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Author Topic: Syanyte's Dream's{M/M~T-Girl/M~T-girl/F Long term 10/30/12}  (Read 3841 times)

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Syanyte's Dream's{M/M~T-Girl/M~T-girl/F Long term 10/30/12}
« on: December 26, 2010, 02:13:36 AM »
Accepting one or two more games.

Even if I appear offline does not mean I am most times I am under invisible just depends really so please if your interested in anything in this thread don't hesitate to send me a pm.

I am also open to any Role-play's one might wish to play with me it does not have to be a idea from this thread. Don't hesitate to Pm me. The newest things added will be in bold then table of contents anything in blue is click-able.

I am currently, In a Bottom/Submissive mood so this will be all my bottom/submissive characters Unless it is M/F and I am playing the F then I will be the more submissive but if I am playing the M then I will be more dom it all depends on the pairing. They are all M/M-M/F I can  hot, All characters currently made are in my O/O thread, Though most of them are not really active I tend to create characters for stories as I go along. My RP's also tend to be in the extreme.

All because I put Dom and Sub does not mean my characters are whiny or what have you they all tend to have a attitude it just more less describes what my character is unless you prefer top/bottom/switch my characters are more of a bottom/switch.

Table of Contents
1 What is here.
2. Pairings-updated-[10/30/12]
3. Idea's-updated-[10/30/12]
4. Picture Idea's-updated-[10/30/12]
5. Character's-updated-[10/30/12]
6. T-Girl pictures and idea's-[10/30/12]

Character's I play. I tend to play slim to slender characters, I do not mind what anyone else plays but I am more into those type of character's or even anime characters.

Character's I will not play with. I can't stand the overly muscular characters that look like they could break someone in half and I will not play with them or as one.

Post length. I usually try to do between 3-and many more paragraphs it all depends on my muse, I would like to have someone that can give me at least three, but no less then two. I can be long winded so I hope to get like minded people. I can usually post up to once a day depending on my muse maybe more.

I use Real life pictures to describe things., I also use animation pictures as well.

Also a person that doesn't mind playing different parts to help the story along.

It doesn't matter your real gender just as long as your character is Male.

Current games
A debt to be paid. - With Kissin Kate
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Re: Syanyte's Dream's.~Pairings~
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2010, 11:37:41 PM »
Anything in bold are roles I wish to play.

Pairings M/M

I am also open to suggestions for pairings. Also I will do just about any setting. ^_^

Anything that is Crossed out like this means I am not open to playing anything from that category.


The Streets
***Craving anything from here.***
Orphan/ Adopter or Orphan/street walker.
Prostitute/Sugar daddy.
Junkie/drug dealer

Bf/Bf abusive loverReally Craving this one.

***Craving anything from here.***

Mental Institution/Hospitals
Mental Case/Doctor
Mental Case/Mental Case

Craving things from here.
But also a role reversal where it would be Human/Vampire and the human is the top/Dominant one in the relationship

Not craving anything from here
Runaway/Any Kind Of Guy
Crossdresser/Gay Guy-For this though it would be the only time I play a female as the cross dresser that dress's male.

{Not craving anything from here}
Brother/Brother{Twin or Older/Younger}
Father's friend/Son

Not craving anything from here
Porn star/Jealous lover.

Shall continue to think if you have any pairings you would like to try then just shoot me a message.
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« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2011, 02:32:00 AM »
I use Real life pictures to describe things as well as animation pictures.

New idea's.
I am looking for any kind of Role-play where my character does not have to be dominant/ top. I am open to any idea's or suggestions anyone might have. Anything in BOLD is what i am wanting now.

I am also open to idea's you may have.

~New idea's~ Would like to play a role-play where my character is a stowaway or something on like a pirate ship.

Or a slave on the black market.
G1 my guy G2 your guy

~A new Idea~ I had was what I see it being is well G1 and G2 used to be friends but lost contact years ago. G1 used to do Dojo and fought but something happened to cause him to stop but some how the friends run into each other. G1's father is really sick and could possibly die if he doesn't get the help he needs and well G2 is wealthy and possibly a part of a gang kind of. But he is apart of a club that use's steeds as they are called to fight for them and the winner gets money and the loser becomes entertainment. Well G1 and G2 back when they were kids were actually in love with each other and well G2's family found out and told G1 that G2 was really sick. So when they went to run away G2 began coughing nonstop so G1 had taken off to find help. G2 thought G1 had just left him and G1 felt like it was his fault and that G2 didn't want to see him when he was in the hospital but that was cause of the family. So now G2 shows up needing a steed and uses that incident to get what he wants and he promises to help G1's dad as long as the other becomes his steed.  Well he refuses to tell G2 that he had messed up his leg when going to get help and instead of telling anyone he dealt with the pain. Cause he was so upset that he almost got the other killed so now G1 is doing this to get G2's forgiveness 

~new idea~ A guy that has a very complicated past having ran away from that life and now trying to start over, will that life come back to haunt him or will he finally have the life he had always dreamed of?

