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Started by DoctorGreen, January 05, 2011, 09:41:20 AM

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Here is the intro post. Try and ignore any hiccups, I did my best just didn't have time to go any farther than a quick skim and a spell check. If you want to join make a character sheet for yourself and post it with your story.

When you make your introduction post, please specify what you were during at the time of the outbreak. This is generally geared towards the first person.

This story is not based off of sexual rp, but can be a prime factor of it. PM just a heads up that you are joining and be my guest to post a  reply. Preferably 4-5 paragraph reply please. any questions just ask!

Here is the link!

Nothing matters much anymore. Not in this town. At least to my knowledge everyone outside this hell hole is enjoying martinis by the poolside. Was it pointless to hope for these things? No, its hope they say, very important. Hope can keep people alive, give them purpose. Bullshit is what it is. We are never getting out of her alive. It’s funny, three years ago that would have been a different story. Three years ago, I was successful and on my way. I was doing well for myself, as good as I could. Life was easy then, death wasn’t knocking on every door, and flesh eating dickheads didn’t roam the streets either. Like I said things are different now. Mother and father are dead. Brother, who knows. He left town years before the outbreak, his is probably dead. As well as hiss fiancée. It was a shame, truly. Friends, all gone within a few hours. They were supposed to last forever. We grow up through our childhood being convinced we have to make our own world. Our own decisions; no one ever told you that one day you might be dropped in a fish bowl of emotionless creatures.

They were young. We all were young naive. Currently I can’t afford that luxury of having a simple life anymore. All immediate family is dead. It’s convenient how everything played out. When the outbreak occurred I was working all alone, in a single flatbed tractor trailer. It was a cold, 25 degrees. Everything was normal; I was called for my fifteen. Everyone exited there stations and jumped from the dock to the table where everyone met during their break. Henry and I stood bullshitting as usual. During our conversation of the latest of technology our talk is cut short by the pierce of screams in the air. Everyone’s attention was grabbed. I could tell they were close two people, male and female. This is the beginning of which my senses heightened. A quick power walk around the dimly lit factory to find what was the matter.

An enormous man about 6’ tall clutching my recruiter. Elaine was nice, the best recruiter in that office. He was throwing her around trying to bite her. At first it wasn’t real. But when the hunger inside came out, the situation would be changed. “Hey! What’s going on?” I shouted standing keeping my distance from them as they struggled. I looked to Henry for what to do. Domestic disputes weren’t my strong suit. Elaine was real. Her personality still sticks out in my brain from the moment I met her. She grew up on a farm, working odd jobs to pay her rent. Seven years prior to this she moved from the county to try her way at city life. Maybe she should have stayed in the country.

She was a nice lady. Stern didn’t take any shit. It was a struggle between them. She was going without a fight. Whatever was going on between them. It was strange; I had no idea what to do. It would be the last time. Henry that chivalrous bastard ran up to him weaponless trying to pull the man off. Henry was a big guy as well, I could understand his lack of fear. The more Henry tugged the more he gripped Elaine. His voice slowly disappears and turned to a low growl. The man clutching Elaine flared his teeth plunging them into her neck pulling and tearing at the flesh around her neck. Stringy bits of flesh and artery pull out of her neck and into the mouth of the man. I stepped back horrified on what I had just witnessed. Henry was so close to them; I didn’t know what to do. Again, the last time that would ever happen. Expecting the unexpected became expected. At this point, the pool of blood that resonated beneath Elaine’s quivering toes was substantially large now. The amount of blood she was losing only stated she had a few moments to live.

Henry shoved the man from behind sending him to a stumbled as Elaine dropped instantly to a seizure in her own pool of blood. I covered my mouth in shock. I pulled out my phone trying to call 911, but it was useless. Busy line! I pocketed my phone standing still watching Henry’s motions. Henry was screamingly loudly, so loud I thought he was going to hurt himself. Humans are mammals, animals. When they get threatened they do as all animals do fight or flight. The man stood up blood cascading down his chin setting his glare on Henry. The man started to charge for him. Henry was big too, an old high school football player, just waiting for his opportunity to destroy someone once again. Henry stuck his arms out to give a stiff arm to keep him at bay, the man’s teeth cutting a gash into his hand. It was quick, I never saw it happen. The jolt to the assaulter’s head knocked it down for a moment.

