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Author Topic: Tick's pile of random ideas  (Read 1486 times)

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Tick's pile of random ideas
« on: January 05, 2011, 04:03:30 PM »
Alright here is the deal real quick. I don't like defining the roleplaying world by myself. I find it boring and if I do that I might as well be writing by myself. I like it when I can discuss the rp before hand with my partner to set some of the finer details. For instance if I put magic into a plot, I might give the general idea behind the magic but it will be vague. How it operates and limitations are important to me.

Here is why, I like unique worlds. I rarely will do a canon or tv show or book. So for my partner to rp anything about that world that I don't throw in can end in two ways, great or royally screw up what I had in mind for the laws or realities of the world. For instance, if I  made my character so that he had used magic that backfired and caused him to live with. A handicap, and your character does it like it's natural(has happened before) it kind of contradicts my character's history. Thus I believe it's important that both people have a hand in the creation of a unique world.

So I won't throw down full plots or ideas, because I want a unique input and I don't want everything to be designed and planned by me.

 I guess a lot of people say this but it stands a little high on my scale. Plot is important. I have read a few threads that seem to try to have a plot but then just abandon it and go straight to sex(no offense to these people, I am not critizing nor do I have the right to) That won't work with me. My mind almost needs a plot to write. Sometimes with me you won't have sex or d/s or anything along those lines for easily twenty to fifty posts in(depending on the length and the plot) sometimes I will be fine with kicking it off with a D/s situation that leads into the overall plot. The reason for that is this. I can't play a character who JUST wants sex. I have to honestly feel like he (or she) has other things on their mind, other wants and objectives. Casual sex is fine in the plot. I can even do plots that are based around the sex(breaking down someones will) but I need there to be a solid plot. Without feeling like I am doing something other then sex with said character, muse will die fast, because I can't relate to the character.

And lastly if you have an idea you think will interest me feel free to PM me. I am fine with random pms.


In the year 2023, science has only advanced so far, yet behind the scenes, a lot more has changed. In the shadows a new virus has been designed and released in all major cities, infecting the majority of the population.

But, it is harmless to most. The majority would go through their entire lives without noticing. But there are a few of ever twenty thousand that show the signs of infection. Migraines, cramps, vomiting. Symptoms that would come and go as they went on with their lives. Unknowingly being changed right at their genetic code.

Eventually they would start showing super natural powers. Telekenisis, super strength, super speed, sonic control, mindcontrol, but that was only the tip of the iceburg. As they use their powers, they would begin to feel this other thing inside them, calling to them. Many would answer it immediately and take the form the virus was designing under their skin. Some would look demonic, some would be angelic, but all of them would be unnatural. To sustain this other form they needed sustenance, that makes humans really appetizing. They can switch between their two forms, but they prefer their other half.

With this new evolution of human that feeds on the old, a war begins, between the infected who cannot control their hunger, the infected who can but still have to eat humans, and the humans trying to stop them.
(Open for discussion on roles)

Pulse Academy -

This was a random thought I had when a friend asked me what I would do if I had psychic powers. And I spent some time thinking about it.

In the year 2012, a new college on an island off the coast of California was opened to the public, but only on invitation. It is built on one of the first artificial islands ever put into work and is sitting off at sea safely, or is it? The school only invites one type of person, students with high levels of psychic power, and it does little to control them. So who does? Each other. The college degraded to a state of near war between the students as each tries to gain control over the others. The only time the faculty steps in is when there is damage or fatalities. Death awaits those who go to far. No one knows why the college allows it, only that it does.

I just can't imagine someone who can jack into someone elses mind, or take over their body, or even read minds not using it for personal gain, unless they didn't have the resolve personally.

 First Contact The same year the Pulse Academy was opened, humanity was hit by a second storm. An alien ship stumbled across our world, and to our surprise, it didn't attack. Instead it hovered there for two days before speaking down to the panicking nations. "Cheer humans for a great new day is upon you. As accordance with law fifty two b of the first contact protocol, I am required to take one representative at random of acceptable knowledge for your race as a representative in the Interspecies Council. The representatives name will be chosen in one hour. And we will stop and pick you up a.. Guardian I believe is the word. The guardian will protect you and help you with your new duties since no one on your world is capable."

Back when earth had been midway through the industrial age, several other races had just completed a method of FTL travel and had gone to war. At the same time world war two was taken place, a greater war was going on in the sky that only ended ten years later when a treaty was signed. A few years later as the three original races ventured out to colonize, they realized their were hundreds of younger race growing up. When one was found they decided to make a law on how to deal with it. If the race was mature enough to make it into space on their own, with or without FTL travel, a random representative of that planet would be selected and would then forth be representing his or her world on the council. Issues later arose that the representatives could easily be swayed by threats from more advanced nations, leading to the creation of the Guardians. As a defensive bodyguard, servant and advisor.

This one I am curious to what other people will take and do with it so I am leaving it at that.

Keep Flying

This is partially jacked from Star Gate Universe. I haven't worked out everything.

But I wanted to try a RP with a ship that was far out of the league of a human to understand, who accidently bumps into it and turns on the FTL drive sending him into deep space. The ship is badly damaged and he is forced to fight with the AI of the ship and learn how to gerryrig the ship and keep it in one peice while fighting off foes he has never heard of who think he is a dead race because of the ship he is in. I figured he could pick up a companion or two as he tried to keep the ship flying and alive. Those companions are up for discussion, slaves of another race, an enemy pilot or the last surviver of a race that was destroyed on a planet he stopped on in an attempt to get parts.

Demons, new and improved

Hundreds of years in the future, when cloning became obsolete and artificial humans built from ground up became common place, a new weapon came into existance. From then, the Black War began.

Demons, a artifical life form given form for the sole purpose of war. Most often humanoid and often times made in the image of ancient myths, humans came to regret a thinking weapon quickly. The war quickly spread from just humans using demons, to humans using demons fighting rogue demons who used their free will to create their own society. A third of the world was taken by the new nation who came to call themselves the Underworld, a testimate to their origin.

All demon research was abandoned and the war quickly turned to fighting off the demons and preventing new ones from being made. All but one, a fanatical scientists attempt to create the perfect, and ideal demon who continued despite attempts to stop him till he was put to death for his crimes. And as all hell broke loose and the city and base where his research took place was abandoned, a young man with little to lose, a scientist of debatable skill took shelter in his lab and tried to complete his project. To finish the final demon, but would she be willing to help?

(I have a few ideas on how this could go. She could be like a child who just latches on to the first person she meets, but with a more mature mind. She could be forced to obey him due to a part of her design. He could simply earn her respect, open for suggestion really)

Alright time for a new batch.

First, my little cravings. These are ones I have large amounts of muse for that I have thought about hundreds of times and different ways and I am ready for a new take if anyone has one.

This isn't something I will do often but I have something other then a random idea. A lot of my muse is born through music and there is a specific song that still inspires me after years. Now, when I first heard it I took it as talking about how it took will and effort to get by. Now I know thats not the exact idea but it still means that essentially to me when i hear it. The song is Remember the Name by Fort Minor.

I have a thing for the underdog, so this plays into a lot of random fantasies I have. This wouldn't be a plot that started or got into D/s quickly or possibly not at all. I expect romance in it at some point. On top of that, the idea that popped into my head in regards to this site was the relationship between a woman with large amounts of talent and a man with nearly no noticeable talent. The woman putting him down in the beginning for him to rise up above that. How it ends or where it goes can be anywhere. What they are actually competing in can vary as well. Be in magic, combat(scifi, magic, martial arts whatever) sports or even something like chess or dancing. I am pretty open and am curious to if anyone else might want to pick this up with me.

Second little craving,


Not the usual kind. Placed in the. Far future where they have split genes into categories and managed to analyze each of them. Submission and dominance have been found and after years of moral changes, slavery was instated again and everyone with the submissive gene were documented and given to a human with the dominant gene.

A certain man is given a slave that was born into her position, but doesn't act like most sub missives. A increase in genetic mutations were causing the places to be questioned more and more, and it was required to the government so that the submissive or dominant could be "cleansed" from the society. But this particular boy doesn't want to give her up, instead he wants to try to dominate her anyway.

Few notes on this, yes I am pretty sure my science is questionable/flawed here. I need to research it a bit more but I figured I could put it up anyway.

Secondly, I was kind of curious to see how this would work out since if they found out about her personality she would be killed, but obviously she wouldn't want to die, and he doesn't want her to die, so a few things I am curious to see how they work out.

Naruto 2.0 Read before laughing

Last of my cravings, and one I never thought I would do. Naruto(manga, the anime can burn) kind of has a special place in my heart since it was my first manga and the last one I stopped reading(was getting too long and manga was feeling repetitive and I took up writing). And I figured that if comic books, and sailor moon were fine that I could let myself do one thread/game with this one. Preferably based on the Naruto world but with some massive overhauls to make it a bit more realistic and mature. I wouldn't even mind if the final product was drastically different from the original. Don't get me wrong on this one. I am not asking to do a cannon RP. I want to take the base idea, strip it down, replace parts and do a total rework to something more my style/your style/ different. Personally I think it would be fascinating to take the base idea of ninjas and turn them into a Futuristic version. Strip away the overused manga stereotypes and replace them with realistic conditions(no twelve year old killing machines with no pyschological damage whatsoever). Actual military standards(18 years old and over for instance) and the like.

Going to add a few more later.
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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 06:26:37 PM »
Added three cravings "Remember the Name", Mutation, and Naruto

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2011, 11:14:49 PM »
And once more I thought of something I would like to try. Thought not exactly the same as usual. Not sure if this even goes in this board but I assume it does.

Simply put I would like to try a system game, dice and the whole bit. I have played Rifts and D&D, though very rarely. My friends have short attention spans and I was kinda forced to be GM since they would just do total BS stories with no common sense within them whatsoever if they GMed.

Anyway, I never really got the chance to get into a system based game and would like a chance too.

So, obviously, almost any system picked I will have to learn(with Rifts and D&D getting a little bit of the benefit of the doubt obviously). Not sure if anyone plays Rifts but if you do I can work with that best.

Patience. Most likely I will either be starting from scratch(Never played the game before) or need to be corrected frequently(played Rifts and D&D but not really played played considering my friends would get frustrated and skip rules). And considering the nature of the game I would prefer to be able to shoot posts back and forth in quick bursts rather then waiting hours(kills the drama when you are waiting to see if your dice roll was enough. I am patient but combat should go through fast.) If that requires a bit of scheduling I can work with that. Also will need someone who understands what they are doing comfortably and is willing to give me a crash course. I consider myself a quick study, but I have been proven wrong often so I won't ask someone who gets frustrated easily when I make mistakes to do this, since I run the risk of driving you insane. I would also like/require someone who can write moderatly long posts. I understand combat might require things to shorten but if that goes quickly and posts get bounced fast I can live with short posts. I would prefer to be able to chat on AIM or YiM if possible in regards to rules or the game itself(considering the situation) but that isn't required.

What I am looking for in this: I would prefer a game where we both kinda play GM and direct where the plot goes. Honestly the idea of playing solo with a GM bores me since you cannot have real plot relations since half the time anyone the GM puts with you is either temporary or kinda scews their judgement.(Mind you my limited exposure so this is my personal opinion, feel free to try to prove me wrong.) I would prefer Scifi if possible though I recognize that is very rare on the dice systems(only heard of three, one of which was more of a complicated risk then anything else). I honestly would have fun with a custom system as well(I like building things assuming custom means that we create it on the spot). Romance is also prefered on some level. And Long term.

Pretty much, if you think you are up for teaching a newbie the ropes in any game, throw me a message with a bit of a summary of the game, plot you have in mind and what you expect of me. I can try(keyword) to play a female character if wanted. No submissives from me at the moment(muse is ready to slap me if I try to play a sub) but I can do none D/s easily.
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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2011, 07:54:56 PM »
You have some interesting ideas. You like sci fi, thats clear, as do I. Do you like fantasy, like Retribution Falls, time travel. I do have ideas and have quite a few roleplays going.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2011, 10:45:02 PM »
I have a severe disdain for time travel since I try(keyword) to be realistic and every attempt to do time travel, doctor who included despite how much I like the show, has been sloppy and had unexplained sections. Or rules that contradict eachother. I simply don't find time travel a good rp or writing target since its just so easy to screw up.

Never heard of Retribution Falls, I do write fantasy if the plot is good, the magic makes sense' and its not another werewolf and vampire love story. Sorry to those who love them, they have been done to death in my eyes and I don't find them appealing. Expecially vampires since the first thing that comes to mind with them is "cannibal".

And since I forgot to add this:

If you want to talk to me, please send me a pm rather then posting here.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2011, 10:37:00 PM »
Overhauled Fly, to Keep Flying

Added Demons, new and improved
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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2011, 08:02:39 PM »
Added Pathogen

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #7 on: May 22, 2011, 10:21:23 PM »

Alright with a recent blast of muse I find myself in need of a superhero roleplay. Plot, setting and the like are up for negotiation. Though I want a gritty, less about recurring villains and more about interactions between heroes and moral arguments, with character development mixed inside. I have a certain amount of interest in playing in the DC’s main world. Though I can go for original as well.

My character would be a psionic who is less against killing then most heroes and will kill if he feels the threat is large enough. Though as a newbie hero is still growing into it, he often questions his actions. Along with that, I would like to start right as he gets his powers unwillingly. Abduction via underground or secret government project and used for their tests in which he comes out below what they wanted. His psionics being too weak to make him the weapon they wanted.

He breaks out, I envisioned it as him teaming up with another one(or more) of the experiments and breaking out. When he gets out he looks for a purpose while running from the ones who used him as a test subject. To compensate for his weak powers, I wanted him to have a power suit of some sort, similar to Batman Beyond and Steel though not focused around raw strength and more around projectiles and various exchangeable systems. How he gets the suit and who builds it is up for discussion.

I wanted to start with him breaking out then go into various arcs in different threads which may or may not be with the same person depending on how interest goes, though I hope to find a long term partner.

I posted a bit more about what I was expecting in another thread but I am not really that die hard on most details beyond what I said here after rereading everything. I would like to use this character long term.

Lastly, my partner needs to be able to run NPCs, I am GMing so many games right now that honestly I am sick of it. So you need to be able to take partial control at least on the NPCs though the less I have to control for this game, at least for now, the better. It’s not often I get to dedicate my full focus to one character so I admit I would like to be able to play this character unlike how most the times I have to struggle to not make my main character another npc.
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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #8 on: December 07, 2011, 08:01:04 PM »
I have been gone for awhile, due to real life squashing my muse. Although I am still not at my best yet, I would like to try roleplaying again.

What I really would like right now is a scifi plot of almost any direction. Virtual reality, space epic, superhero, or just fifty years in the future would interest me, I am rather open. I am more interested in just roleplaying with sexual parts mixed in at the moment, rather then the sexual parts being the focal point, unless it is a very good plot in which the sexual elements are part of what defines the plot.

It has been a while since I have written anything for fun thus really I just want to write more then anything. All my past ideas have been marked open since most of them have had my partner dissappear at the same time as me, with a few exceptions.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #9 on: December 08, 2011, 08:23:12 AM »
I would be interested in roleplaying something with you, something out of the stargate atlantis verse perhaps, or from the game Homefront. I just finished watching green lantern, something from that perhaps.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #10 on: September 21, 2012, 10:00:12 PM »
Been a while since I rped here, but I find myself in need of a good rp and despite my friends trying to tell me it would, GW2 does not have a rp community that does not take hours of digging through google.

Anyway, here is the idea I am looking for.



