That One Guy's Ideas, image prompts, and other mayhem - M seeking F (updated)

Started by That One Guy, January 09, 2011, 04:46:58 PM

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That One Guy

Where to play:
I am looking to play on the forums - though I will entertain playing on PM if we really seem like a good writing match. Discord is becoming a great option to both plan, OCC chat/BS and even play.

Please let me know if you are interested via PM.

Ideas that plague me
It seems that while I seldom need a new thread, or have the time, I often have the inspiration. Only half formed, of course, as I like to work with my co-writers to flesh things out. The product is always, without exception, better when I collaborate than when I try to fill most the details myself. Besides, what fun would that be for you?

A fore mentioned half-assed ideas:
1 - MxF - The Crypid Next door. Either a modern or steampunk setting, your run of the mill, nice guy, mind flayer type. No serious, what if he isn't evil, and is just an average Joe, or ok maybe a little better off, due to some advantages of being able to dick with people's minds. Maybe a steampunk brothel owner, and all his 'workers' are oddly really happy with their lot in life? Or the guy next door who can help a girl 'study' and memorize things for college, but has some needs too....

2 - The Obsessive overly devoted surprise Sub. I like this one from either side, but never got to play it from the sub perspective.  Looking for FxF on this one, but can be convinced of MxF (with Character B being the male I play). Sub character decided that Character B is super worthy of having their own play thing - and just inserts themselves into their life as such. Let chaos and kink reign! Really looking to play the sub for once on this, but can go for the 'character B/dom' as well.

3 - Anonymous kink. Tried this one in various places, various times, but want to toss it out again. Its a latex/rubber fetish thread, but with us developing some reason one ore both of the characters must stay anonymous to the other - thus the hoods and such. Famous people wanting to indulge, but gotta hide it? Maybe one is very scarred, and this is the only way they feel sexy? Lets plot.

4 - Surprise Domme. Kinda like the obsessed Sub above, I am thinking this is a mXF story, with a younger lass taking over a Guy's life a bit. Young woman who sneaks over to use his pool, knows he watches, so then takes further steps? Maybe a fantasy setting? Looking for kink, but also maybe two people who are 'not right' that find their quirks fit. Would like to play the sub male on this - as it's such a rare treat.

I have an F-list (in sig) but here are some highlights.

BDSM stuff (D/s, Femdom, maledom, bondage - all consensual!TBDNon-consent (Biggest, firmest NO)
Consent - required!Furries (just not my thing, no shame)
Outfits (stockings, latex/rubber, leather, scene specificMXM Pairings (again, just not my jam to write about. No issue with it for others, of course).
Modern, Sci-FI, fantasy, Steampunk, etc.Under 18. Not happening.
Playing Male and Female characters"Bathroom activities"
Playing with/against female characters
Playing dom's, subs, switches

Other inspiration:
Play as, or opposite a character based on this model and her aesthetic:


NSFW images - need people to play/plot with

What's Waiting at home?

Gamer sub?

Aww cute/kink together


Boot Fetish(and great smile!)?

Just yes please!

Actresses that currently inspire: (for face claims...not to play literally as

Katee Sackoff
Allison Scagliotti
Kristen Bell
Meghan Ory
Sasha grey
Christina Carter
Aria Alexander
Zooey Deschanel
Erica Cerra

Karen Gillan
Kate Walsh
Olivia Wilde
Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson
Lena Headey
Lana Parrilla
Natalie Dormer
Anna Torv
Olivia Taylor Dudley