from Jake to Jane

Started by curiousjames, January 09, 2011, 11:36:39 PM

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OK let me just start by saying No I don't have any off or on's listed I prefer to discuss what I want in a roleplay with each person before i start.

This is my idea its very loose and open to modification and any new ideas. I would like to play a guy that is seduced/forced into femininity. It would start out with his wife or girlfriend talking him into trying on her panties and he enjoys it they have great sex where she takes charge and enjoys it to. This first time could be for any reason maybe both drunk lost luggage etc from there she talks him into wearing them again and ends up buying him a collection telling him to wear them all the time as it makes her horny to know he has them on. Then she chips away at him first trying a stocking on him a bra shaving his legs etc it would be great if she was seductive and devious about it.
to be a women for a day oh what a day that would be