“Stay down mother fucker!” Henry screamed in his face. It’s too bad he never realized that they don’t understand English anymore. Grabbing his hand some blood dripped to the floor. Elaine’s corpse lay motionless on the ground. This was the first actualization that death was in the air. Every man for themselves. Henry had lost his mind. He galloped to the man as he tried to get back up. He was slow, but Henry’s steel toes were unforgiving. Henry kicked the man in the face as he tried to get up.

I could tell there was a large amount of Henry’s past that revealing itself at this very moment. Maybe he was never loved as a child, or loved too much. Regardless he stopped that monster from hurting anyone else. The man finally stopped moving as Henry’s steel toe plunged into his face one final time, spewing blood over the concrete floor. Everyone gathered around looking to see who is was that just got the shit beat out of them. I called 911 again and it was still busy. Something wasn’t right today, I knew it. We exchanged emotionally exhausted words of confusion as our view turned primarily to Elaine. She was gone. Everyone shifted their heads looking around. “Where is she.” Henry said holding his hands in the air.

“There!” I said pointing to the dock behind him. She stood with her back to us. Henry her savior walked to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned in a flash showing her teeth menacingly lunging for his neck. Henry stumbled backwards holding Elaine by her throat holding her jaws back. Henry was strong, which shows why it was completely out of play for Elaine knocked him to the floor. She dropped him to the ground pushing and thrashing to chomp onto his neck. Everyone now has run away. The sight of a bloody Elaine gaining consciousness to attack might scare some folks. At some point the human psyche takes over and says to the self “Self. . .  Get the fuck out of here!” I stood still watching Henry struggle as this rabid version of our coworker attacks us.

Stacks of pallets rested beside me. I quickly plunged my boot through the lower half and broke off a few hardy pieces of 2x4’s. It still had nails and extra wood attached giving it weight for an add edge to the competition. With a gallop of my feet and a slightly flawed down stroke, I clipped the top of Elaine’s head with a nail sending her backwards falling off of Henry. I gasps for my breath knowing I was fired for sure. My breath was heavy as I helped Henry to his feet.

“What the FUCK! is going on!?!” I said looking around keeping my eyes open for anything unusual. I kicked the pallet again for Henry to have a weapon as well. I imagine the damage he could do with a single 2x4. I heard screams and growls around the corner making my hair stand on end. It put in perspective my completely unsafe surroundings. Henry clutched his hand around the 2x4 pushing the blood into it sliding down slowly. “ I don’t know about you Henry, but I’m getting the FUCK out of here!” I said to Henry filled with expression. I just busted my recruiters head all over the concrete, I didn’t want to stick around and shoot for the CEO. What a better time than now as to be sarcastic. With no complaints from Henry we make our way to the emergency exit. The cold winter air blown into the doorway setting us back, it makes the god awful noise that was the undead, barreling in our direction. Two came from the left and one from the right. Henry took the two from the left, blasting them backwards as a batter would a bunt.  Knocking them down it gave Henry the perfect opportunity to blast each one in the head ending their life.

A quick strike to the temple always does the trick, as one came towards me, arms outstretching reaching forever, I swiped the side of the head the corpse running slightly before  motor functions were completely cut off. He was still alive, just on the ground moaning and yearning for flesh. I pulled the nail from his head blood squirting out onto the 2x4. Henry and I both bolted to the door keeping a steady pace to the guard shack. We stopped outside the one way door and watched a few walkers tear each other apart in the small contained office. One noticed us and began pounding on the door. They were powerful in numbers, but dumb as hell alone. They were deadly, but completely incompetent. Henry and I looked at each other and ran past the open gate. Thank god the guards were lazy and always kept the side gate open.  We jogged up the stair case to the parking lot which was oddly quite. Henry stopped to catch his breath watching the darkness for any movement. I caught a few breaths as well and was about to head for my car.

“Wait!” Henry said looking to me. I stopped reluctantly and looked to him. “We should report this.” He said. I let my head down. “To whom Henry.” I said “Everyone’s. .  Dead or sort of.” I said. Henry insisted pointing to the Human Resources building outside of the factory. Henry rant to the ramp throwing open the metal doors disappearing inside. Henry that stubborn bastard ran into that building all by himself. It could be teeming with infected in there. I didn’t want to abandon him so I followed, like an idiot. As soon as we entered it was obvious that it wasn’t just the factory that was infected. All of the computers in the waiting room were on the floor or busted on the table. Blood splattered on the couch from someone or something. “Let’s go Henry.” I said clutching my weapon. We slowly walked down the hall inspecting and clearing each room. I turned off to a conference room filled with empty and scattered chairs. Holding my weapon tightly and high, I slowly made my way around the room. The closet at the end of the room shook but stopped. Something was most definitely lurking inside. I stood in my tracks crouching down to remain unseen. I could hear breathing. I crept slowly over to the closet and put my hand to the knob. Quickly I opened the door and raised my club up to demolish whatever was in there.

