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Author Topic: The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan  (Read 740 times)

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The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan
« on: January 01, 2011, 04:06:56 PM »
Donny Lahnagan is very rich!

Few people know exactly how rich, but considering the companies he owned before soldifying them, his capital must be a fortune. Two years ago, at the age of 76, Donny sold all the companies and real estates in his possession, save for one mansion, in which he moved to retire. A few months later, he withdrew all his money from his bank accounts and changed it into valuable materials. It is unknown where these materials are stored, but quite a few people suspect it's somewhere in the mansion in which he retired.

Donny Lahnagan is also very dead!

Last friday, a cargo-plane, headed for Brazil, had to deal with several malfunctions. One of these malfunctions was one of the engines stuttering and running at half power, which caused the pilot to lose control of direction and the plane to fly over Donny Lahnagan's back garden. The other malfunction was related to the loading bay. It opened by itself and ignored any input to close. Right when the plane was flying over Donny Lahnagan's back garden, one pallet of cargo fell out. Donny, who was enjoying a summer afternoon by reading a good book, looked up when he heard a weird noise coming from above. He was surprised when he saw the cargo pallet fall out of the sky, and land right on top of him. Needless to say, not much remained from Donny Lahnagan or his favorite garden chair. Miraculously, the book he was reading didn't have a scratch.

Two days ago, Donny Lahnagan was buried, or at least the bits and pieces of Donny Lahnagan that could be found. Yesterday, his grandchildren and other people close to him visited the Notary, Mr. William Thiefly, curious as to whom would inherit Donny's fortune. Much to their surprise, Donny had not assigned his treasure to anything. Instead, his will explicitly said: "Finders, keepers! Whoever finds my treasure and claims it at Mr. Thiefly's office, will be it's rightful owners. Agreements to split the treasure are permitted, but only binding when written on black any white under the eyes of Mr. Thiefly or one of his associates."

Donny Lahnagan's wife died fifty years ago, when Donny was 26. They had one son, Michael. Donny never remarried, but the playboy had lots of girlfriends over the ages, often more than one at the same time. Despite the likelyness of any further children fathered by Donny Lahnagan, no claims to be Donny Lahnagan's child were ever made by anyone other than Michael Lahnagan. Michael's love of his life was Mary, with whom he got a son, called Thomas. During a beach vacation in spain, Mary drowned and passed away when Thomas was 9 years old. Michael later married another woman called Suzy, who already had a daughter from an earlier marriage. While Michael and Suzy never got a kid together, they raised both Thomas and Suzy's daughter together. When Thomas was 21, Michael and Suzy got into a car accident. Suzy died instantly. Michael was in a coma for three months, before he finally passed away. Since their children were old enough to live on their own, their house was sold and the profit was used to support both children in the foreseeable future. This was arranged at the time by Donny's private accountant.

Donny's will does state that his mansion is now owned by his two grandchildren, Thomas owning the western half of the estate, and his stepsister the eastern half. A note included in the Will stated that Donny's girlfriend should be allowed as a guest to the mansion at any at all times, though Thomas and his stepsister were free to determine these rules. All contracts between Donny Lahnagan and his employees would be transferred to Thomas Lahnagan, meaning that whoever was bound to work for Donny by contract, was now bound by that same contract to work for Thomas.

I actually had the idea for this game when I was reading the "MAID: The Roleplaying Game" manual, but the more I thought about it, I decided to keep it Freeform. The game is still based on that, and will contain lots of both silly and supernatural material. The premise is that there is most likely a treasure hidden somewhere in the mansion. The characters will most likely want to get their hands on the treasure, but things ain't as easy as they appear to be.

  • The game will be freeform (no system).
  • The game will contain non-con scenes, but it is not required for all characters. If non-con is an off for you, be sure to inform me.
  • There will be weird creatures, and I keep the option open to include such species as aliens, werewolves and tentacle beasts. There will also be weird devices.
  • I will take the role of storyteller and take control of the character Thomas Lahnagan.
  • Players that are willing to join should pick a character from the following list.
  • The advantages and disadvantages for your character come with the package. However, all character details not mentioned here are up to you.
  • I prefer people playing true to their gender, that is, male players playing male characters and female players playing female characters.
  • If you have a great idea why a different character should be part of the scene, feel free to suggest it. I can perhaps include it.
  • Characters that aren't picked will either be revered to NPCs or removed from the story altogether.

