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Author Topic: Ferran's 1+1=Fun! Plot Thread (For Females, Please)  (Read 2464 times)

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Ferran's 1+1=Fun! Plot Thread (For Females, Please)
« on: December 24, 2010, 09:12:58 am »
Most of these are open to negotiation. If you have a twist on it or some other kink or idea you want to try to work into it, by all means let me know. All of these are intended to have some sort of power play at their core, so though some may seem to favor the male or female being in control, the plots usually involve the give-and-take power struggle that comes with complicated relationships. So few of them are intended to be one-sided.

Also note that my O/O's are pretty wildly out of date, so please don't be intimidated by them or take them as concrete. I really need to update them...

NOTE: The pictures are just suggestions/flavoring. They don't represent anything mandatory. Your character or my character doesn't HAVE to look like that (though they certainly can). It's just for eye-candy.

Somewhat Serious Plots

These are somewhat complex, serious plots. So while sex is fun and awesome and important, it might not be the central thing in these. The relationship and the events surrounding the sex are just as important, if not more so. Playing by IM is my preferred medium, but seeing as these are a bit involved, I'm open to doing these on the forums if you'd prefer that.


In the not-so-distant future, an oppressive dystopian government rules over it's frightened people with an iron fist. The media is but a mouthpiece for the tyrants, the internet is sanitized, and freedoms are scant at best. Amidst such rampant injustice, a criminal underground has formed, subverting the government and living under their own rules. The criminals have not formed an organized, dedicated rebellion (yet), they are simply deviants who live their lives how they please, defiantly avoiding the wrath of the government.

One such deviant has earned a reputation as a rather skilled and mischievous hacker. His escapades have become common knowledge amongst the populace, and, though it was not his original intention, he has become something of a cultural icon for those who would throw off the shackles of the government.

At last, however, his identity is discovered and the government dispatches their best assassin to finish him - a lovely, seductive, and fanatically loyal female killer raised from birth to be the perfect assassin. The hacker has one final trick up his sleeve, however: he gets wind of the attempt on his life before it occurs, and he uses his expertise to frame the assassin for treason. Now she is as hunted as he, and without one another's knowledge and skill, neither will likely survive.

Open to other, similar ideas as well. Looking for a very powerful, strong-willed, and perhaps slightly evil woman. Though her evilness might certainly change when her loyalties are forced to.

Lost and Found

A weary traveller trudges through the dark jungle/frozen wastes/endless desert for weeks, hopelessly lost. Finally out of supplies and willpower, he comes upon a small oasis amidst the vast wilderness around him. He collapses, certain he is about to die, when he is discovered by a curious and precocious young nymph. Enamoured with the physique of mortal men and having never had one all to herself, she decides to show the man the comforts of her body and her oasis.

Afterwards, however, she had expected him to stay with her out of gratitude. Fallen for her though he has, the man intends to take the lovely young creature with him, away from her beloved oasis.

This could take place in Greek Mythology, Victorian era, or even modern times. There's a lot of different places this can go, and it's a bit more romance-oriented than most of my others. The nymph could represent any element or environment you please, and she could have a supernatural appearance or powers. Could also be more kinky and smutty. Quite versatile.

The Revenge of Number 34

A man is betrayed and left for dead by someone he once thought to be his best friend. His betrayer grows wealthy and prosperous due to the treachery while his poor former friend is damned to years of misery (perhaps slavery or prison or indentured military service). The wealthy betrayer thinks his old friend dead, and sets about enjoying the spoils of his disloyalty for decades, becoming one of the most prominent and politically important men in his region.

After enduring years of torment, the betrayed man finally breaks free of his sentence. Now filled with nothing but hate and an insatiable lust for revenge, the man sets about planning his vendetta. After much planning and a little luck, he works his way into his former friend's graces once more (perhaps he lands a job as a servant or guard, or perhaps he somehow comes across some money and pretends to be another noble). Worn by the sands of time, his old friend does not even recognize the man he once betrayed.

But while edging his way ever-closer, working nearer and nearer to his ultimate goal, the man finds his rage somewhat soothed by his enemy's lovely young daughter. She flirts shamelessly with him (perhaps BECAUSE he is so much older and she wishes to be mischevious and scandalous), and though he initially considers seducing and shaming her to further his betrayer's torment, the man decides against it, having been enthralled with the girl's loveliness and personality.

But as the advent of his revenge and his enemy's ruin and death approaches, the girl finally manages to trick him into bed, and after a long night of passion, the man must decide what he values most. Will he ignore his tender feelings to feed his seething lust for revenge? Or will he take the more dangerous route, listening to his heart?

Or, more dangerous still...will he try to appeal to both his lust for revenge and his lust for the girl?

Quite similar to the Count of Monte Cristo. However, this might be set in a variety of time periods, from Dumas' era to Ancient Rome to the Modern Era. Also, to add another twist to it, it might turn out that (like in the Count of Monte Cristo) the betrayer marries the man's former fiance, and he eventually discovers the girl he's so passionately drawn to is his own daughter.

We, the Living (Bioshock)

Rapture lies in ruins. Years after Andrew Ryan's death, the entire city has slipped even further into anarchy, violence, and madness. Few of those with possession of their minds remain as the splicers slowly turn the entire underwater complex into a den of depravity and death. It is amidst this suffering and ruin that one of the last remaining sane men still lives. Infused with rage at what Rapture has become and secretly gripped by guilt for his hand in it, the man struggles to survive day-by-day.

And it is then, surrounded by the wretchedness of the fallen city, just as he himself begins to slip into the madness of loneliness and pain, that the girl appears. A teenage angel of immense beauty, she had found her way to the ruins of Rapture from the lighthouse above after being caught in what she claims was a shipwreck. The man reluctantly takes her in, caring for her and helping her survive.

But all is not as it seems. The girl, though at first seeming innocent and chaste, slowly and unceasingly begins transforming into a seductive, irresistible vixen. In his loneliness and lust, he gives in to her, but the longer they are together, the more painfully, excruciatingly dependent he becomes on her...and the more they both seem to twist into something Rapture has never seen before...

Essentially, it turns out the girl was Ryan's final experiment. She's a new prototype version of the Little Sisters, and she can voluntarily form powerful symbiotic bonds with men through long periods of intimacy. The chemicals released by her body bind such men to her will, and eventually start to transform them into a new Big Daddy. The girl could know what she is and what she's doing, or she could suffer from amnesia and be unaware of her true nature.

The Succubus, and the Seduction of Szat Serane

A beautiful maiden in a 17th century colonial village is but days away from her wedding day. The villagers are frantically and happily busying themselves with the preparations for the nuptials, and the maiden is so giddy she can hardly stay still for more than a few seconds. Her groom is the handsome and amiable Szat Serane, a man of simple, wholesome values. Szat may be a naive farm boy, but he is a good man, and a "catch" nonetheless. He is equally excited about the wedding, and he has been sleepless in anticipation for days. What he does not know is that the origin of the maiden's beauty is not entirely natural. She was an ugly child, and puberty only twisted her unappealing appearance even further to awkwardness. Distressed that she would never be beautiful, the maiden made a pact with demons: her soul and service as a witch in return for everlasting beauty.

But it seems she has little intention on upholding her end of the bargain. The maiden has forgotten the devil's due, and her wedding day approaches without the slightest hint of satanic incantation or midnight ritual. So the demon has come to collect another restitution. As the moon rises over the last night before the wedding, a succubus descends on the sleeping village, intent on seducing Szat from his innocence and drawing him forever away from the maiden.

One of my absolute favorites, and one I've never really played out too much. It's a shame, because I feel it as a LOT of very naughty, very dark potential.

Malcolm, the Model, and the Murder

A prominent and rising star in the fashion world is implicated in the murder of a fellow model. Detective Malcolm McDoell is assigned to the case, but as he delves deep into the glamorous, but sordid world of fashion design and modeling, he begins to lose his objectivity and finds himself susceptible to the same lusts and temptations that plague it's denizens. The very woman he is investigating for murder allures him, and after a seduction and a night of irresistible passion, Malcolm must decide where his loyalties lie, and who he will believe.

She could've actually done it, or not. If you're into playing a more innocent, sympathetic character, perhaps she is innocent and they try to solve the murder together. Or if you want to be more naughty, then perhaps she did do it, and intrigue ensues.

The Fluffy, the Naughty, and the Downright Smutty

This stuff is more basic and naughty. It's stuff that's a lot of fun, and stuff I'd still love to do, but even I admit most of it's likely closer to a porno than a novel. And that's fine! Smutty stuff can be wonderful. This stuff, however, I feel is far more conducive to the fast-paced banter of IM, so I'm not looking to do any of these on the forums.

Lust Without Borders
A foreign exchange student from Japan goes to high school in America. Her family in Japan is very poor, and her father is abusive to her. Once she gets to America she decides she wants to stay to avoid going back to her terrible family. She has a cranky female english teacher that she hates, but she knows her teacher has a very rich and handsome husband. She hatches a plan to try to tempt her teacher's husband away for herself so she can stay in the country. She knows that if she can seduce him and trick him into impregnating her, he will be forced to marry her. He might at first be reluctant and unsure, but he'd doubtless eventually fall for the girl.

This can be done with the pregnancy aspect entirely removed. I'm pretty fond of risk of pregnancy/coercion into pregnancy as a kink, but I understand that's not the case for many people, so it's certainly not required.

Idle Hands

Zach Harper's 17th birthday sucked. Not only did he have to work a double-shift at his crappy fast-food job, but his gifts amounted to some clothes he'd never wear, books he'd never read, and school supplies that would likely end up thrown at other students. His friends had all been out of town for some weekend beach party he hadn't been allowed to go to...and, to top it all off, Zach discovered that his parents had sold his soul to the Devil. Yes, the actual Devil. More specifically, they'd promised their firstborn's soul in exchange for curing his father of cancer many years before.

So the young couple had simply figured they'd never have a child. Who knew the Devil was powerful enough to overcome birth control? So Zach was stuck, again, in a mess not entirely his own doing with little clue on how to get out of it. And the Devil's task for him was a strange one. There was a young succubus who was just reaching maturity, and the Devil wanted her to get a taste of Earth before she started her first assignments. So the Devil was sending her to Zach's school as a "foreign exchange student"...who happened to have Zach's family as her "host" family.

The catch, of course, is that succubi cannot sustain themselves on the mortal plane with food. They are fed and sustained by the lusts of men and, far more importantly, the seed of men. So Zach's task is to constantly sate the ravenous appetite of the young succubus. Peculiarly, the girl is not the wicked, self-centered, sadistic bitch he'd thought...but rather a sweet, innocent, naive and cute young girl...who also happens to have a ferocious sexual appetite and an odd attachment to Zach.

So yeah, this one is pretty light and wacky compared to the others. It's not extremely heavy on plot, but I think the set-up is amusing and interesting. This one would likely be less on the plot and heavier on sex, unlike most of my other like I said: light and fluffy and unapologetically single-minded.

This one is intended to be goofy, comedic, and smutty. Could be a lot of fun.

The High School Jungle
A young man in high school has a pretty young girlfriend that he cares for very much. And though the two are very close, her morals do not allow her to appreciate her boyfriend much physically, much to his lament. When one of the girl's devious and scheming rivals detects an opportunity, she preys on the boy's good heart and intelligence to help "tutor" her in math at her house. But the rival's true intentions are to lure the boy away from his girlfriend and trick him into committing a betrayal with her.

This could also be done with a young girl's father, and her rival in high school.

Call of the Wild

Deep in a forgotten forest in a magical land, a race of cute cat-people have existed away from the rest of society for many centuries. Over time, the population has grown almost exclusively female, and males are hard to come by. The cat-girls are overcome by an intense, compulsive need to mate once they reach sexual maturity. So when a young human traveler finds himself lost in the ominous woods, a young cat-girl springs at the chance to mate with a male. But neither of them realize that once he's impregnated her, she'll imprint on him forever.

Again, the pregnancy aspect of this could be removed and it could still be quite enjoyable.

Smuttier, Simpler, but Just As Fun Pairings...

(roles I will do in bold)

Teacher x Student
Student x Next Door Neighbor
Vampire x Innocent
Nurse x Patient
Boss x Secretary/Assistant
Master/Mistress x Slave (in many different varieties and settings)
Mortal x Succubus/Incubus
Father/Mother x Daughter/Son
Brother x Sister
Vampiress x Bloodpet
Geek x Cheerleader
Student x Best Friend's Mom
Younger Kid x MILF
Principal x Problem Student