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December 15, 2018, 07:33:26 AM

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Author Topic: That One Guy's Ideas, image prompts, and other mayhem - M seeking F (updated)  (Read 3080 times)

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Online That One GuyTopic starter

Ideas that plague me
It seems that while I seldom need a new thread, or have the time, I often have the inspiration. Only half formed, of course, as I like to work with my co-writers to flesh things out. The product is always, without exception, better when I collaborate than when I try to fill most the details myself. Besides, what fun would that be for you?

1) Nothing right now

2) NSFW images - need people to play/plot with
Power Couple


Boot Fetish(and great smile!)?

Old, no takers, sorta retired
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Anonymous Perversions
This one is a bit odd, and takes some 'splaining - bear with me please. In my wanderings of the interwebs and its interesting images (porn) I've been hit the latex fetish and more specifically those with full face hood, where you can only see her eyes (sometimes just seeing the eyes is sooo damn hot - the looks, the mystery...), if even that much! So the question hit was to what motivation might someone have to dress up like that and hide themselves, plot wise.

So what I am looking for here is a story based on your female character that has such a motivation. Perhaps my characters hides as well. But how close can two people be, who clearly click sexually, when they never see each others face and don't know their real name? Various kinks can be discussed with the interested writer, but a large part of this is the social experiment of it. Can be a modern setting, or slightly in the future with more 'future fabrics' that have less worry than real world latex. All up for discussion - but again, its about motivations, seeking an escape, and how close can they really be?

Possible ideas on motivations: She is some VIP. Rich business tycoon? Senator? And this starts as her escape where she can indulge in whatever kinks she likes. Perhaps one of them is scarred and this is the way they feel confident and attractive again?

This is intentionally left a bit vague, to work out specifics with a partner. Things always work out more fun if both work on the plan. W00t for character and world building together!

Also, yes I know I am weird.

High Fantasy Adventure Smut!
I blame my Pathfinder group falling apart for this - not that this is the sort of thing we played.
Anyway, I am looking for a specifically odd couple in a High fantasy setting. A dwarf (sorta like Varic from Dragon Age 2, but with the beard) - odd, surface dweller, outcast of his own people and doesn't much give a shit about that. Strong, stout, hits things, and drinks a lot. Sometimes insightful.
His companion is the character I am looking for. Elf, tiefling, succubus (maybe she's trying to go good, and her magic doesn't drain dwarves, so they are a good fit), something tall, fun and probably has pointed ears, and some issue that makes her want a friggin' odd ball dwarf.
They travel together, take jobs together, have each others back...and for whatever reason can't keep their hands off each other at night. Hell they might even resent this fact.

Looking for humor, pervs, and high adventure. I do like character development in all I do - I can't seem to help it, even in the most smutty of smuts - they gotta be interesting and grow and all that.

If interested, look up my O/O's and let me know via PM.


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