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Author Topic: Grim Line  (Read 446 times)

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Grim Line
« on: January 03, 2011, 03:27:26 PM »
This is a spur of the moment job, nothing real great and not sure if I wanna turn it into an Rp or just write it as a story. Not really pleased with it's current state. I think I cut out most the curse words. Anyway, enjoy, I might add onto it later.

Four billion six hundred fifty three thousand, five hundred and twenty six, give or taake a few ten thousands.

The number was staggering as the current death tole. Crim leaned against was left of the nearby wall. His mess of a squad was all that was left of the fifty second line. Tat left only five real defensive lines between Them and the last of the civilian population. Whatever these things were, they had torn through every defense, every attempt to return fire with as little effort went into a trained hunter killing a boar.

The Sergeant was depressingly the highest ranking member of his unit left. All that was left was a rag tag group of barely trained soldiers who jumped in to try to defend their families once the first attack had started. They weren't trained for this, and really neither was he. Sergeant Crim had sent a request back for a few high ranking officers to come help reinforce his line but his request was denied and he was promoted to CO. Completely unheard of, and only justifiable when all hell has dropped on your doorstep and kicked it down on your face.

Crim new better then most people, he had been originally on the twenty third line but they had been forced to fall back when their position was over run. Or over walked would be more appropriate. The invaders showed no haste, no care, no real concern to move fast. Maybe they just couldn't, maybe it was because their technology needed time, maybe they are just sick monsters who enjoy tormenting their prey.

The thought of the battle of the twenty third line was a nightmare. Three four legged beings, covered in some sort of armor and with legs that reminded him of a crab came into views. Rockets, armor piercing rounds, napalms, tanks, cannons, none of them could get through their defenses. At first a bubble like shield protected them. But to everyones amazement, at the end of the fight as they were retreating, a stray shot from a marine pierced through and cut through one of the alien's armor like butter. They had lacked the manpower or the resources to take advantage of it though at that point.

The man in charge of the line wasn't a scientist or overly bright but it was obvious to anyone what that meant. Their shields could only take so much and for whatever reason the actual metal that made up their shields was weak. Not that it mattered too much. There was no hope that Crim's unit could take one of the SOBs down. There were two few of them and if they had any common sense they would run when their line was hit. These men weren't soldiers and they shouldn't die for no reason.

As the dirty, tired marine checked his weapon for the fiftieth time that day, a new sound filled his ears. His head shot upwards and just as he looked up one of the last air units shot past his head. A swift curse left his lips as he ran to their high ground outpost. Private Nickson was sitting at position when the sergeant sprinted into the room and grabbed his binoculars to watch what would happen, sadly though he already knew.

The private looked at him with a ecstatic gleam on his eyes. "We are saved sergeant, they sent reinforcements." The sergeant refused to answer at first then sighed deeply. "That is not reinforcements, that is a desperate act. Those pilots just went to their death. We had more airborn units then that heading in at the upper lines and even a few nuke strikes. They destroyed all the fighters, bombers and put one of those bubbles around the nuke." He gave the young soldier a pat. "Sorry private, but we are on our own."

"So.. We are going to die here?" the private stared at him. Nickson had to be one of the most natural snipers Crim had ever seen. In another time he could have done really well, but in this case, the kid was probably going to see his last days in this tower.

"Not you private. I have a special job for you. If I die or they pierce through the line or if I damn tell you too, you are to sprint to the next line and tell them to get ready. Whatever these punks used they have jammed our radios so I need you to run for me." The kid was brave, He knew that. The kid had definitely proved himself in the initial attack on this line, but he didn't deserve to die here. Crim was tired of running and he was determined to take one of these things with him. "Is that clear?"