Every myth, legend and story is based on something. There is no denying that. But, where is the line between myth, and reality? Few even pretend to know the truths behind that. And there are only seven who know the full story. The seven Immortals as they are named by those who delve deep enough, are the least known of the legends of the world, and more so, they are all real.

The Immortals in many ways dictate the workings of the occult world. The side of earth that avoids the scientific portion of society. The strange fact is, despite being worshipped by some as gods, they tend to stick to themselves, except one. The Godkiller is the one of the seven who is actively altering the course of the world.

His title fitting for his role in society, the Godkiller is in many ways, the judge, jury and executioner of the spellcasters, monsters and beasts of society. Those who try to interfere or impose their will on those who do not touch the Ether, are often given one warning before being entirely wiped out. Nobody knows where he came from, nobody knows his history, only a few parts of his life are recorded, and even those are hidden, or have been destroyed.

The Architect once spoke of him, possibly the closest of the seven to the Godkiller, and her words are the most anyone truly knows about the man. "He is the sinner who is haunted by his past, and who has experienced the most, worst and best of the world, due to this, I do not envy anyone who angers him. I long for the day he is finally bested, so we all may witness what comes from the Ether at his departure." Few understand her words, but for the greatest scholar and inventor of the Seven, the respect she seems to show him speaks volumes of his true nature.

For those who look far back enough, and look hard enough, they will notice a pattern, the fall and rise of eras, of gods. And behind all the myths and legends, is one constant, a man who ends it all, every single time. The most astonishing thing of this, is that he is always alone. The Architect has her Academy in the Clouds, the Dragon has his Evolved Legion, the Elder has his Sages, the Devil has his armies of Demons, but the Godkiller is always alone. Not that there are not those willing, but even those who managed to find him have never been able to convince him of their worth.

Looking for:

Alright what I am looking for is someone to become the apprentice of the Godkiller. A female character who is not helpless is basically required. A spineless girl who he has to protect will not fit into this plot. He is looking for someone to take over for him so he can rest, not that he will get to. Throughout the plot more will be revealed of his nature and his background. How the two characters meet and how she comes to interest him are up to discussion, he could have temporarily fallen from grace so to speak, which has done a few times throughout history, or she could be a mage who for whatever reason attracts his attention and seeks him out. Those are two ideas that occurred to me, but  I am open to discussion.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #11 on: December 25, 2012, 10:34:43 AM »
All previous ideas are open (since none really ever got finished). Plots I would really like to do are "Mutation"or Godkiller, though with a bit of a twist on both.

Unwilling Master

Normally this isn't my style but I am really in the mood for a plot where my character has a slave(Ideally in a scifi or fantasy setting where it is normal, I for some reason would like to do a magic oriented college of some sort but not necessary), or slave like figure come under his possession but in an attempt to be moral/kind to her, refuses to really use her as a slave, but cannot free her for some reason(Something about her makes it so she cannot exist as a free citizen in society). I would like the female character to be intelligent, and despite never being formally educated, comprehends his position, and while not trusting him at first, can appreciate why he acts as he does, even though he won't admit it at first. And despite all his attempts to deny it, he does want her as a slave, but doesn't want to force himself on her at the same time.

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Re: Tick's pile of random ideas
« Reply #12 on: May 06, 2013, 08:38:52 PM »
Hello reader,

So first of all, all old plots are open again, well, most of them are, I have been on a major itch to rp again lately. A second note is I am very willing to alter ideas for a partner.

Secondly, a few things I would like to play out, which are more world based then kinks based.

Sacrificial magic

This is one based off one of my new favorite game Soul Sacrifice, where magic, rather than using mana or anything like it, uses sacrifices usually of the physical nature, but I wish to play around with the idea of using mental things, like memory or pain as a sacrifice as well to cast magic. I am willing to place this is almost any setting, modern, scifi, steampunk, to dark fantasy.

A second concept I would like to toy with is a Mech pilot and engineer plot, mainly the relationship between the two where the engineer is active in combat, doing configurations on the spot