Donny Lahnagan
Donny is dead, and he ain't a single bit happy about it. Unwilling to just let go, he remains on earth to haunt the mansion and to peek on the female employees. Donny has yet to make a post-mortal appearance as the game starts.
Advantages: Since Donny no longer possesses a body, he is able to move through solid matter just as easily as through tin air. In addition, he is capable of creating sounds, images and smell at the presense of his conscious, in any form he pleases, or suppress these in order to go unnoticed.
Disadvantages: Since Donny no longer possesses a body, he is unable to affect the real world directly. He cannot touch or manipulate any objects or creatures, only communicate with creatures by means of sight, sound and scent. Donny is limited to the mansion and the local surroundings, but is able to travel up into the sky right above the mansion or the ground right below the mansion. Donny is not omniscient. His consciousness is only in one location at a time, and he is only aware of what occurs in that location, though he is able to travel faster than a normal human would.
Player information: This character is available for play. If you want to play this character, do keep in mind you will not have a physical body, though it could be a voyeur's dream. You will receive some extra information in private when the game starts, but there is no required way to play his ghost, that will be completely up to you.

Thomas Lahnagan
Donny's grandson and the only known kin in blood. 24 years old, Thomas had just completed a study in Software Engineering a couple of days before he heard the bad news about his grandfather. He was a little surprised that he inherited half the mansion, since his contact with his grandfather Donny had been sporadic at best. Despite all that, he was very curious to the mansion and this so-called treasure, and, although everyone had agreed to visit the mansion starting the morning after the visit to the Notary, Thomas went ahead and visited the mansion that very same night.
Advantages: Thomas possesses half the mansion, giving him quite some control over who can access the mansion, and thus search for the treasure. In addition, both Danny's accountant and maid are bound to Thomas by contract, meaning that his word is law to them.
Disadvantages: Thomas has to share the house with his stepsister. In addition, he has to permit Donny's girlfriend, accountant and maid access to the mansion. Last but not least, Thomas is unable to pass the barriers leading up to the attic and down to the basement.
Player information: This character will be played by me personally.

Donny's girlfriend
Donny and his girlfriend were about to get married, one month after Donny's death. Not that his girlfriend had any interest in Donny. She was just a young woman who smelled money. When they would be married, the mansion and his treasure would be theirs. Were he to pass away after, they would be hers. But the old geezer had to die a month too early. Still, she was allowed to enter the mansion, and if she was the first to find the treasure, it would still be hers.
Advantages: Donny's girlfriend has limited psychic abilities. When she concentrates, she has a 50/50 chance on receiving a vision of an event that occured in the past on the location she currently is.
Disadvantages: She has to abide by whatever crazy rules Thomas and his stepsister will come up with or not be allowed to enter the mansion. In addition, she has an uncontrollable fear for insects, reptiles and spiders.
Player information: This character is available for play.

Thomas' girlfriend
Thomas has a close friend who is more or less his girlfriend. They frequently sleep together, but they don't prevent each other from seeing others on the side. They're more likely to break up sooner or later, that establish a lasting relationship. Still, they're reasonably close friends for now.
Advantages: Dominant aura. Thomas' girlfriend has a streak of dominance when it comes to interacting with other females. In addition to her normal dominant presence, two times per day, she can issue an order to another woman, who will be unable to resist the order given.
Disadvantages: Sleepyhead. She requires more sleep than the regular human. When she goes to sleep, nothing and nobody can possibly wake her in the next ten hours. When she tries to stay awake, she will automatically fall asleep after being awake for sixteen hours straight.
Player information: Calie has shown an interest for this character. It is the only character in this list that wasn't present at the notary, but she will be called in by Thomas, since he's unable to pass the barrier himself. He expects her to help him. If she's actually helping him, or only acting the like and planning to take the treasure for herself is up to you. The character is supposed to act dominant to other females, but not to males. If the character acts equal-base or submissive towards males is up to you.