All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
***Craving big time***

Name:Seth Serenity
Seth likes to act tough at times but he is anything else but tough, he lives life the way he wants and sometimes that means stepping on toes. He can be really loyal or be your worst enemy but what others don't know is the other side of Seth that not many see and only those closest to him see. Are you willing to come find out just what that is? Join Seth in a journey of life be his lover his friend his sugar daddy or the more mature lover and he will show you a side you would never expect from him. This would be considered a extreme idea cause i see a whole lot of drama along with other things. I would like the other character to be a Dom or just a top in general it is completely up to you what your character is, I see this falling into the pairing the streets or regular so take a look and let me know what you think. He is one I am wanting to use in just about anything as long as he does not have to dom/top

This is just a cool picture i thought would be awesome to play as.

I really think a role-play with a sugar daddy or a older lover or maybe a abusive lover would be awesome for Zak.

Zak is different the most other boys he tends to have a femboy side he is a model at just the age of 18 and everyone wants a peice of him. What would your character do if placed in a role-play with him he likes things extreme as well as sweet and passionate. Zak is up for almost anything do you think you character could handle him then lets give it a try and see. Show Zak just what your character is made of and let the imagination and inspiration begin.

Older Ideas most taken

This is something I think would be interesting to play would possibly one good the other evil giving into the side of temptation something that could kill them both, Abuse the thirst for blood is all they know are they really that different our are they very much the same?

I could see this as a Vampire/Vampire..or a Vampire/Vemon or anything really but this would be a good bit of action and drama in it something to give it a spark.
***Current Craving***

For the first time ever I am craving to play an anthro that has a human side. Looking for someone that wants to play his owner or even a boyfriend that is also an anthro but has a human side or it could be anything else, I am wanting it to be more like Anthro's are not considered freaks maybe it is were the humans are rarer then the Anthro's. I am basically craving anything where I can play a Anthro oh I have a picture of the anthro I am wanting to play as well as his human side, when it comes to anything sexual he is in his human side. I think it would be really cool if he had a master but I would be more then willing open to any idea's just let me know. PM me with any ideas you have.

Here are the pictures you click on them to make them bigger.

Current craving= I am craving to do a roleplay about a mental hospital, my characters are already in the hospital Pics further up of Brad Sparks and Kohl Garret and I am thinking the other person could play another patient and possibly the doctor, I can play supporting characters as well as when I am thinking they will eventually bust out, this is going to be a twisted story that much is true but I am thinking that my character Brad does fall for possibly one of your characters, I know this is not very detailed but I am open to suggestions so please feel free.

Current Craving= I am looking to do a Master/Pet Rp my character is actually a young boy. He has white hair, is covered in black leather and a blindfold, and has a large scar shaped like a X on his abdomen and nipple piercings and walks on all fours. His eyes have been destroyed and he has no vocal cords he can not see or speak, he does however have a keen sense of smell. For this I am thinking a violent but also there can be romance as I am sure my character would have either fallen for yours or he could have just been sold to your character. Though I can change it to where he just cant see but can speak or vice versa I have a few pictures to kinda discribe him.

A few story starters that I would like to use.

A starter with Pictures Names of your characters can be changed will give more information as to why the characters are like this if anyone is interested. This is my Vampires story.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Vincent was a vampire a pure blood one at that, they were hard to come by now a days most had been killed off for one reason or another. He was about 1,000 years old but looked to be around 29. He owned all of the property in this area business's, Hospitals everything was his. He also had a human that stayed with his considered his vessel a source of blood to where he didn't have to go out and hunt. Having put his mark on this one it covered most of his back, they had to mark their vessels or others would try to drink from them and well for his kind they released poisons into the blood if any other but them tried to drink for his vessel they would die a slow and painful death.

Vince was considered powerful in this area, and he took shit from no one but Dex who seemed to act like he was all that all the time. Sitting at his mahogany desk flipping through the paper reading on what was going on in the world as of late groaning at all the turmoil that seemed to be happening now. He had sent Dex out on a mission to find out who the new comer was that seemed to be trying to but in on his territory, looking up at the clock surprised that Dex was not back yet but that was Dex not caring. Shaking his head and standing he walked from the office tossing the paper in the trash, Vince had lived long enough not to loose his temper at every little thing.