“STOP!!” I heard from a small feminine voice. It was a girl, no women I should say. I had seen her before though. She scolded me months ago for being late for my shift. Ironic the meeting between us. She sat hunched in a ball shaking. “Let’s go.” I said holding out my hand for her to take which she did not accept. Henry’s voice was heard through the empty halls. “Sam. . .” Henry called. I left her there as I left the room continuing down the hall that Henry had just cleared. I came to him in a scrambled office where the windows surrounding, were completely busted out. The blinds covered a red glow as I looked to Henry. “What?” I said as he pulled up the blinds. As he did the girl jogged up behind me giving us both a scare. A fire had begun that had already taken over half of the factory. You could feel the heat coming from the blaze. You could hear the final screams of those who weren’t dead yet come running out of the garage doors being chased by flaming balls of fury.

Lines of tractor trailers exploded as dominos falling on a game board. Pieces of debris fly through the air coming close to injuring us as we stand. The horror on our faces was real. Things were different from here on out. How will things ever be the same? They won’t.  I turned to a desk that still had a chair and fell into it. I covered my eyes with my hands because it might be the only moment I have to relax for a second. “What is your name.” I asked the girl that I nearly just killed. “I am Johanna.” She said shakily. “ I was over here when it started. I could see men on the yard fighting. Then it turned into more than just fighting. They were biting each other and ripping the skin clean off of each other. People watched in horror as they became the next meal. This is horror. This is not real.” Johanna said covering her face with her hands sobbing slightly. Henry and I were reluctant to care for her tears at the moment there were more important things to worry about.

“Well I imagine this is a good a time as any to mention.” Henry said clutching his injured hand and placing it away, to be hidden. “We were getting laid off.. . “ He said with his sarcastic tone that accompanied many of the things that he said. I looked at the horror before me. It was hell. How could a God do this to us. Someone we pray to everyday, someone we give our hard earned money to. Cursing us to hell on earth. Screams of dying people, shrieks of bloodied bodies possessed by some unknown-unnatural force. The sense that our time was running out was overwhelming. We all headed out of the office slowly down the cramped hallway.” Henry” I said.” Ya?” Henry replied. We all stopped looking to the brink of the hallway at the man standing at the end. A very tall, very angry man. His breaths made his torso rise and fall. His head was soaked in blood. It rolled down his chine dripping to the floor as he showed his teeth. “Go!” Henry shouted pushing me aside into the Johanna. A screech from the undead was hellish piercing our ears. He charged at Henry, but was met with a blunt force to his nose stumbling backwards falling over the water fountain tucked into the corner. As quickly as Henry reacted I broke my 2x4 once more grabbing a perfect stabbing piece and ran behind Henry. Henry had him pinned to the corner.” Get out of here!” Henry yelled as I helped him hold the monster. I grunted and plunged the broken wood into the eye of the devil. The girl was gone.” Uhh fellas” we heard from the office we just left. We ran to her call, where she pointed to the broken windows. The broken windows were so inviting to the flaming undead. They flocked to the building most likely because of the blinking fluorescent lighting. Dead giveaway. The smell of burning flesh filled the room as fingers followed by flame pulled up a mauled and disfigured man immediately followed by others. One by one they dropped from the windows onto the floor. I grabbed what was left of my 2x4 but was stopped by Henry.

“They are slow, I can take them, I’ve always wanted things to be like this.” He said very much perplexing me.” Like what?” I had to ask.

“To go down in a hail of gun fire.” Henry said charging into the room swinging at everything that moved. He smashed the hands that began to climb in the window sending them plummeting to their death. Or second death rather. You could hear Henry laughing as he ended all of their potential lives. The sound of chuckles and death filled the atmosphere. It was funny how much Henry was enjoying himself. As if he had been preparing himself for the moment where he would have to sacrifice his life to save us.

