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Author Topic: Silent Hill: The Future  (Read 661 times)

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Silent Hill: The Future
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:27:36 AM »
There is a artifact that has came from Earth to this research station. The artifact seemed unstable with high amounts of energy, it was sent to this specific station for tests. After testing it, the station has used this artifact as a secondary generator power-source. The heads of the science facility R.O.S.E had not responded back to the information of the artifact in almost ten years. Earth researchers have forgotten about the artifact.

~~~> Intro/Reason.

This is a role-play from a friend of mine, my reason for this role-play is to see how it would go here, and here's his reason: "I have thought long enough, and thought enough that Silent Hill in the future will be rather fun and maybe interesting to play. Imagine, large space station, Silent Hill creatures in a place where population is numbered kinda adds tension to how the survivors will try to leave the place."

The discussion topic to this role-play is followed by this link:
Please use that thread to speak about ideas, if they are private: send me a message.

~~~> Intro/Backstory.

A space station that hovers not too far away from the moon of the Earth, research station R.O.S.E (Research On Scientific Evidence.) is a station that is given unlimited funds for any theory that is backed up by some proof to be tested, such as a corpse being brought back to life through a procedure will be allowed to be tested here. Thanks to the first research and development of better safety equipment, accidents are mostly avoided or fixed right away. Thanks to the very low chance of an accident, the infirmary is hardly used (Keep that in mind.). As well new weapons in laser technology are beginning to be produced as experimental weapons only given to the highest type of guards on the whole station. There are many jobs and many people able to work on R.O.S.E, since it is a vast station that needs security and staff to keep it going, as well pay is well to even the janitors as compared to Earth's jobs. You came here on your own reasons. You're a guard, scientist, mechanic, maybe a patient moved into here to have a medical procedure that is illegal to do on Earth. Through a couple of days of being here, you have heard rumors about the lower levels, the areas where only the level seven to ten Mechanics are allowed to go to. Some workers are missing or came back disturbed. As well power outages are happening, but luckily to another finished research on a renewable source of energy, power in the station keeps going, but over hearing a constant problem in between two Mechanics, they said the second generator is reacting strangely, and might cause a problem to the whole station. That second reactor is the self renewable generator that is the backup for when the lights go out.

~~~> R.O.S.E Levels.

Radio Station: Top floor, sends out transmissions to Earth or all through R.O.S.E. There are frequencies a staff member can tune into to listen to music or news.

Command: The floor that shows what's wrong in the station, and as well control to the whole station. If it has something to do with the station, it could be controlled through here. The head of the R.O.S.E station's office is here. There is also a computer A.I to take over if the captain of R.O.S.E is to be deceased.

Armory 1/Guard Station/Storage 1: A large floor that has the armory with a lot of weapons and armor for the guards of the station. As well the guard station is to check if anyone is allowed to bring a weapon on their person into the command floor or even permitted to go. Storage is where artifacts are kept guarded or equipment and even documents.

Living Quarters/Cafeteria/Rec Room: The largest floor in the whole station, where all of the staff sleep, eat or just relax. In the quarters which every individual gets, they have their own bed, computer, desk, closet, and storage compartments for their own uses. As well the individual's very own bathroom. The Cafeteria, the food there is real and made by request by a machine, the area where food is only permitted there are rounded tables with a digital screen under a protective screen that changes lights or pictures. The Rec Room basically is a place where any sort of entertainment is placed, as well a virtual reality corridor is placed into the room that simulates any situation possible.

Armory 2/Guard Station: The second armory, and another Guard checkpoint.

Docking/Offices: The area where the transportation from Earth to R.O.S.E stop to drop by supplies or new staff. There is an elevator that leads to the main supply floor of the whole station for supplies that are dropped off. Offices to some of the staff are placed here for confirming anything that is needed, like if someone is sent to R.O.S.E by request of the head of the station, the people in the offices will give them clearance through the Guard Stations to be able to see the head of the station. For if anything goes wrong in this station, there is escape pods that can fit ten people, and they are all automatically set to land straight into Earth. This direction can be canceled for manual control.

Armory 3/Guard Station: Third armory and Guard checkpoint.

Infirmary/Test Labs 1: The only infirmary in the whole station, rarely used and filled with medical supplies. Test Labs 1, a area where there is testing on the lighter theories given to R.O.S.E, like testing the life expectancy of a new bug found on another planet.

Test Labs 2: The second test labs that test on more heavier stuff then Test Labs 2, they test new equipment.

Test Labs 3: The heaviest labs, they test life or death equipment or chemicals. Anything that can threaten your life is in here.

Armory 4/ Guard Station: The fourth armor and checkpoint.

Engineering 1: The engineering area that keeps R.O.S.E's ventilation controlled.

Engineering 2: This engineering area that keeps the power levels in check, and as well the oxygen levels and temperature.

Engineering 3: This floor is in control of the main power that keeps most of R.O.S.E operational.

Armory 5/Guard Station/Main Supply: The fifth armory and guard checkpoint. The main supply floor where there are whorehouses of anything a research station needs.

Engineering 4: This floor is small, and it only controls if the power to the second generator is flowing in or not, this power is either controlled manually or automatically.

Engineering 5: Near the lower levels this floor keeps in track of the second generator, which is a large cylindrical tube that has a blood red cloud cycling around the core.

Lower Levels: The darkest and the sewer of R.O.S.E, most employees that get in the lower levels get lost for it is a maze with hardly any lights or signs to point a direction. As well there are reports only given to the guards and not announced to everyone that there are strange noises heard in the lower levels, like screeching or moaning. One time a employee has heard scraping noises of metal, and a shadow down a hallway that all they saw was a man with some sort of helmet.

~~~> Character Set up.

1. If you are approved, send them to me, if you are not, post them in the discussion topic
2. There is a device that every R.O.S.E staff member is given that is a glove that has a flat digital screen that gives off the choice of color glow, and holograms off the screen. This glove goes up to the elbow, and made of a really tough waterproof material that it might as well be body armor. As well this glove is basically a computer on your arm. So keep that device in mind.
3. Characters who are human can be possessed, but keep in mind that when you are playing a human, YOU ARE PLAYING A HUMAN. There are no special physical abilities, but psychic abilities are acceptable.
4. Psychic abilities must have a tight cap on them, you cannot predict what EVERYONE is doing all the time.

Mental Health:

~~~> Monster Character set up

1. No you cannot be Pyramid Head.

Behavior: (Attacks other monsters, reacts to certain people, etc)
(If a possessed Human.) Former-Self Back-Story: