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December 01, 2022, 01:36:42 pm

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Author Topic: King See No Evil (AU medieval RP, M/F, looking for F)  (Read 795 times)

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King See No Evil (AU medieval RP, M/F, looking for F)
« on: December 26, 2010, 08:01:34 pm »

Much like our own, the world of Prade established itself early before being stricken with various tragedies; Ice Age upon Ice Age, meteorite strikes, plate tectonics splitting the planet... strengthening any sort of society in this harsh world seemed impossible... but mankind struggled through.

Until that one fateful day, from which hierarchy would unfold, technology would leap forth, and society grew...

All from discovering a simple, pivotal difference between Prade and Earth.


Nearly a thousand years have passed since that pivotal moment marked as the dawn of the true human age; in a distant land, similar to Western medieval lands, an old king sits upon his throne, his family wrought by tragic accidents and assassinations. He has but one heir, his young, malicious, menacing son, Darius.

Before long, the old king's heart simply stops; and his son assumes the throne, making great and terrible movements throughout the land for year after year.

And upon his twenty-second birthday, his advisors call for the most beautiful women in the lands to come across; and Darius is presented with five options to pick from to wed; and he knows not a deadly secret...

One was sent to kill him.

In his oblivious lust, Darius chooses the assassin; but will her love overcome her family bonds?

Starting Point:

We can start literally anywhere from Darius' father's death, to the moment of choice of his wife. Whichever. I'd prefer to start as early as possible, but I don't mind.


- Medieval setting (outside of the bedroom, I've got a big thing for medieval combat, just a preference)
- Magic (obviously, this is going to be a big one; magic is accessible to everyone, although some have more potential than others, pretty much like any skill, and it can be called upon in a variety of ways, depending on how much you've honed it.)
- Arranged marriage
- Lust
- Deception
- Emotional and physical conflict
- Possibly non-consensual sex if we start earlier, depends on your preferences


Whilst he's not exactly nice on the throne, the earlier we start, the more horrible he is, he lusts after most women and looks for something more, a real challenge with real reward, not just some woman who sleeps with him for status.

Taming him may be a challenge for the assassin.

The Wife

I'm going to say this now.

She doesn't have to marry him, and she doesn't exactly have to be an assassin. Depending on your preference, I'm willing to do anything here, so long as the assassination is either offered or intentional. The ideal circumstance would be that, say, a year or so back, Darius raped and killed her sister, and so she wants revenge, but she could just be working as a hitman, or approached with the offer later.

It'll either be intentional assassination conflicting with her love, or her initial love conflicting with perhaps material value, or some sort of arranged deal with a third party.


Keeping in mind this is as much your story as mine, I can be convinced exceptionally easy. I want this to be a fun experience for both of us, not just me. If it doesn't look like it can interest you at all, obviously, steer clear, but if you have problems but still want to try it, please, please, please drop me a PM.

PM me or reply in the thread for further discussion. ^_^

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Re: King See No Evil (AU medieval RP, M/F, looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2010, 09:30:32 pm »
I'm interested in this plot, I can see it being for revenge even she attempts to assassinate him maybe and they struggle and he wins, pinning her. I see her being an amateur as far as assassin's go