“ Maybe it was a metaphor.” I said in an attempt to make her laugh. She of course said nothing and glanced at me as if I was dead as well as everyone else. I was dead inside, but that is beyond the point. We burst through the glass doors stepping to the beginning of the suspended ramp. The girl shrieked and stopping and crouching beside me, close to the door. An undead solider stood in the middle of our path. I pressed my fingers against my lips to silence her loud breathing. She subsided as I crouched and began to sneak up on it. As I came to striking distance he slowly started to pivot towards me. I grunted and pushed him to the railing lifting his feet up and over my head. It was quite for a moment but the thud of that body reminded us that death was still around us. We cautiously peered down the parking lot for signs of life, or shall I say, movement. We crouched in the furthest ditch only peering to check for a clear coast.

“Wait!” I said grabbing a hold of her arm stopping her movement. Along came sprinting undead running towards to flames. A few seconds more and some straggling dead rumble past once more. Our pace is cautious, slow, and petrifying. I had no memory as where my car was at this point, I could only think of smoking one of my cigarettes. I see my car, finally. “Okay, there is my car. . .” I said pointing out the green Chevy closest to the street lamp. It was completely lit, exposing us completely. We would be totally venerable for up to a minute. I knew for a fact my locks were frozen. “On my go, run to the car. We won’t have much time.” We were both out of breath so we took a breather to catch up. I looked at the car sitting beneath the lamp light. My heart rate accelerated, my blood turned hot. We jumped almost in unison towards the car but stopped back into the ditch. This time she stopped me. Swarms came flooding over the hill from the main highway. They were fast. They came screaming by. Not human. I didn’t know what they were. Animals, weapons, I don’t know. “Up there.” I pointed to the connecting highway. It was a short walk, but my curiosity got the best of me.” On the count of three, sprint to the road, we could flag down a driver and get the fuck out of here.” “Okay” She said reluctantly. The run up the hill was in slow motion to me. I can only see bits and pieces but the entire event as a whole. It was more exhausting than I had expected. We reached the top of the Iowa dividers looking upon the absolute last thing we expected.

All traffic was stopped. The patters of feet fill the air as we became ear level with the street. Growls and snarls cry out as a group of dead attached each other a fresh piece of meat. She was female, attractive, and small. She was a perfect target for the group. They tore her apart every piece of her going into the mouths of the attackers. Guts rolled out from her stomach, all of her muscles slowly ripped from her bones. I squatted down to my knees covering my eyes overwhelmed with grief by the magnitude of this disaster. I sniffed loudly as the cold began to affect us. It makes your muscles tight, harder to run. Soon our presence was known by the dead on the street. Their scowling growls came towards our direction. The primary target for feeing was us. They started bounding over parked cars and leaping over the dividers. I got a head start on Johanna making it to the bottom of the hill before she did. A dead man lunged at her falling taking her down with him. He knocked her down and rolled down the hill. I heard her yelp and shot my glances down at the two tumbling down the cold grassy terrain. With a baseball slide I kicked the man off her its thrashing nails scrape her ribs as it rolls into the parking lot. I stood up lifting her to her feet immediately turning to a run. The car was close. Gaining momentum with each step, the 2x4 projected teeth into the air pelting them against the surrounding cars like Tic-Tackers on devils night. Looking back towards the bypass, floods of demons race down the hill. Two in front trip and fall causing several others behind them to follow to the ground. It was sad, I was being terrorized by something I had no prior knowledge of. I have never run so fast in my life, and I would be lying if I wouldn’t say I was tempted to slide across my hood like in the movies. “ My side My side!” I shouted at her. I could open one frozen lock, not two.  I shoved the keys in turning them with no luck. I pounded aggressively enough to dent my door but knocked it loose. I opened the door and practically shoved her in head first. I started the car so fast they didn’t have time to catch up with me. The tires let everything in a 2 mile radius where we were. I didn’t care, I was terrified. I sped off like a jack rabbit in spring time. Cars still packed in the parking lot we weaved in an out of them to get the hell out of this place. Weaving around them carefully I reached the home stretch to leave the compound.

Fatigued, tired, and scared. Body aches, blurred vision all symptoms of the stress we were under. At the last moment headlights turned on speeding fast that I was. The truck ran into us head on. Things became blurry as my head rattles all around whipping back and forth as I get knocked unconscious. It was an enormous truck. Chevy Super Duty with and 8” lift. Very beautiful truck. Not on the receiving end of the grill. I have a feeling I am going to die. It feels like I am trapped in the moments . . . milliseconds before impact.