Donny's accountant
His lead accountant when he was still a mayor player on the market, and his only accountant since he retired. Since he's basically retired, there's not much work cut out for her, leaving her with ample free time to pursue her hobbies. She lives in the mansion, so she would be quickly available, would Donny require her skills. Though she is an accountant, her contract, which includes a remarkably high wage, officially states she has to obey any and all his orders, on demand by Donny, for "the case of simplicity".
Advantages: Has access to contacts, including both former collegues and employees of Mr. Lahnagan, and some spare finances, which she can use for backup from outsiders, both in legal and illegal ways.
Disadvantages: Is bound by contract to Thomas Lahnagan. His word is law. Wears glasses. Is practically blind without them. In addition, her body reacts oddly towards sugar. If she eats or drinks anything containing sugar, she enters a state of arousal that doesn't end until she reaches orgasm. If she doesn't obtain orgasm, the state of arousal continues to increase, and after two hours, she can't help herself, loses all reason and focuses purely and only on reaching orgasm. In addition to herself, both Donny and his maid are aware of this particular condition. By the time she can taste the sugar, it's too late and the condition is in effect.
Player information: This character is available for play.

Donny's maid
Despite the size of the mansion, only a single maid is in charge of keeping it clean and providing the master with his food and drinks. In the few years that she's been working for Donny, she has also served him in the bedroom on several occasions, though lately he made no such requests, having his girlfriend to keep him company. Up to now, the hefty wage that's included in her contract, which is identical to that of the accountant, has made the efford quite worth it. However, anyone who finds the treasure gets to keep it. That includes her.
Advantages: Knows every nook and cranny of the house, save for the attic and basement, which were marked as off-property by Donny.
Disadvantages: Is bound by contract to Thomas Lahnagan. In addition, due to whatever spell of bad luck affected her when she was born, she is unable to retain her clothes in proper fashion for an extended period of time. They keep slipping off, tearing apart, or otherwise come loose, having caused the poor maid many embarrassing moments during her lifetime.
Player information: This character is available for play. The character will receive a few additional notes about the mansion that's not disclosed towards the other players. The player itself is partially responsible for handling the disadvantage.

Thomas' stepsister
If Thomas was surprised he inherited half the mansion, then his stepsister was completely perplexed. She wasn't related by blood, and didn't expect anything. The fact that she had to share the mansion with her stepbrother would be particularly odd, as she remembered the days in their teens, where he constantly tried to peek on her or grope her as they passed on the stairs.
Advantages: Is physically the strongest woman in the list. Is able to overpower any other female in fair one on one combat, and is able to hold her own to her stepbrother.
Disadvantages: Is dependant on medicine. Whenever she has not taken a tablet during the last 10 hours, her memory starts to fade. She will be unable to remember recent events. In addition, she is unable to recall events that occured during that time up to the moment she takes the next tablet.
Player information: Luella has stated an interest in playing this character How exactly the character thinks of Thomas is completely up to you. Of course, a quick description of her apparent reaction to him during recent years would be helpful.
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Re: The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2011, 07:10:17 AM »
This sounds like it could be a lot of fun :)

I have an interest in Thomas' girlfriend. I think she sounds like a lot of fun to play.


Offline XillenTopic starter

Re: The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2011, 07:12:29 AM »
This sounds like it could be a lot of fun :)

I have an interest in Thomas' girlfriend. I think she sounds like a lot of fun to play.


Yay, welcome aboard!

I almost thought this would fall off the first page without any replies to it. Perhaps I included too much detail?

I prefer to have at least 3 female roles filled before actually running this. Otherwise, there wouldn't be much competition during the treasure hunt.

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Re: The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2011, 07:14:54 AM »
i would love to take on the role of the stepsister.  ;)

Offline XillenTopic starter

Re: The inheritance of Donny Lahnagan
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2011, 07:27:01 AM »
i would love to take on the role of the stepsister.  ;)

Welcome aboard to you as well :)