Many had said they would rather him loose his temper then to stay quiet as things seemed to get worse when he was quiet. Wearing a pair of black slacks and a white tee that clung to his body with a white button up shirt over it, his hair laying over his shoulders blood red eyes looked around listening to the servants here talk as if he couldn't hear them. Walking into his library sitting down on his long couch and taking a book out he began to read it was a book that tended to send him messages from the vampire council. Shaking his head writing back to them on the progress he had made along with a few other things.

Thinking to Dex where ever he was, "Where are you what is taking so long." He now waited for a response to his question, Dex might be human but he would punish him if it came down to it. His home was the biggest around and he enjoyed it that way. He had many cars as well he was kind of a collector of them. Flipping on some [noembed]music[/noembed] as he sat there listening to it it kinda lulled his nerves keeping him calm.

Reko had been with Aiden for as long as he could remember which was a long time, he was 23 he had Aiden's mark on his back being human it was required. They had moved several times in the years he had been here and now living in a new place all was new to him as well. He was good with computers but he was also good at other things like fixing things and using weapons to fight others though he never dared go against Aiden unless he wanted to die and that was far from his list of things to accomplish. His hair was not a reddish color before that he had black hair and before that he had blonde he was considering going back to blonde.

Reko had heard the news that someone had been asking about Aiden while he had been out seeing just what all there was around here. Once he had finished that he helped move things into the house before he went to find Aiden. Heading back to their place he looked for Aiden and when he finally found him after making sure he wasn't busy he spoke. "I just found out someone is going around asking about you and it seems we have stumbled upon another vampires territory." His voice was deep but soft all at the same time standing there wondering what Aiden would want him to do.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" His voice light Reko was happy where he was even if it was to be an others food source. This was better then being out of the streets and killed at least now he had protection. His sparkling blue eyes watched Aiden Reko had a good heart and cared genuinely about people and the vampires though it only showed in his eyes always keeping his emotions in check. Arms crossed over his chest would they have to move again cause what he had heard about this other vampire kind of scared him and that was something rare for him. He had a folder under his arm he had forgotten about as he stood there.

Love Slave.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kana was new to the kings Harem, Only have been there or about 4 months. All the girls in the Harem hated him, They thought it was unusual for a king to have a male in his harem. Kana was sweet and never wanting to upset others and easily tricked. Kana was very smart hid his smarts behind the innocent act, Having been trained by the best they taught him how to give more to the king then these women ever could. Being taught in literacy and the ways of the Kings land, Learning everything he needed to give the king more then just sex but a actual conversation. Since he had been here he had gained the king good graces seeming to be called on more and more.

Kana usually dressed in a white kimono with purple silk around the neck and a people sash tied around his waist. The colors really meshed well with his body. That morning had been a long one the breakfast was horrible and the women loud, How they complained about everything he never understood. thinking that they should be grateful they even have a place to lay their heads at night. Sighing a bit as he had brought a few books with him and was sitting in a corner by himself reading, This was of course one of the ways he passed his time, Reading and singing. Which both he was really good at, Though he was not the bragging type. Always listening to the girls and their rantings he kept a journal as well to write down the things he knew.

While he was sitting there he heard someone asking for him, Closing his book and placing it under his makeshift bed he got up straightening his Kimono walking over to the man in question. The man looked at him and nodded."The king calls for you tonight do not keep his majesty waiting." Kana nodded watching the man leave the girls looking over to him with a look that if it could kill would have already done so. Once he was gone he placed his arms behind his back and walked from the Harem and into the castle, his feet making no noise as he wore slippers. Heading down the hall to the Kings room, Once he gets there he knocks lightly on the door. Looking down the hall one way then the other just watching maids work.

Kana had been surprised that he had been called on already today, Most times he wasn't called till the night so he figured the king must really be in the mood for some attention. Rocking back and forth on his heals lifting a hand and sliding it through his soft brown hair that accented his face. Having been surprised he was given to a male but not minding either way as he had been trained in both sex's. Standing there humming a bit as he waited. A soft smile on his face his skin flawless and his body was well toned to where he could take just about anything.

Older idea's here.~points down~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For this next story idea I am looking for someone to possibly play the uncle or something.
Name; Jason

Jason was 16 he had no father in the picture his mother saying the bastard ran out on her when she was pregnant so he had no father figure well none at least that he wanted to be. His uncle was in the picture and that man drove him up the wall so usually when his uncle is suppose to be watching him he is out with his best friend. The man tortured him usually calling him a sissy boy and gay because of the way he dressed most times he ignored it. When he had tried talking about Jason's friend Jason flipped which only got him in trouble cause his mother had been there.

