Space Fantasy - looking for a creative female

Started by Batsose, December 22, 2010, 11:17:16 AM

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I have room for one more RP

A woman is on a space expedition to far away planet and goes into hibernation mode expecting to wake up with the rest of her crew, but finds herself alone in a strange space station.  She is given instructions from a mysterious voice and has to perform certain acts to get access to different parts of the station.  Each new section offers things she needs like food and other comforts, but also adds an element of sexual intrigued, like anatomically correct androids and strange pleasuring devices.  She is instructed to use these things while the anonymous person watches and commands from some unknown location.   Her hopes is that by gaining more access to the station she can figure a way to escape and get back to Earth.

PM if interested with your ideas.

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