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February 03, 2023, 03:37:49 am

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Author Topic: The Interrogation (EX) Game - Closed  (Read 1076 times)

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The Interrogation (EX) Game - Closed
« on: January 05, 2011, 09:32:09 am »
Update: I've gotten plenty of interest. Thank you everyone. ^^

I started watching this movie (Closet Land) on Youtube and haven't finished it yet (I rarely get to finish a movie in one sitting even when it's on DVD), but I really like the idea of it. A nameless interrogator given the file of a young woman that writes fluff stories for a living, but her government believes she is planting anti-governement ideas into her works.. The interrogator has no name, just a ruthless pawn of the government used to get confessions out of people by any means necessary.

The game I'm wanting would follow the idea of the interrogator doing anything to get her to sign the confession. Playing mind games, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and delving into her personal life (the government watches and records nearly everything anyone does). He'll go as far as he needs to to make her not only sign the confession, but to actually believe that she was putting anti-government ideas into her stories.

It would all take place in one room (the interrogation room) and the span of time would be difficult for the girl to determine since there are no windows and no clocks. There would also be very little furniture, despite how big the room is. A table, two chairs (one nice and soft, one hard and uncomfortable), and file cabinets built into the wall. The table can spin and has drawers all along the sides. There are four doors. Two on each side of the room, but they only open if the interrogator enters a code into a keypad under the edge of the table. The floor pattern and wall pattern is a black and white checker pattern, making the room feel big and small at the same time.

The game would start with her waking up in the room alone. Handcuffed, but not strapped to the chair or anything. Her case file sitting on the table with a cup of tea (or coffee or whatever), and a tape recorder playing elevator music. When the interrogator comes in, he'd read her the charges and such, seeming like some usual paper pushing, nobody just doing his job. He'd slowly turn into the cruel taskmaster he was trained to be.

This game will fall into the Extreme category as there will be:

-Burning and branding.
-Water torture.
-Forced oral.
-Watersports (completely optional because I know a lot of people won't do this).
-Anal training.
-Bondage (mostly being strapped to the table and the chair).
-Face Slapping.
-Inducing fear.
-Verbal abuse.
-Sex toys (various types).
-Forced dressing (making her wear slutty clothing and such).
-Various torture devices.

Whether the girl is innocent or not we can talk about, but I would prefer if she really were innocent. I would also like to end the game one of two ways...either him getting proof that she really is innocent and giving her a 'Oops' moment and letting her go or her signing the confession. As I haven't finished the movie, I don't know how it ends. I'm actually only about 30 minutes into it and plan on finishing later tonight.

Also, as much Non-Con as there will be in this game...I don't want there to be any actual sex between the Interrogator and the Girl. Forced oral and making her use toys (or using the toys on her) are okay, but I want him to remain as impersonal as possible. He won't even get undressed other than maybe taking off his suit jacket and unzipping his pants.

I'm willing to play the Interrogator or the Victim.

Anyway...PM me if you're interested. I'm only taking on two games at the most (one with me as a Interrogator and one with me as the Victim).
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