His mother being away for the weekend and most of the next week would kill him. It was a Saturday morning the sun was up and Jason had been out all night partying with his friends till like 3 in the morning. His head pounded from the vodka he had the night before, wearing his boxers and pajama bottoms that were black and white with skull and cross bones on it. His hair was a wreck though he still had all his bracelets on that he collected. Heading into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water, his eyes blood shot as he leaned over the sink with the glass .

Jason slowly began to drift off to sleep with the water running and the glass dropping into the sink, it was plastic. His head resting on the counter as he had passed out again. His mom would not be happy if she found out. His father was a heavy drinker and a drug addict and she did not allow the shit in the house. It would be a hot day outside as it was already getting toasty in here.

Old idea'sI am looking for any kind of Role-play where my character does not have to be dominant/ top. I am open to any idea's or suggestions anyone might have.

Liu was a abused child he bares scars on his back in the shape of a X having been raped and beaten most of his life. At the age of 13 he was removed from his home and placed in a group home. Liu now 17-21 lives his life like any other person he has some issues that stem from his child hood but he doesn't let that bother him.  (for this I could play him as any of the pairings down below I am open to any suggestions for this just getting back into rping on E so I am a little rusty.)

I was also thinking on this idea.

Liu is a girl that dresses and acts like a guy, she plays basketball and football and well no one knows Liu is really female. Liu could have a boyfriend or girlfriend and I am thinking she is looking into a sex change but right now I will keep it simple. Her childhood was anything but pleasant and she bares the scars to prove it. She lives in a group home..or she could be a prostitute with a pimp or sugar daddy that knows about her gender and many request for her as Luna or Liu. I am thinking this could be interesting either way and I am ope to suggestions. This will be the only RP i am willing to play female in.
Please only contact me via PM do not post here thanks.
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Re: Inspirational pictures/And character pictures.
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2011, 08:56:20 AM »
I use Real life pictures to describe things as well as animation pictures.

Inspirational pictures
Basically pictures that tell a story that i would not mind doing. Or pictures of characters I would like to play. Shall add more as I get inspired. The Spoiler boxes have some good pics so take a look.

All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it.

The current pictures I would like to use for a story Idea.

Playing the blonde

Playing the blonde

Playing the one with white hair

Playing the one kneeling.

Playing the one with the gun.


SFW- all are Real Life
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

{Group 2

{Group 3

SFW- all are animated
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this box any Picture that has a *by it is one I want to do.

***** This whole group.{Group 1 }

{Group 2  {******} }

{Group 3  {******}  }

{Group 4  }

{Group 5  {******} }

NSFW- all are animated.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this box any Picture that has a *by it is one I want to do.

Pictures of males i tend to play.


Albums of guys each are guys I would love to play and each album is a different guy but in the album it is the same guy if that makes any sense.
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~Characters I would like to play~
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2011, 10:09:15 AM »
    Shoot me a PM if you like any of my idea's I am also open to suggestions for role-plays. If there is anything you would like to know about me and my O/O just shoot me a PM I don't bite.

    All Pictures are click able thumbnails so the picture will get bigger if you click on it.

    All of my characters are of Legal Age the Pictures I use are as well of Legal aged guys. I do research before using an picture.

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    ***Craving big time***

    Name:Seth Serenity
    He is one I am wanting to use in just about anything as long as he does not have to dom/top

    ***Craving big time***


    Brad Sparks
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Brad Sparks and Kohl will both be used in the same story.

    Name: Brad Sparks
    Age: 18
    Reason for hospitalization:Hears voices, and has multiple personality's, And was the one to kill his parents, But unto this day he still doesn't know he was the one that did it. His mind having blocked it out.
    Worst fears: The dark, He hates the dark
    Worst memory: The day he got thrown into this place.
    Length you've been at the asylum: 3yrs

    A starter for him but can be changed to fit any story.

    Brad was sitting in the room that had been given to him having been in that same room for 3yrs now. He was sitting there talking to himself well not really himself but the voices in his head. Most of the conversations he had could never be understood as most of it was mumbling. There were never doors to the rooms as they were shackled to the wall keeping them from doing much of anything else. Having been up all night from voices in his head talking so loud. His body twitched here and there as one voice would get louder then the rest.

    Having dark circles under his eyes his hair a bit messed up, It could be seen he was soon going to explode. Having Grabbed his hair and Screaming. "WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!" Screaming at the voices in his head. His head jerking around as he rubbed his head his whole body shaking, "It's's okay..I didn't mean it...Shh now be a good boy." Oh yes his sick and perverted side had came out and was trying to calm Brad down. When one would take over brad usually became a different person.

    Kohl Garrett
    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

    Name: Kohl Garrett
    Age: 19
    Reason for hospitalization: Likes pain so has been diagnosed as a cutter, The sight of blood gets him horny.
    Worst fears: Being alone Locked in a room by himself.
    Worst memory: The day his mother died and his father began to use him as a punching bag.
    Length you've been at the asylum: 5yrs

    A starter for him a well but can be changed if need be.

    Kohl had actually been asleep till he heard Brad scream and he jerked up. Looking around he could hear the voice and how it changed. Kohl smiled and shook his head, turning to the shackles always trying to get loose but the raw marks on his legs which seemed to bleed made him trembled in pleasure and his body loved this. He was considered a cutter so this only helped his illness. His hands slipping down his legs to the blood that began to appear wiping some off and licking it from his fingers.

    Kohl then began to rock back and forth he could not stand listening to brad talk to himself it was driving him up the wall. So he just sat there and rocked humming to himself trying to drowned Brad out but it did not seem to be working. The damn boy was loud even when he was mumbling, Wishing he had a blade right now wanting to feel the cold steel against his skin. He having been here 5yrs surprised he lived that long with how they were treated. Thinking that this place makes you worse instead of better.

    Older characters that i could play given the right story ~points to the spoiler box~ click to see what they are.

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Name: Leo Markum
    Age: 19
    Birth Date: December 25
    Sexual Preference: Men
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Purple/Brown
    Hair Color: Purple/Dark brown
    Hair Style: Messy
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 135lbs
    Occupation: Open for discussion.
    Hobbies: Football, Basketball, music, sex, Cosplaying, Skateboarding
    Likes: Cosplay,Sex, dancing, having fun.
    Personality: Goofball, Big heart, Sensitive at times. Loves to be dominated.

    Name: Xen lucas
    Birth Date: April 14
    Sexual Preference: Men
    Species: Human
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Style: Messy
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 145lbs
    Occupation: Open for discussion.
    Hobbies: Football, Basketball, music, sex,Skateboarding, dancing.
    Likes: Sex, dancing, having fun, flirting music and reading.
    Personality: Goofball, Big heart, Sensitive at times.

    these two I would like to do a role-play where the other character is either the dominate or at least a switch the last two would be good in any kind of Role-play they are both open and fun loving, they also have a lot of room to work around.

    A few of my Pornstar characters.
    Name:Kyler Moss
    Age: 18
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Hair Type: Black
    Weight: 110
    Preference: Versatile
    Orientation: Gay

    Name--Scott Alexander
    Age-- 19
    Birthday-- January 8, 1992
    Astrology-- Capricorn
    Birthplace San Antonio, TX
    Years Active-- 2011
    Ethnicity-- Caucasian
    Nationality/Heritage-- Euro-Latin {Ecuadorian, German, and Italian}
    Hair Color-- Brown
    Eye Color-- Brown
    Height-- 5'6"
    Weight-- 125
    Sexual Preference-- Gay
    Position-- Versatile
    BDSM-- Yes
    Kink-- Yes
    Tattoos-- None
    Piercings-- Tongue

    I have a few other characters I would also love to play
    Roxy Red
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    ~T-Girl Idea/Pictures~
    « Reply #5 on: July 06, 2012, 09:22:11 AM »
    New-Really craving this Lately I have had a really been craving to play a T-Girl it would kinda be my first time playing one but it seems like fun. Looking for anyone with any open mind and would allow me to play a T-Girl all the inspirational pictures are of T-Girls. I am looking for a story with all aspects in it be it action, drama, Suspense, Love, Pain, all things really that make a good story.

    Inspirational pictures
    Basically pictures that tell a story that i would not mind doing. Shall add more as I get inspired if it has a * by it, it is the T-Girl i am really wanting to play.

    The T-Girl I really was to play is ~ Bailey Just click on the name.
    When it asks for password just put in beachboys1 all lowercase

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    Syanyte's Dream's{M/M~T-Girl/M~T-girl/F Long term}
    « Reply #6 on: October 29, 2012, 06:23:50 PM »

    Revamped, Organized, Edited Everything.

    Added a new idea.
    Removed a few more pairings.
    Edited the set up of pairings.
    Removed a few pictures and a few other things.
    Added a new character pictures that I would like to develop with someone.

    Just getting back in the flow of Role-playing on E. So be gentle. ~innocent look~

    Please do not post here send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks. ^_^
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