Seeking Anthro Rp's!! { Men needed }

Started by KikuLei, January 04, 2011, 02:10:12 AM

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I've been wanting to do some Anthro rp's but it seems there is quite a lack of them. I have a few plots I listed, but I am also accepting ideas.

My Kinks are listed here!:
- Muscular Partners <3
- Corsets { For my character }
- Taller Partners <3
- Dog anthros
- Large Penises<3
- Collars
- Horse Anthros <3
- Interracial
- Handcuffs
- Rape <3
- Snowballing
- Master x Slave <3
- Multiple Partners { Played by the same person, takes forever in Group rp's }<3

Furry male x Furry female -

PLOT 1: While at work, a specific female has been catching every males attention. Once she gets into a frenzy of gropes by one specific worker, she can't help but settle his needs.

PLOT 2: A furry male whom is lurking in the shadows finds himself spying on a beautiful furred woman, it is in a forest and they are wild. The female is soon being raped, however after a bit she finds herself enjoying it little by little.

Human Male x Furry female -

PLOT 1 : A furry girl was found walking the streets, she had no place to go until a man picked her up and decided to keep her. In this world furries are seen as pets, however she becomes much more.

Furry male x Human female -

PlOT 2 : Basically, a female whom has a unique interest in trying furry men goes club hopping, there she finds a tall beautiful anthro man who takes a unique interest in fondeling her in public and takes her up stairs. He seems to have ties with the club owner and has a private room.


I had an anthro storyline that I was interested in trying...

A powerful zebra stallion captures a feline female and makes her into his plaything.

But can this reversal of the normal order of predator and prey stay like this, or will the girl's aggressive tendencies put her back in charge?

Basically I was thinking this could be a very fun "switch" type scenario, where they both get the chance to be "in charge" sometimes.

Please let me know if you're still looking for partners?




Hmm, I think Jacob can work very well with the first plot for furry on furry. check my ons and offs i think i have him listed there. we can discuss where they are working.

original artwork by karabiner


 Sent you a PM. Hope to hear back so we can make an excellent RP