M/F Pairings [BF/GF, Vampire, Corruption, Incest, Possible Ex]

Started by Dray, January 06, 2011, 12:39:42 AM

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So I basically have a few ideas and I am looking for someone to play the female character of the pair.  All ideas are open for discussion and details can be worked out over PM or IM.  I like partners who can post a couple paragraphs or more and be a bit detailed as well as keep an open mind to kinks and fetishes.  The pictures at the bottom are one's that I found particularly interesting and as models that could fit some of my ideas.  You can check my On/Offs, it's there and filled out, though I am adding some more things and editing others so it is kind of under construction.  If you have any questions or are interested in anything, or maybe have some ideas or details you wish to discuss then send me a PM.  Things can be changed below to meet something you like or are craving, but if you just like my On/Offs and have something else in mind entirely then run it by me and we can discuss a potential role play.

Vampire/Teen Girl - This would be a bit on the darker side.  I was thinking something along the lines of a Vampire hooking up with a teenage "emo" girl...drawn to her by her past, body, beauty, and the scent of her blood.  Their relationship would be rough and forceful, he would be strong, dominate and possessive.  She would like every moment of it, liking how hard and rough he could get, both of them loving the mix of pain and pleasure...there would be some blood play as she would willingly allow him to drink from her, maybe even some knife play as she cuts herself and lets him lap it up.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Just looking for one of those regular boyfriend and girlfriend pairings, the two of them being in school and all of that.  Though I want to explore many aspects here.  Both of them would be sexual deviants, even having sex in school or sneaking around their families and the house...sneaking away at night, or he climbs into her bedroom window.  So I am looking for someone who likes to explore and be adventurous sexually.  I would like some public scenes as well perhaps, maybe they could make some sex tapes as well, a kink they share to do it for a camera and watch it later.  Down the line she could end up pregnant or something could happen to where they move out together and needing some money, they start up their own porn site with the two of them posing and going at it hardcore.  There will be romance, but a lot of passion and raw lust as well...how they meet and all those details can be discussed.

Corruption - This would be M/F/F and would require someone to play the two female characters or we can make it a small group of three people, me playing the male of course.  It would involve some incest for I would like the two females to be Mother/Daughter or maybe even Sisters.  Now the male could be several things.  He could be the boyfriend of the daughter who also hooks up with her mother and maybe the two of them work at sort of "training" her...she being less experienced, the "good" girl, the virgin.  The mother would be a bit on the wild side of course, a sexual deviant who just absolutely loves and needs it.  If we went with sisters then one sister would be rather innocent, the other would be the wild.  So it involves a pair of an experienced male and female and then an inexperienced female.  The possibilities are endless and can be discussed freely with anyone who is interested in this idea.

Some pictures to go along with these (NSFW):

Blond with short skirt and tied shirt

Brunette in Bikini 1
Brunette in Bikini 2
Brunette in Bikini 3

Cute "emo" girl

Sexy Teen

Cute Red Glasses