Chapter 1. December 30th

The unconscious mind is a playground for devilish thoughts and ideas. It also breeds chance. Chance for the mind to keep itself alive. I could feel my mind still driving, still racing home to safety. Like a broken record sipping over and over again. Total blackness all over I couldn’t see. I’m blind. I could feel my finger tips tightly on the steering wheel. Throw the shifter down, where am I? With pain I managed to open my eyes, it was extremely bright. Everything fuzzy and blurred. It’s funny how priorities change when the world goes to shit. I could see my steering wheel; it was blurry as my head swayed back and forth. Blink your eyes, look for some focus! I faintly can see the black truck pressed into the front of my car. My fucking car! If I was relatively conscious I would have screamed and punched the closest person in the face next to me. I finally could see around and smell rotting flesh. Her rotting flesh smell, was minimal only because of the temperature. The wind chill took it down to negative degrees. I was punched in the face with a gust of wind opening my eyes, now I could see. Some girl covered in her own blood with a bullet in her brain. That was extremely odd. I pressed the buckle trying to get my seatbelt but it was broken. I grabbed my lighter from my pocket and started burning off the belt. As I looked down at my pants the cigarette that I started had completely started to burn away my thigh and my pants. I grimaced as it still smoked away now realizing it was my flesh I was smelling, not hers. The pain had not registered in my head yet until I saw the wound smoking before me. It was pure pain. I sat sideways with my head in my lap grimacing at the enormous burn on my right thigh. The pain was excruciating but pain was out of mind as I starred at the empty parking lot. Everyone’s cars were still there but no on there to drive them. It was a car thieves paradise. I stood up stumbling to my good leg as I held onto the car door. The truck that rammed me was in perfect condition. The eight inch lift inhaled the front end of my car. I started walking in the opposite direction towards other cars still thinking the truck was occupied. Still accustomed to real life. I stopped and realized where and when I was.

January 23, 2011

The snow was relentless this year. In Courchevel, France it always was. It piled on the railing  beginning its decent to negative degrees. The wood pile on the porch was covered but the roof providing us with plenty of heat for the winter months. Heather and I sat in reclining lawn chairs as the snow reminded us of the cold. “Why do we come here every year?” She asked with her normal attitude. Dragging her up there every year was a task but she loved it no matter how she detested. I skied often she didn’t. It was like taking an unwilling child to church on Sunday. “Why do we do this every year?” She asked again as we jump onto the ski lift. Normal procedure, “Because hunny,” I went on as if we haven’t had this conversation before.

“It’s time to get away from our shit lives.” I said looking off into the mountains. Heather stuck her tongue out at me as she did always saying her short and quick retort.”Speak for yourself.” She said. She would always put her two cents in to prove her point, which I rarely understood. I kissed her holding her tight as we rode up the mountain. The wind was constantly reminding us of the cold temperature. She was so beautiful the way her porcelain cheeks shouted at me because of her flushed appearance. The ride was pleasantly quite until we reach near the drop off point. A spiraling ricochet of wire sounded behind our heads. Within seconds of the sound we began to fall to the frozen snow base below us. The snow base was 47” today is was quickly ran through my mind as we plummeted. Fearing how much this was going to hurt, I could not help to thank God that we were surrounded by a giant ice pack. Heather wouldn’t of laughed if I would have told her that moment. Slam to the ground. All I could remember where the lights Not the big shinny one at the end of the tunnel, the flashy blue and red. I followed them all the way home. Truthfully, my body swayed from side to side laying next to heather who was also laying down, now I was really confused. Eventually we came back to life in a hospital in the United States. She was fine, I on the other hand was not so well. During the fall one of her skis penetrated my abdomen, cutting my stomach 4cm wide. It was an enormous length due to the fact that stomach acid was about to spew all over his internal organs. I had our equipment sharpened and waxed that day. It was a typical day, until the shit hit the fan. Almost instantaneously as the thought entered my mind I had realized where I was and in what state of matter.

The cold was the same, no snow but the cold was a stern reminder. My car was gone, such a shame. Before this all happened I would have sort of a check list of personal belongings or anything I had on me. In the real world they categorize that as OCD and give you a pill; Undead apocalypse, you’re a pioneer. I had three cigarettes one  lighter, dying cell phone, keys to a totaled car ( which I was ecstatic about) wallet filled with useless things. Paper, plastic. Tough all of it was bullshit hope that I was sad enough to give into. Quickly I thought of the tire iron in my trunk. I walked to the back of my car, taking my keys out letting the community college lanyard jingle to its full length. In an instant the trunk shook a craving undead has locked itself in my trunk. I starred in silence not moving an inch. I could hear it tear with their finger nails at the raw razor sharp sheet metal. I couldn’t help but imagine the blood that was destroying my truck as I thought.
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