)

* Lost Girl

* The Tudors

*Drop Dead Diva

(Others that don't come to mind, right now.)

Anime & Manga

*Ceres: The Celestial Angel

*Sailor Moon



*Twelve Kingdoms

*Fruit Basket

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