Deviant thoughts (M looking for great F writer)

Started by Dark Apprentice, December 22, 2010, 09:59:20 PM

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Dark Apprentice

Looking to write about taboo subjects...

Care for a father-daughter RP....forced or seduced/coerced?

Some ideas:

A king is obsessed with his daughter and is extremely distraught that he must give up her hand to marry the neighboring kingdom's prince in order to avoid war.  In a quiet and intimate moment, the princess conveys her fear of the wedding night and the king is plagued by competing emotions:  loyalty to his queen and kingdom, their safety against war, his tender love for his daughter, and his boiling lust to show her what love is all about...

Zeus accidentally glimpses the rare and awesome beauty of Aphrodite, his wife Hera's creation.  He is fascinated by his "daughter" and plots to get her alone for a special dinner.  While Hera is away, Zeus invites the innocent and beautiful Aphrodite to Mt. Olympus.  She is a new goddess in the pantheon, totally innocent and virginal.  Will she give himself to him or will he force her to know his love?

After the tragedy of 9/11, Captain William Rogers decides to care for his daughter, who was married to one of his fireman that died in the line of duty on that fateful day.  His daughter and her husband were trying to have a baby and William did not want any other firemen to look in on his daughter because he had grown sick and angry at all the other firemen who were leaving their wives due to affairs with the wives of their fallen brothers.  Now, William and his daughter cling to each other for support and love.  But will she share his feelings...?  (not forced or totally non-consensual, but she needs to be seduced despite her fear and confusion).

Conjugal Visit.  An imprisoned father webcams with a lonely daughter, eager to connect with her dad.  They share laughs and stories and....she shares pics of herself.  What will happen when they finally meet for a visit to the penitentiary?

Any of these interest you?  PM me!!!