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JustLisa's RP Ideas

Started by JustLisa, January 04, 2011, 06:40:41 PM

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These are some Ideas I've been playing around with lately, looking for someone to play the male from each.

Idea 1 TAKEN
Kyle’s family owns a bar where he has worked since he turned 17, 4 years ago. He is working behind the bar one night when Rissa walks in to start her shift drawing the attention of everyone in the bar as usual. Kyle’s interest in her is something completely different to the other men in the bar. Rissa is one of his oldest and closest friends. They grew up together and she means the world to him. Rissa knows how he feels towards her and she is attracted to him but she doesn’t want to be tied down to anyone. Instead she teases him and flirts shamelessly with him. Kyle enjoys the harmless joking and flirting, even teasing her back since he knows that she wants him too. Nothing has ever come of it that is until they are closing up one night and Rissa offers Kyle the deal of a lifetime. One night together, no strings, no feelings, just what they have both been longing for and no more…but what if one night isn’t enough? 

Idea 2
Casey is out for a walk one day in the forest behind her home, when she is confronted by Stephen a local punk who has had his eye on her for some time. Watching her and waiting for the right moment to get her alone. Casey finds Stephens bad boy attitude somehow compelling. She knows he has been watching her, she isn’t stupid and he wasn’t subtle. She knows the things he is into and she wants to experience that too. She wants to be dominated and Stephen is the most dominating guy she knows. He sees how willing she is and takes her to his place where he shows her what it’s like to be dominated body and soul. Once Casey has had a taste, will she be able to stop or will she go back for more? (D/S, bondage?)

I want to show the relationship between the characters as we go on. 

Like in Idea 1 the relationship between them as the work and flirt. How does Kyle react if she flirts with someone else or Rissa’s reaction to girls flirting with him?  I want to show how they interact with one another, the tension or the stray thoughts before Rissa makes the offer.

Or in Idea 2 what does Stephen think of her desire for him? Do their feelings for one another grow? What happens if they bump into one another outside or when they are with friends?

Looking for someone to bounce plot ideas with and have some fun.
PM me if you're interested in either and want to discuss some ideas.
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The first idea is very interesting. Id like to talk about it further maybe. I love the idea of that tension between them, the jealousy, when they shouldn't really be jealous of each other.