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Author Topic: Down the Alley is the Hard Candy [M seeking F]  (Read 707 times)

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Offline KypTopic starter

Down the Alley is the Hard Candy [M seeking F]
« on: January 06, 2011, 02:15:54 am »
Hello, I'm currently looking for a female who would do the pleasure of gracing me with an RP. I'm not very dominate but can play the part if needed to at time. It's been a while since I've down an RP so bare with me if my responds are rough. Also, just to note, I go to college during the day and I work at a restaurant at night but if you seen me in the SB, I get on when I can with the help of my laptop. As for ideas, they are listed below. :) Yes they are short but have plenty to work with.

Please PM me if you are interested! :)

Old Feelings RenewedTAKEN
Old friends are separated because the male's dad is transferred to a new Navy base at the age of 9-13 (can vary for both ages). Ten years down the road, they run into each other at a movie that they both went to with their best friends and that's where the RP would take off on.

Going BlindTAKEN
Another one is neighbors in an apartment complex. They had crushes on each other for years but both are too shy to make a move until their friends set them up on a blind date. Neither one of them knowing that it's the other person for their date. The RP would pick up at each person getting ready for the date to meet at local Italian restaurant.

The Night Is Still Young
As a young male, Ryan finally has finished Community College and is going to a university. It will be his first time living on his own and he honestly can't wait. All the activities, women, sports, parties, and women. The images running through his head ten per second it seemed. Packing the last box into his 2007 black customized Eclipsed, he gives his parents a kiss and hug good bye and he heads off to a 7 hour drive. Finally after making the drive, he heads to his apartment that he saved up for and scored a serving job at the top restaurant on campus. In tips alone, he'll make over $300/night. that alone paying for more the three-fourths his rent. A few weeks go by and Ryan is loving the college life. His classes are simple so he decides to focus on his social life. This is were the Rp will take off.

Stays in the familyCraving!
I've been wanting to something based off of the Literotica story Not exactly that same plot but similiar, we can decides what differences we can do.

Sakori was the odd ball of his neighborhood. Growing up in a trailer park due his parents being white trash  He always tried to find someway to get out. In his mean time, he was in high demand from the women of the park. From group of girls to multiple nights in a row with one. Sak was tired of it though. He wanted something more in life. One day, a business woman came to the park seeing she would be interested to buy and fix it up. Sak had just got done with two sisters that seemed to never get enough of him when he saw her walk out of the management building straight towards him. "Excuse me Sak? Word has traveled that you're the best to have a good time with. If so, I'll get you out of here and fix this dump up." Sak froze in shock. This was his big  shot, he knew that he convince her to setup him up somewhere. "What do you mean a good time?" he asked dumbfounded.

This is where we would pick up. I'm hoping the the female can play multiple females as the plot continues and some bondage can be applied if desired. And the Business woman would have a dominate outer shell but submissive the bed. I realize that there seems to be a lot of sexual activity in here but it wont lead the plot. I hope to see Sak advance into other things but maybe something might spark between the business lady of someone else down the road or both and Sak has to decide or they ladies agree to share him. Everything can be worked out in PMs of over YIM.
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Offline Mistress Sarah

Re: Kyp's Realistic RPs [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2011, 02:51:50 am »
Might be interested in the "Leaving the nest" plot.

Would love to play a mysterious, witty and sarcastic character whom everyone desire but is afraid of, she seem to take interest in your character.

Offline KypTopic starter

Re: Kyp's Realistic RPs [M seeking F]
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2011, 02:37:44 am »
Roleplays taken

Offline KypTopic starter

Re: Down the Alley is the Hard Candy [M seeking F]
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2011, 05:33:07 pm »
That Night is Still Young, Stays In the family, and Opportunities added.